My Life Story; Episode 22

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The atmosphere was tense, the reception was hostile. Matthew’s dad had labelled my dad a failure for not being able to control the “small prostitute” he had in his house as a daughter. He was convinced that his son wasn’t responsible for my pregnancy, even before hearing his side of the story . He ordered us out of his house, but my dad insisted on hearing from Matthew first. Matthew’s Dad called him over the phone, and ordered him to come home immediately.

We sat and waited quietly for about 30 minutes. I stood behind my mum who was weeping profusely. My face was devoid of emotions, I had cried myself to the limit. Although I was falling apart inside, my countenance didn’t reveal much. Matthew arrived no sooner than expected, he entered the living room unannounced, perhaps expecting to find his father alone. The faces before him threw him back. He paused for a
while and examined our faces closely. No doubt, he must have deduced the situation appropriately. He reorganised himself and greeted everyone.

His father pointed a finger at me. “Do you know her?”he asked.

“Yes. We attend the same church” he replied calmly.

“She said she is pregnant for you”

“Jesus!” Matthew exclaimed, putting his hands on his head.

“Daddy, I don’t know what she is talking about” Matthew denied.

“Shut up, the catechist caught both of you in church the other time” my father cut in.

“That was then, she was my girlfriend, but we broke up when I caught her in a hotel with a man.” Matthew continued.

“I told you she is a prostitute ” Matthew’s Dad contributed.

“She has been sleeping with my cousin, what ever she is carrying in there must belong to him,” pointing at my abdomen. “Did I not catch you with him in a hotel? ” Matthew asked.

The entire scene was inhuman and embarrassing for me and my family. Being called a prostitute with circumstantial evidence made me want to die.
Who would have believed that Matthew would ever treat me like this? Few weeks ago, he took my virginity, he was my knight in shining armour. Today he is the one labelling me a whore. I bent my head in shame, as everyone turned towards me, waiting for a response . Any reply I give would make no difference, I’d be damned anyway.

“His cousin has returned to Canada, you can take your prostitute daughter and grand child to him there, but for now get out of my house” Matthew’s Dad barked.

My dad jumped to his feet and hurried out of sight. My mum and I walked slowly towards the door. I walked closer to Matthew and
whispered to him.. “You’ll come looking for your child someday.”

He totally avoided eye contact with me, he knew deep within himself that he was the father. My dad’s car was not parked outside anymore, he had left us in anger. My mum and I took a cab home. We cried all the way home, other passengers looked at us in amusement, wondering what was wrong.


We got home, me and my mum went in separate direction. I went to my room and continued my tears. Daniel joined me in my room, and cried along. About 10pm, a sharp knock on the gate awakened everyone. Daniel went outside to open.

My father staggered into the compound, towards the house. I came to the seating room to have a good view of him. The stench of alcohol and vomit escorted him as he staggered along. He began to utter several senseless words. “You disgrace me you disgrace yourself. I’m a failure, but your education is over, you and your life.” I knew he was referring to me, I was grieved. I had never seen my father drunk before. As I watched my father throwing up, and my mother weeping, I felt terrible. I knew I had brought shame and disgrace to my household, and myself. I had made mistakes that would change my life forever. All it really took was one wrong turn.


Am married to Jesus now, i’ve learnt my lesson and no going back on this. I’ve repented and ask God for forgiveness and I have the full assurance that my sins have been forgiven. Am fully reconciled with my parent and they’ve forgiven me. We are enjoying our new life episode in Christ.
I believe many ladies are about to take this step, some might have even taken such step, i’ve decided to share my story with you. My aim is to admonish you all to retrace your step back to God, don’t destroy your life, future and destiny once you get free from the bondage (as it is rightly tagged by teens) of your parent, rather hold on to the faith you believe in.

God bless you, Shalom!


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