SOLD TO THE MAFIA {Episode 01}

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🖤{Dangerously His}🖤

Episode 01. {The Beginning}


“… I don’t know what to do about it anymore. I’m just fed up of everything, I want to leave and run away from everything but we both know I have no where to go, at least no where to hide from him, I’m sure. ”

I groan, wiping off the dust from the glass and Katia, my friend nods before staring at her wristwatch.

“Seriously, I want you to get out of that place Tara, you have already suffered more than enough. I know that he blames you for what had happened to you guys but I think it’s enough now. It has been years already and he isn’t just giving up! ”

She says and I nod before dropping it the floor and staring up at her.

“I don’t know what to do anymore either but I can’t leave him I’m sure of that. Even if he had been a pain in the a*s, he would still always remain my father and I have to take care of him, to let him know that everything would be alright. ”

I nod and she sighs, rolling her eyes over before standing up, still staring at her wristwatch.

“I want to stay with you for some more time but I really can’t. I have to start going to school, mom shouldn’t even know that I’m here or she would kill me. I’m leaving now, I promise to come to the restaurant you work at then we can discuss about this furthermore. ”

I smile at her and give her a quick hug and she returns the smile before walking out of the room while I stare at the mop I’m holding.


A quick introduction.

My name is Tara Gaines. I’m eighteen and yes I know, I should probably be in school enjoying the few years left of my teenage life I’m sure but guess what? My life isn’t as normal as other girls. It hasn’t always been like this though but since it has turned like this, there’s nothing I can do expect to accept my fate and try my best to struggle through life.

Why it had ended like this? I used to live a happy and peaceful life with my parents and my two brothers but that turned around the last three years. I was a freshman at High school and I had just been admitted to the school that I have always dreamt of.

It was a day of joy for me and I had forced my mother to celebrate it for me by taking me and my brothers to the movie.

She had said we could just stay in and wait for father to return from work then we will all celebrate in the comfort of my home but I had refused.

Cried and insisted that I wanted to go to the movies, wanted to see the new movie I heard d of out. I insisted that it was the least she could do for me after how hard I had worked.

With no choice left but to just listen to me in order to fulfill my childish wishes, she had agreed and we had all left home. Off to the movies but our car had ran into a truck. Fell off the bridge and that was how I lost my mother and my brothers.

How I had survived that night was a mystery to everyone including me.

Dad had found me and he hated me ever since then. I don’t blame him for blaming me for their death cause I know that it’s trulymy fault but I just can’t help the deep sting in my heart anytime I think about the way he’s always looking up at me. Like I had really wanted that accident to happen. To kill my own mother and my own brothers. Like I really wanted them gone and I was happy when they were announced dead.

He looks at me like a murderer. One that destroyed his happiness in life and I don’t really blame him cause I truly am.

Dad lost his way ever since then. He lost his job and became a drunkard. I had to stopped schooling and start working to get food on our table. He hurts me every chance he got, he inflicts on me the suffering that he’s going through and I don’t blame him for that because I truly understand how he feels.

And one day, I hope that everything goes right once again. I hope that I can get my father back once again. No matter how long it takes, I just wish that everything would be alright once again.


I sigh before stretching my hands. I’m so tired after everything. I had to work extra also because I have to go for a job interview tomorrow. I need more jobs, the one I have aren’t enough to survive. I need to do more.

I breathe out in relief as I finally get home,my eyes wandering around the compound.

I can see there black cars parked at the outside of our compound and I’m wondering who the hell it is that’s here. I hope it isn’t what I’m thinking about.

I hope that dad isn’t in trouble once again.


Who’s ready for the journey 🤸🤸

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