Quickest Way to Make 500Gram on GramFree and Cash out $1000 in Less than 2 Months

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Is GramFree 100% Legit?? No!! GramFree is not 100% sure that they would give your money once you reach the 500gram threshold, Although they still pay out some people on a daily basis, but I’m not 100% sure if it’s everybody they do pay, so therefore DO NOT put all your heart and mind in GramFree, do not invest most of your time in it, Just run it voluntarily as a side investment.

If you’ve been online for quite sometimes now, then you should have heard about the website/platform called GramFree.

GramFree is a website created on a TON smart contract developed by Telegram. It pays it users certain amount of Gram for performing minor tasks on the website.

This Grams can be converted to money when a user reaches a threshold of 500Gram. With each Gram equivalent to $2, the website pays users $1,000 when they’ve reached the threshold of 500Gram.

To register your gramfree account go to https://GramFree.cc/?r=6297123 and Sign up using your gmail

Sounds promising right? Yes of cause it is! Especially if you’re from the west African region, when you think of what that amount of money can do in your life or business.

But did you ever thought of how long it takes to accumulate that threshold of 500Gram?

I thought you might or mightn’t thought about that and that’s why I wrote this article because of how new users quit this awesome kind of breakthrough due to lack of proper awareness and patience.


Reasons new users quit Gramfree

After some couple of weeks I’ve spent on this platform, I found out that most new users or beginners in this website don’t tend to continue with the platform when they think of how long it might take them to accumulate the 500Gram threshold.

Some even quit because they want to make it in just 2 weeks and things wasn’t as they planned, while some people quit because they thought the whole Gramfree project was scam.

Well if there is one thing i would answer first is the one that talks about GramFree being a scam. Seeing it in some angles and perspectives you may have all rights to think the whole Gramfree thing is scam, but I can assure you 100% it’s NOT scam.

Going by what my eyes have seen and what my ears have heard, I have no doubt and I can go any length to proof the legitimacy of the GramFree platform. (It’s 100% legit)

Now, talking about how long it takes to accumulate the 500gram threshold which is equivalent to $1,000, firstly you should know that great things takes time and that’s one key point that proves the Gramfree platform is legit.

Secondly, in anything you do or any opportunity you come across in life, you should always make sure to give a try.

“Give a try” not talking about starting or accepting that opportunity immediately, but rather I’m talking about you making some researches and observation before vesting into such opportunity.

There is never anything bad in making research and observations about a promising opportunity, in fact the only thing bad is turning down one.

Instead of just quitting the GramFree platform because of its assumed prolonged duration for accumulating 500gram threshold, why not search for and work on other alternatives that would extensively reduce the supposed duration and make everything fast.

Well, for that exact reason I made this article, and if you’re currently reading this article that means you’ve been properly informed and aware of the GramFree short cut.


Inasmuch as this article would be helpful to all, it would be most helpful to newbies that are yet to register on the GramFree website.

Without too much of intro let’s go straight to point, I just had to explain a bit more so that both the already informed and newbies to this platform would properly benefit from this article.

Before we go straight to the main reason for this article, let’s quickly take a look at tasks or activities that needs to be carried out on the website in order to earn grams.


How to earn grams on the Gramfree website

Grams can be earned or accumulated on the Gramfree website through the following tasks and activities

1. Free roll


The free roll is an activity on Gramfree that gives it rollers or spinners the chance of winning between 0.1gram to 1000gram each time they roll or spin. The roll is available once in every hour and users can roll for a maximum of 5 times in a day.

2. Watching videos

Users on the Gramfree platform usually earn grams by watching 5 videos available on the website daily. Each video has a minimum duration of 60seconds, and users gets 0.1gram after watching a video for 60seconds, thus 5 videos = 0.5gram.

3. Uploading Video

You can earn grams on the Gramfree website when you upload video, you earn 5grams when your video is approved. Video pattern usually approved on the website are testimonial video I.e self made videos that is promoting the website or testifying how you processed your withdrawal after accumulating the 500gram threshold.

4. Lottery

Playing lottery is one of the ways to earn grams on Gramfree but in this case you spend gram to earn grams, in the sense that to participate in lottery you’ll need to get a ticket or tickets in order to participate. Each ticket costs 1gram and you can purchase more than one ticket, in fact the amount of tickets you purchase the higher your chances of winning grams at outcome. (not recommended)

5. Referrals

Referring people to the website is the biggest way one can earn grams on Gramfree as every users are been rewarded with 1gram for each person they refer to the site.

The 1gram is not credited straight to your available balance but is instead credited to pending balance until your referral reaches level 2 (this can be achieved when your referral participates in at least three activities for 4days or less on the website)

6. Smart contracts

The smart contract is protocol intended to digitally enforce the negotiation of a contract. The contract term simply indicate that you must confirm your your contract daily and sign at the end of 5days. 

The grams which you’d get for signing a contract daily depends on your IP region.

People from the north America and Europe region earn 2grams daily for signing a contract while people from West Africa and probably other parts of Africa too earn 0.7grams for signing a contract daily on Gramfree. The smart contract is regarded as the most effective way to earn grams.

7. Completion of Level

For every level completed on the Gramfree website there is a fixed amount of grams gifted as a reward.

This amount also depends on your IP address region, for users across America and Europe they get 3gram for every level completed, users in Asia gets 5gram while users in West Africa will succumb to 2gram for every level completed.

If you carry out all the daily activities, you can complete up to 2 levels in a week.


The amount of grams you get base on your region

1. America and Europe: users from this region earn nothing less than 2.5grams daily from basic activities such as signing smart contract for 2gram and watching 5 videos for 0.5gram. More grams are earned from Free roll, referral and other activities.

2. Africa: users from this region earn a minimum of 1.2gram daily from basic activities such as signing smart contract for 0.7gram and watching 5 videos for 0.5gram. More grams are earned from Free roll, referral and other activities.

3. Asia: users from this region earn nothing less than 3.5gram daily from basic activities such as signing smart contract for 3gram and watching 5 videos for 0.5gram. More grams are earned from Free roll, referral and other activities.


How to make 500gram fast on the Gramfree website

In order to accumulate 500grams in less than 2months if you’re leaving in the west African region there are some tricks you need to apply to the above mentioned ways of earning grams, they are:

1. Risky Smart contract: 

make sure to turn on risky mode when taking a smart contract that way only will you get 0.7gram, if you take the normal smart contract only 0.3gram is earned.

2. Roll 5 times daily:

In other to accumulate the 500gram threshold fast, you must make sure you roll 5 times daily, if you do this regularly sometimes your roll might hit a big number of grams up to 1000gram. The least you’ll earn from rolling 5 times daily is 0.5gram.

3. Invite friends:

This is also an effective way to accumulate 500grams fast, if you have a blog with massive daily visitors or WhatsApp status with large number of viewers, you can easily write about gramfree and drop your referral link so they could register via it, and also following them up until they complete level 1 you’re sure to earn 500grams in less than 2months.

4. Watch all 5 videos that’s available on the website daily

5. Upload Videos:

This is also an effective way to earn grams, knowing that for every approved video you upload you earn 5gram. You can also reupload videos of your own that has been approved before, in the sense that video you upload 1week ago and was approved, you can still upload that same video again as many times you like if it keeps getting approved.

6. Don’t Play Lottery:

Buying tickets to play lottery is like going into betting and the chance of winning grams is usually very low. Therefore, in order not to lose your studiously earned grams, I’d recommend you shouldn’t play lottery.

If you’re yet to register for the Gramfree platform follow this steps and guidance and you’ll earn 500gram in due time.


How to register

To register your gramfree account go to https://GramFree.cc/?r=6297123 and click on Sign up. You’ll be asked to sign up using your Facebook or Gmail account (use your gmail account to sign up)

If you’re already a registered user to the Gramfree platform try and make some rectification and amendment were it’s needed and then you can be sure of accumulating the 500gram threshold and cash out $1000 to your BTC, online wallets or bank account.

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