SOLD TO THE MAFIA {Introduction}

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🖤{Dangerously His}🖤

Written by ✍️ Izna_Crown_Mercy🦋🧡.


A girl with no one but her drunken irresponsible father.

A drug Lord mafia that will stop at nothing until he has her and make her his.

A second in command that would do anything not to let her into their dark world.

A pure innocent girl entangled in the world of crime. Betrayal. Blood. War. Only to find out that she has more to do with it than it looks like.

What could possibly go wrong? Find out!


Meet Tara Gaines. A young girl in her teen whom fate has been nothing but unfair to.

She lost her family at such a young age and has to suffer with her irresponsible always found to be drunk father.

What happens when she get sold to a dangerous Mafia Lord as a replacement for loan that wasn’t paid.

What happens when he wants to turn her innocent and pure form into something dirty and dark.

What happens when he wants to wipe her away from all holliness and turn her as dark as he is.

And what happens when a guardian angel will stop at nothing to prevent her from entering the dark world?

What happens when there are tons of secrets to be revealed. Ones that would turn her entire life upside down.

One that could either ruin her or save her.


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