My Life Story; Episode 21

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The sound of my door handle turning interrupted my thoughts. My mum walked in again, with her hand placed on her ear. She spoke for a while with the person at the other end before turning her attention to me.

“That was Hannah’s mother ” she said, giving me a suspicious look. I sat up on the bed, knowing fully well that the
game was up.. “Shmhe told me a lot of things I don’t understand. Ruth, what happened? Who did you go to see in a hotel? Is what I’m hearing true?” my mum asked

I looked at my mum’s face, I could feel her disappointment and frustration . I bowed my head slowly and began to shed tears again. I knew I had let everyone down, I was a bad person.

“So it’s true? This is what you have become?” she said, with a shaky voice.

She too was close to tears. She sat on my bed and buried her head in her palm. She seemed greatly pained, and I knew it was all my fault. I knelt down beside her and began to apologise profusely. I tried to explain the day’s event to her as accurately as I could remember, while tactfully leaving out anything that had to do with Matthew.

“You see why I told you not to associate with those girls? Imagine yourself in Hannah’s situation” My mum said after listening to my story.

“Promise me you won’t tell daddy” I pleaded.
My mum obliged, as she left me to continue in my thoughts. I heaved a sigh of relief as she left, believing that it was all over. I made a resolution within myself never to return to this way of life. I wanted to be a better person. I will ask God for forgiveness.




Hannah resumed school after about one month of absence. She was looking quite different. She was much more withdrawn and anti-social than she used to be. The news of her miscarriage and apparent molestation had been on everyone’s lips. Though there were different versions of the story, they all seemed to have emerged from one source, Sarah. She had made new friends, and never seemed to care about what happened to Hannah. I was the only person Hannah had. She never failed to express how much regret, pain and embarrassment she had caused herself and her family. I could feel her pain, I was just thankful it wasn’t me. We watched with keen interest as Sarah and her new found friends continuously absconded from school and returned unsuspectingly. It surprised me how easily she could influence people. Each time I saw her friends, it was like seeing myself all over again.


Two weeks passed, as we neared the end of the term. It was a typical Monday morning. The last lecture before break had just began, Sarah and her new friends left the classroom with their bags hanging from their shoulders, heading towards the gate house.

Hannah and I went straight to the principal’s office, to alert him. The principal was a stout old man, known for his extreme punishments. He was angered by our news. He walked hurriedly towards the gatehouse at the back of the school, hoping to catch Sarah and her colleagues. Hannah and I walked briskly behind him, struggling to keep up with his pace. Halfway through the journey, I felt thirsty and exhausted. I was panting heavily. It had been going on for quite a while now, I waved it off as stress. As I struggled to keep pace, my vision became blurred, eventually turned dark, I felt weightless and powerless. I tried to call out to Hannah, but my vocal cord produced no sound. From that moment, I had no idea where I was, or what was happening.


I opened my eyes slowly, trying to figure out where I was. I knew I had passed out a while ago, but I couldn’t guess how long. I turned my head sideways to look properly at the figure sitting in front of me. My vision was inaccurate and blurry at first. As it began to brighten, I could see my mother sitting close, with tears flowing from her eyes. I looked around the room carefully, it was obvious I was in a hospital. Fear gripped me as I saw the sadness on my mum’s face. I was scared that something bad may have happened.

“What happened? “I asked, trying to prop myself up on the bed.

My mum handed me a piece of paper. I snatched it from her, and scanned through it’s content. It made no sense to me, it was mainly medical jargons.

“I don’t understand, what does it say? ” I asked as I handed the paper back to her.

“Ruth you are pregnant “she said, in between sobs.

My heart skipped a beat, my head felt lighter. If I were standing, I’d have fainted again. I broke down in tears, thinking it was not possible. I remember I swallowed the pills Sarah gave me.

“No no it has to be a mistake “I screamed.

“Blood and urine tests have confirmed it” my mum replied.

I held my head in my palm, utterly confused and dejected. I had no idea what to do or say. I felt like dying. I could feel my energy draining away. I wanted to cry, but It seemed my tear glands had dried up, or my pain was more than tears. My father burst into the room, and screamed at the top of his voice.

“so you have disgraced me finally, you have brought shame to me” He tried to hit me, but my mum held him back.

“She is pregnant, don’t hit her please”.

I just laid motionless on the bed, at this point I couldn’t care less if I was dead. My life was empty and meaningless.

“Who is responsible for this!” my father shouted.

“Matthew!!! ” I blotted out without hesitation.

“Get up, we are going to his father’s house”.

My dad dragged me roughly from the bed, he led me out of the door, not minding my current state of health. My mum tagged along, as we headed for Matthew’s house.

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