SOLD TO THE MAFIA {Episode 02}

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I gulp in as I stare around the whole house once again and I know that dad is in trouble once again.

This always happens every time.

He gets in trouble with his drinking attitude then men comes home looking for him avd usually, everytime it happens. They are always requesting for loans that he owes them.

I really don’t know what he usually uses the money to do for christs sake.

I’m the one that’s feeding myself and even him.

I’m the one that’s bringing food into this house and paying for the house rent and every other bills that require bills for.

All he does is to go out, get drunk and then come back inside the house. Bringing trouble with him of course.

I sigh nevertheless before taking slow steps towards the door avd observing the men in black that are standing outside the door, all staring at me with intimidating eyes that I can’t even understand.

I breathe out and sigh before pushing the door open as I stare around the house, stroking in and my eyes lands on the men that are all standing whom are now all staring at me.

I gulp in before closing the door behind me and searching the room frantically for the one man that could be responsible for this thing that’s happening right now. My father.

My gaze finally lands on him and he’s standing amidst them with his eyes on me and I notice that two guys are holding his shoulder down like he’s trying to escape and they are trying to keep him down.

My eyes also lands on something else in the room.

It’s a guy.

He looks quite intimidating than others and it seems like he’s the boss here.

He stares at me with no emotion across his face and I have the time to study him.

He’s putting on all black and when I mean all black, I mean all black.

He isn’t putting on any other thing apart from black.

His cap. His shirt. The trouser that he’s putting on and even his boots, everything are black.

He has a smirk plaster across his face as his eyes runs down my body and I know that whatever he’s thinking of. It can’t defintely be good.

“I didn’t know that you had a daughter, Sam. ”

He turns back to my father who’s staring at me.

Dad scoffs and rolls his eyes as if he didn’t like what the guy in all black has just said and I understand that.

He didn’t see me as his daughter anymore. I get it and it eats at me anytime that I think about it.

“She isn’t my daughter. She’s just a girl that lives with me. What do you want with her? ”

He says, raising his face away from me and turning back to the guy in black.

“I do not want anything with her Sam. It’s you that I have business with, you promised to pay the loan by the end of the month which was fifteen days ago. He deliberately gave you more time because we thought that you might be processing the money but seeing as you have absolutely no intention of paying the money, we have no choice but to come take it ourself. Where is the money Sam? ”

He speaks in such a intimidating tone and I wonder why dad would make deal with people like this.

He looks pretty scary to me.. Really scary.

“I don’t have any money with me scorpion. I have been telling you that over and over again but you just don’t seem to be listening to me. ”

Dad groans and before I make out what’s happening, a punch goes straight to his jaw and I gasp, trying to run to him but a hand holds me down and I turn back to see a guy in suit who places his finger across his lips to tell me to keep quiet and I gulp in hardly. Turning my gaze back to dad whose lips is now bleeding.

“Now let’s try that again, shall we? ”

The guy raises his brows at him and I gulp in, shifting uncomfortably between my legs.

“Like I said… ”

Dad says, spitting out blood before looking at me then looking away.

“I have no money with me but… ”

I raise my brows in confusion, wondering what is trying to do now.

“I can give you something else that you might want. I do not want it here anymore anyways… ”

Am I the only one that’s been paranoid or do you think that thing he is referring to might be me?

But that couldn’t be true, Right? He couldn’t possibly be thinking of selling me off to these guys,right?


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