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🖤{Dangerously His}🖤


Episode 03.






“And what could be this thing that you have that I might want apart from my money? ”

The man in all black asks and then he turns his gaze to look at me.

Oh no. Please no! He couldn’t be trying to do what I think he’s about to do, right?

He isn’t just about to sell me over this guy here, right?

No matter how much he hates me, he wouldn’t do that to me now, would he?

I mean no matter what, no matter what had happened these past few years, he’s still my father and I’m still his daughter.

He couldn’t just think of selling me off to some guys to make up for the loan that he owes them right?

“And would you like to tell me why the hell I would be interested in taking your daughter instead of my money? ”

The guy in black says while I sniff in, tears threatening to fall any minute from now.

“Again, she ain’t my daughter and she would be of good use to you if that’s what you want to know. She could be one of your strippers to work at your club.. ”

“Dad! ”

I yell when I couldn’t control it anymore. He didn’t just said that, right?

He can’t just do this to me! He possibly can’t! Who am I kidding? He’s already doing it and there’s no stopping him.

He turns to me, his eyes wide and his eyeballs red like he’s ready to pound on me any minute from now.

“You’re not my daughter, you murderer! ”

He yells and my heart skips a beat instantly, my breathing hitches as I stare in shock at the man who used to love me. So much love and adoration for me in his eyes but now, all I can see is hatred. Deep hatred and it breaks my heart anytime I think about the fact that I caused this.

I have myself so much for this. I hate myself so much and I will never forgive myself for making him this way.

“You killed my family and you’re no daughter of mine! ”

He yells louder and I sniff in, bending my head like its the mostinteresting thing to do right now.

I just can’t look at him anymore. I can’t stare at him knowing that he has nothing but hatred for me.

“Like I said, she could be one of the stripper at your club or she could be one of your whores, you can f**k her anytime and anyway you want. She’s still pure and you’ll enjoy every moment of her. She’s all yours to take away. ”

He says to the man while the tears that I have been trying so much to hold now comes streaming down and there’s no stop to it.

“Selling your daughter to pay for the loan. That’s quite deep you know? ”

The man chuckles.

“Are you taking her or not? ”

Dad says through gritted teeth and the man turns to me, his eye darker than anything I have ever seen before as he slightly bends his head as if he observing me even more then his eyes trails down my body and I feel naked under his intense gaze.

“Alright, I will take her but I can’t guarantee you that this would be enough for the money that you took. If boss doesn’t want her then it would be returning her back and if she doesn’t meet what’s meant for her to, you’ll still have to pay and we will also help her. Is that alright with you? ”

He raises his brows at him while I gulp in, saying sun on my lower lip.

So he isn’t the boss here? There’s someone else that controls him also?

Oh god, what the hell have had gotten me into?

“Dad, please don’t do this. I beg you, please don’t. I’m sorry for everything that has happened, I’m sorry for the accident. I’m truly sorry and I’m ready to amend everything, just please. Don’t let them take me to. ”

I beg him but it all turns on deaf ears as he turns back to the man.

“Yeah, its alright with me. ”

Oh god.

The guy in black smiles at him before turning back to me and the man that’s holding my shoulder drags me together with him while I turn back to dad,struggling to see if he would try to stop me or something but he isn’t doing anything.

Instead,he looks away from me and I know that there’s definitely no end to this.

I’m really sold.



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