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{Dangerously His}


Written by ✍️ IZNA_CROWN_MERCIE🦋🧡.














“Please,you have to let me go,I don’t want to go with you guys. I want to go back home please just let me go already, I beg you please.”


I mutter as I stare around the group of guys that I’m amidst who don’t even look like they are listening to what I’m saying at all as they all turn to the other side while I sigh at the back, tears rolling down my cheeks as I think about what had happened.


Was this what is going to happen?


Was this what was meant to happen?


I’m going to leave the rest of my life either been a whore to a group of guys that I know nothing about or working as a stripper for them?


When did it turned like this, when did everything actually turned so bad like this?


I knew that dad hated me and he would do anything just to hurt me but I didn’t knew that he was willing to go enough to trade me for money for some loan that he owns some guys and even suggesting to them to use me the way they want.


I would have never in my life suggest or even thinkthat he would want to do something like this but him doing this made me realize just how much he really hates me and hoe much he wound do anything just to see me find.


He doesn’t want me near him because I remind him of all the had things that has happened in his life and I don’t really blame him for it but I wished that it didn’t had to come to this.


The car finally comes to an end, jotting me out of my thoughts and I stare out the window of the car that I’m still in.


My mouth hangs opens as I stare around the compound, seeing people dressed in black. Either suits or casual clothes with guns in their hands and their face liking so hard like they are ready to kill anyone that gets in their way.


Of course they will. I mean this is a group of dangerous people,I knew the moment I saw that guy and the moment I saw the guys that were standing in front of our door and the realization only makes me shivers harder.


“Get out. ”


A hard voice says ,jotting me out of my thoughts and I gulp in before stepping out of the car and staring around the whole house again,my eyes settling on the other guy that was with them at my house.


The one that talked to my dad and the one whom looked so intimidating.


Dad had called him scorpion and I don’t know who the hell have him such a name but he does look really dangerous with the way his face looks so emotionless as he walks over to us.


“Come on in. The boss would probably like to see you. ”


He smirks at me and I wince as the guy beside me drags me along with them.


“Please,I’m begging you. Please just let me go. I promise you that I would pay the money that my dad owns you myself, just please. You have to let me go. You can’t keep me here please.”


I beg repeatedly as tears rolls down my cheeks and he shakes his head ,to tell me that there’s no way in hell that that’s going to be possible.


“That isn’t how it works here baby. You’re already part of us the moment we left that house and I promise you that this wouldn’t be like the life that you had once lived.


You will suffer here if you aren’t careful with the way you act baby girl and I can surely tell you that this place would be hell for you.


Welcome to hell Tara. ”


He smirks before walking in while my sobs gets even harder.


Oh God,what the hell has dad gotten me into and how the hell am I going to save myself from this nemesis that had befall me?


TBC ♥️.




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