My Life Story; Episode 15

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I explained to Matthew that I was very busy in school, and could not leave. I assured him i‘ll meet him later that day.

Folorunsho pulled over in front of a hotel. We all alighted. At this point, my discomfort became obvious. I had no idea why we stopped in a hotel, but I knew it was no place for a decent girl. I kept looking around, hoping that no one recognises me. Folorunsho grabbed hold of my hand, and led me into the hotel. As we walked, I took time to look closely at him. He looked really familiar, but I couldn’t quite place the face. He had a striking resemblance with someone I had met before. But the image was blur and elusive.

Ayo and Sarah approached a receptionist, while the rest of us sat on a couch in the waiting room. Few seconds later, He beckoned on us to follow him. We took a flight of stairs, then we emerged in a hallway. It had several room on the sides. Ayo opened the door to one of the rooms , and motioned us in. It was a fairly large room, adequately furnished and tastefully decorated. A large bed occupied the middle of the room, surrounded by couches of different sizes. I stood for a while, looking around the room. Sarah and Hannah had already taken their seats on the couch, while Ayo, Folorunsho and Samuel went outside to discuss.

As I noticed their absence, I moved closer to Sarah, and whispered to her in a harsh time. “What is all this? What are we doing in a hotel room?”

“My friend stop acting like a small girl, you don’t know why we are here? ” Sarah shot back at me with the same tone.

“You know Ruth is not into this kind of runs, you shouldn’t have brought her along. If I knew you were bringing her along, I wouldn’t have followed you” Hannah cut in, standing up and facing Sarah.

Just as Sarah was about to reply, the door flew open. And the three boys walked in. Ayo beckoned on Sarah, and she got up to meet him. He placed his hand around her waist and led her outside the room. On her way out, see turned round and blew a kiss at us. Hannah drew closer and whispered into my ear. She simply told me to relax, before walking out of the room with Samuel. I was suddenly alone with Folorunsho. Cold shiver ran down my spine, I looked around probably to find an escape route. The door wasn’t locked, so I thought of dashing outside. Folorunsho must have noticed my apprehension, he sat next to me on the couch, and began his smooth talking.

He told me stories about his life in Canada, and how he and his friends had made millions. He kept emphasising that he was in Nigeria to spend money. He sounded as if the money talk was crafted to turn me on. All the while, I kept my eyes fixed firmly on the door, hoping to dash out at the slightest opportunity. Folorunsho gave me no such space. He began to run his hands slowly around my body. I was nervous and uncomfortable, my heart pounded. I felt dirty and cheap. All I wanted was to get out of the room. But my body was sending a completely different message. I don’t just know what went wrong with me, my feet were just too heavy to move. I was already moaning slightly, and responding to his touch, I wanted to resist but my body seemed to be functioning independently. It felt so wrong, but my body simply responded.

He attempted to take off my clothes, when a knock on the door interrupted him. He got off me and walked towards the bed, trying to fetch something. The knock on the door worried me, I remembered what happened to Hannah, if there was going to be someone else in this room, I can’t tell what could happen.

I looked around, this felt like the perfect moment to escape. I snatched my underwear which were lying on the floor already, his move was just too swift that I loosed control of my own self not realizing he has stripped me half-naked already. I took them up from the floor and ran towards the door, hoping to push whoever was behind it away and run to safety. The plan was very much simple to me, until I got to the door. I turned the handle round repeatedly, but the door wouldn’t open. The person on the other side must have noticed the struggle. He turned the handle with enough force to send the door flying. I stepped back a little to avoid being hit by the swinging door. As the door opened completely, the giant frame of a man stood at the entrance.

In my state of panic and confusion, it seemed as if the person in front of me covered the entire door. I never bordered to look up at him. I kept my face to the ground and ran towards him, hoping to push him out of the way as I had planned. He caught me by the hand, and called out my name. The sound of the voice shocked me, it was familiar. In fact I could tell who it was, without looking up. I know you are curious to know who it was, but I bet it’s not someone you think it is.😜


I lifted my head up slowly, to confirm the figure standing in front of me. My heart melted away when I saw the shock and disbelief on Matthew’s face. He gave me a cold hard stare, sending shock waves all over my body. I tried to speak, but words didn’t come out. There was no plausible excuse for my presence here. Matthew pinned his gaze at the underwear in my hand, it was very obvious to him that I had engaged in some sexual activities. He let go of me and walked towards Folorunsho. I turned around and looked at Folorunsho, it was at that moment I recognized the face.

He had a striking resemblance with Matthew, infact they must be related. I stood by the door in a state of confusion, I had no idea whether to run or just wait and explain it all to Matthew. Streams of tears began to roll down my cheek. I knew I was in
big trouble. Matthew simply walked up to Folorunsho and handed him something from his pocket. Probably an ATM card. My attempt to abscond coupled with the unusual chemistry between me and Matthew must have surprised Folorunsho.

“Whats going on here? Do you know her? ” he asked, alternating his gaze between me and Matthew.

Matthew looked at me with disgust written all over his face. “Yes, she was my girlfriend” he replied as he turned his eyes away from me and walked towards the door.

Those words really struck me at that moment, I felt like collapsing at that particular moment cos I knew no amount of explanation made at that moment can amend things. Was this how my relationship end with Matthew or did he took time to hear my own part of the story and make things up with me?


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