Pavilion Hotel Aiyepe Ogun State Accused Of Installing Camera In Rooms

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Why would any Hotel install Camera in their room? What for? 


The Pavilion Hotel management was accused of installing cameras in their room inside each room AC (Air conditions) so lodgers won’t suspect or see the cameras at all when their activities are been recorded.


What are they trying to see lodgers do?

> See them while having s*x?

> See their nakedness and use it to blackmail them after they leave?

> Get info from them while making phone calls so they can Kidnap, Kill them or steal from them?

The police needs to investigate the Hotel management’s and get the real reasons behind the strange act they are into and punish them massively for this.

I pity anyone who will still lodge in that useless Hotel after seeing this post.

Let’s hear from you all as regards this animal act.


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