My Life Story; Episode 12

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As we drove towards his hostel, my mind began to wander. I took a careful look at the beauty of Lagos at night. It was the first time I‘ll be outdoors at night. The city was still full of life, people moved about freely as if they’ll never sleep. I thought about my own condition too. What will my parents be thinking right now? Will they be looking for me at all? Where will I tell them I slept? These thoughts ran through my mind, till the gentle breeze of nature blowing in through the window nurtured me to sleep. A slight tap on my shoulder woke me up. I might have been sleeping for a while. The car was no longer moving, we had reached our destination. I did not know where we were exactly, but the loud music and busy compound gave me an idea. We were in his hostel.

Matthew came out of the car, passed round to the other side to open the door for me. I came out, feeling sleepy and weak. I was hungry too. It was very cold, all I had on me was my singlet, and a loosed skirt I usually don’t wear outdoors. Matthew lifted me up and carried me in his arms, as we headed for his room, the same room were I lost my virginity a few hours ago. As we approached the room, I looked around once again. The compound was still busy at night. Loud music rented the air, just like the day time. When we passed by people’s windows, I could see shadows of people on top of each other. It was like a mini Sodom & Gomorrah. Matthew dropped me at his door side, and fumbled with his keys before getting the door opened. He lifted me once more, and dropped me gently on his bed. I culled up immediately, to gather up some heat.

“Have you eaten”? He asked, in the most innocent tone possible.

“No, I haven’t had my bath either” I replied.

Matthew searched through his wardrobe and brought out a shirt, and handed it over to me. The size was pretty big for me, but I didn’t mind. At least it’ll keep me warm. He poured water out of a flask, to make hot tea for me. I sat up as he handed over the cup. The taste of hot tea brought me a little warmth. I felt more relaxed and comfortable. I brought out my phone again, and pinged Sarah, thanking her for coming to the rescue.

“Make sure your night is worthwhile” she replied.

I knew exactly what she meant, but I am presently not ready for that. But on a second thought, even if I didn’t, I do not have much of a choice. I was going to sleep in his house. Besides, I had lost my virginity hence there was nothing left to protect. I was still busy with the chat when Matthew called out to me to join him in the bathroom. Is he planning to bath me when am not a baby? Will my foolish-self make me drag my feet and join him in the bathroom?… Hmmm…. What have I gotten my self to.

I was quite shy, it felt really awkward. But I felt I owe him some gratitude for taking me in. The bathroom was small, hardly conducive for more than one person. So I gently took my clothes off, and joined him in the bathroom like someone being controlled by a remote. What else was I expecting if a lady and a guy were to be together in a bathroom? Of course its something you are thinking of. I made no effort to resist. Even if I wasn’t sure I wanted it, I was quite sure I enjoyed it, and looked forward to doing it again. Why? Maybe because I’ve never experienced what love was all about if this is love though, or my spiritual eyes were close permanently considering the kind of parent that brought me up.

We came out of the bathroom, feeling fresh and new. I put on his cloths again, and sat up on the bed, chatting on my phone, while Matthew entered the kitchen to prepare supper.

“Where will you tell your parents you spent the night?” A message came from Sarah. I had no idea what to say, but I knew I had to come up with a very convincing lie, or else Matthew would be in serious trouble.

“I have no idea” I replied.

“I will figure out something, just keep your phone on” Sarah texted again. I knew I could always count on Sarah to cover my mess, she was like a genie to me. I owed her a lot of gratitude.

I was still in between thoughts when Matthew shoved a tray of food in front of me. I put my phone away to receive the tray, thanking him and feeling very special. Matthew did know how to make me feel special, I always felt like a princess around him. I loved him with all my heart. The meal was simple. Fried eggs, bread and noodles which was my favourite. I ate slowly, savoring the taste of each bite. Matthew was a really good cook I thought to myself. His phone rang, and he answered in my presence. I paid no attention to his conversation, I just focused on enjoying my meal.

“That was Sarah, she wants me to take you to Hannah’s house before daybreak.” Matthew said.

“Why?” I queried Matthew had no idea either, so I reached for my phone and pinged Sarah again. She explained everything clearly to me, and I understood the plan. Sarah had plan, she always had a plan. Sarah had planned a lie all the way to the end. She was an evil genius indeed!

Was her plan accomplished? Watch Out For The Next Episode.

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