One Night Stand

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Hi🙋, my name is Becky, I’m not❌ sure🤔 I am here to tell tales or ask🗣 for advice but over time it has come to my notice💭 in Africa🌍 that being a girl👩‍🦳, going to a guy’s🧔 house🏡 especially evening🌖 time automatically means you have to be prepared to and take responsibility for anything you face or experience.

Shhh!!!🤫 I can’t really talk🗣 aloud…. I just sneaked out of a guy’s apartment🏡. Yes! A guy’s house… I would have said a friend’s place but it seems I have demoted him to a stranger😔 after the incident last night🌙.

It’s not a one night stand actually, well it’s a bad night for me anyway. Okay… before we get to the issue at hand… lets go back a week before.

A week ago, I was in class and terribly bored😔, so I picked up my phone📱 and scanned all my contacts for someone🤷‍♀ to have fun💃 with.

Unfortunately, I am often surrounded by Boys that always splatter me with “I love you” and sending d**k pictures trying to show off their manhood; which can be borderline irritating sometimes. I was looking for something new, hence the search. After several minutes of laboured searching (I said laboured… because I know too many people), a name caught my attention amidst my whatsapp contacts.

Jude!!! My eyes lit up with recognition. Jude and I were good friends but we haven’t exactly kept in touch for a while.
Jude was starkly different from all the other guys, He was a gentleman…I would at least go through the courteous task of asking about my wellbeing. I actually thought he was trying to woo me but for some weird reason he never actually did.
Excitement got the better of me and I messaged immediately to which he promptly responded and we got talking. Jude really has a sense of humour (Something I happen to particularly like in men). After a couple of days of continuous chatting and calling we fixed a date to see. I was giddy with excitement (in truth, I was no stranger to Jude as I had been to his house a couple of times and I even knew where he kept his keys). To make matters simpler, I didn’t have to move to far from my house to get to his (We both lived within Ikorodu).

So yesterday I finally went to his house straight from school, letting myself into the apartment after recovering the keys from where he had kept it on his way to work (He is a banker). He got back from work around 7pm. We spent the bulk of our time gisting while watching a movie together till I realised that it was too late to go home. But since I trusted him already, I chose to sleep over at his place that night (and also because walking on the streets of Ikorodu was no longer safe due to the notorious badoo gang causing mayhem presently).

After the first movie, he was nice enough to offer me his bed and chose to sleep on the sofa. But I insisted that we share the same bed since it was big enough for us both. During the second movie, I noticed how his hands were moving all over my body and I stylishly pushed his hands away.
‘Jude na, stop it’
To be honest the touching was not heavy….it was as though it was just the tips of his hands that were doing the work (Something I like to refer to as “tip-tip technology”). So I decided to over look it and continue watching the movie.
Unfortunately, it seems to have sent the wrong signal to him because his next step was to kiss me which came a shock because I was not expecting it. As his lips touched mine, I recoiled in disgust.
He then took it a notch higher, forcefully trying to kiss me while touching everything touchable while ignoring my pleas for him to stop.
I continued to plead for him to get of me but he blatantly refused and insisted that he would only after he had had s*x with me. At this point I knew I was in deep shit and it would take a miracle for me to get out of this. I also warned him that if he had his way I wouldn’t forgive him at all, he responded by saying he didn’t care.
So, I asked for time to think which he obliged. After 5 minutes he asked if I was done but I said “no” and that I wanted to ease myself. On hearing my request, he let me go to the toilet. By this time, it was already past midnight.
On getting to the toilet, I locked myself in and sat on the toilet bowl thinking about my life and how my supposed boredom had put me in trouble. After an hour, he came knocking requesting that I come out of the bathroom…. the request eventually turned to pleading when I refused to come out of the bathroom.

Around 5am, He came to plead one more time that I come out of the bathroom, even promising that he wouldn’t touch me (I guess this was because it was time for him to go to work and he need to take a bath; unfortunately both sections had the same door leading to them both and I had locked it…:P). Shortly afterwards the pleading ended and he left for work.
After I was sure he had actually gone, I came out of the toilet, packed my things and made to leave his house when I saw the 5K he had left on the table for me. I took it and left (I am still scared though…. what if it was a trap to lure me out?).
So this is why I am sneaking out of his house. I walk as briskly as possible while trying not to draw attention to myself till I am out of his street.
No more visiting men in their homes ever again!!!


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  1. Grace Ekigho says

    Woooooow this is so interesting… Lessons learnt

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