Naijaloaded Blogger Richard Idasenibo Says Fela Fought Senselessly & Was Not A Good Freedom Fighter


A Naijaloaded Blogger with the display name Richard Idasenibo has taken to the blog’s official page to share his view on the life of Fela Kuti; saying he fought senselessly and was not a good freedom fighter.

Richard Idasenibo shared stuffs he felt were wrong about the life of Fela Kuti. Some of which are smoking hard drugs, womanizing and appearing half naked on the National television.

He went further to say Fela Kuti effected no changes in Nigeria aside the rise of Afro Beat. And he was an Africanist instead of being a Nationalist to bring about change in his own country before trying to reach to others.

See photos below:


He then compared Fela Kuti to Omoyele Sowore, calling them aimless freedom fighters.

The commenters reacting angrily, felt it was wrong on all sides for one or anyone at all to insult a legendary icon who’s already dead. They blasted the blogger terribly.



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