Oxford: Youngest Person To Study In The University At 6

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Joshua Beckford is a 15 year boy who rose to the attention of the public as the child marvel who became the youngest person to study at Oxford University. Studying and gaining distinctions in Philosophy and History at just age 6, it is unlikely that Beckford’s record is going to be broken anytime in the foreseeable future.

The youngest person to study at Oxford University is at least 2 years older than Beckford was when he made this exceptional achievement.

Beckford, who intends to become a neurosurgeon, taught himself how to operate complex surgical procedures using Microsoft Surgery Simulator. Beckford is competent in the correct usage of all instruments, and has flourished in operations such as: the removal of a cataract, the removal of a hernia, and the repairing of a leg fracture to name a few examples of his highly advanced accomplishments.

This young intellect is also talented in an array of other areas such as: art, Information Technology (I.T), sports and foreign languages. At the tender age of 2 years and 6 months, Beckford was already able to read eloquently using phonics and started to learn Japanese and some Mandarin.

In 2017, Beckford won Positive Role Model of the year at the National Diversity Awards, and The Illumination Foundation Of North Carolina (U.S.A) website ‘We the Spectrum’ recently placed him in the top 30 most extraordinary people in the world who have impacted society.

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