My Life Story; Episode 11

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The sight of my mum standing there with the gloves in her hands terrified me. Cold shivers down my spine. This scenario was familiar, I knew what she was up to, she had done it before. But this time, her result will be different, I had lost my virginity a few hours ago. I could not imagine what will happen to me if she discovered the truth.

“Lie down” she ordered in a stern voice

“Mummy please don’t do this, I beg you” I pleaded, kneeling down and sobbing uncontrollably.

“Shut up! since you cannot explain why you came home late, I‘ll find out for myself” she said, moving towards me.

“Mummy I didn’t do anything, please don’t do this to me again” I pleaded.

“I forgot to give you money for feeding along with transport, so I felt you would use your transport money for food. I stopped by at your school to give you some money on my way back from work. I was told that you and your friends left after the English lesson.

Where did you go?” she asked.

The entire story shocked me very much. My mum knows definitely that I was not in school. I couldn’t tell her where I went either, that would spell the end of lectures for me. I had to say something, anything to get out of this mess. It was moments like this I wished I had Sarah here.

“I went home with Sarah”, I blotted out, without thinking it through.

“Haven’t I warned you never to go close to that prostitute”.

“She is the only friend I have” I said, increasing my tears and hoping it would soften my mum’s heart, but what will soften the heart of a stern mother.

” Friend indeed, how am I sure you haven’t been sleeping with men just like her?”

“Mummy I swear I haven’t”

“In that case lie down let’s see”, as she tried to pull me up from my knees unto the bed.

My excuses and lies were futile, my mum was bent on doing her inspection. I knew exactly how bad this could get, the embarrassment would be extremely terrible. I was determined not to allow it happen. I made up my mind to stand up to my mother just like Matthew had advised. I broke away from her grip, and moved away from the bedside towards my wall mirror.

“My friend will you lie down on that bed before I lose my temper”, she yelled angrily.

“I’m not lying down, leave me alone” I yelled at her with the same ferocity.

The expression on her face changed, the anger was replaced with surprise and disbelief. This was the first time I had yelled at her.

“So Ruth, it has come to this?” She asked, walking slowly towards me.

I began to retreat, as she approached, I knew this was not going to end well for a certainty, but knowing about the state of my virginity would hold far more dire consequences. I had my back to the wall already, there was no further room to retreat. My mum closed in on me and aimed a slap directly at my face. I caught her hand mid way in the air, and held on to it.
“So you want to beat me too?” She asked, and began to scream.

“Ruth must beat me today.” She broke free from my grip, and held tightly to my shirt, ripping it apart with all her energy. She gripped my singlet as well, and began to tear it apart. I had no underwear in there, if I allowed her to tear my singlet, I’ll be naked. I grabbed her hand firmly, preventing her from tearing my singlet. We began to struggle, as we pulled in opposite directions. She freed one of her hands, and grabbed my skirt. It wasn’t firmly on my hips, neither was the material of good quality. The slightest pull would rip it apart. I wasn’t putting on any underwear there either, and I thought there would still be stains of dried blood on my tights. I just couldn’t let her strip me naked. I leaned forward a little, resting my whole weight and pushed her slightly. My mum went to the ground as if she had been knocked down by a bulldozer….this woman can be so dramatic😏

She began to scream on top of her voice, “Ruth is fighting me oh, My own daughter is beating me.” Her screams must have alerted everyone in the house, as I heard doors flying open inside the house.

The first to arrive at my door was Daniel. He banged on the door, trying to inquire about what was happening. I ran to the door, and unfastened the hook. Daniel ran straight at my mum on the floor, and tried to pull her up. She resisted every attempt to get her on her feet.

“Mummy I told you not to fight her when she returns; just look at what is happening” Daniel said, picking up my torn shirt and throwing it at me to cover myself. My dad entered the room in a hurry, and yelled

“what is happening here?”

“Ruth is fighting me o, Ruth is fighting me. Your daughter is now sleeping with men, I wanted to check if she was still intact, and she started fighting me”..

Those words cut deep into my heart, I felt a mixture of anger and remorse. I did not know how to show those feeling. My heart began to pound, and my knees knocked each other. I was deeply terrified.

“So it has gotten to this?” My dad asked in anger, walking towards me and pulling out his belt. What I did next will shock you.

I began to take steps backwards towards the mirror again. “Daddy please I did not……”
I had barely finished the statement when the first swipe of the leather belt landed on my scalp. I buried my head in my arms, to protect my face from my father’s battering. Swipe after swipe landed on my body, it stung more than a bee. One swipe hit the wall mirror, and it came crashing down in pieces.

Daniel rushed forward to my rescue, seizing my dad’s arm in the air, giving me a little breathing space. I fell to the floor and began to weep. Flashes of heat, coupled with tears and hot sweat ran across my body.

“Hold her, check if she is still intact.” Dad commanded, as he struggled to free himself from Daniel’s grip. My mum was already on her feet, she turned towards David who had just joined us in the room.

“Hold her for me.” As David began to walk towards me. I started to imagine what would happen. Daniel would hold me down, while my mum parted my legs in the full view of three adult males. It would be a terrible embarrassment when they all discover that my hymen has been tampered with. I couldn’t take it anymore. All the remorse I felt disappeared. A new feeling of anger and bitterness swelled inside me, I felt like exploding. I grabbed a piece of the broken mirror on the floor, and made it visible to everyone.

“David, don’t come close to me” I yelled at the top of my voice, pointing the Sharp object at him. The anger and ferocity in my voice, coupled with the violent wave of tremor surging through my body shocked everyone. They stood in amazement, with eyes wide open. The sight of me with the fragment of broken mirror must have terrorized everyone. David equally stopped in his strides and withdrew. An uncomfortable silence followed.

I looked around the room, and had a clear sight of the door. I dashed straight for my bed, raised my pillow grabbed my phone and headed for the door. Everyone gave way and allowed me through. I ran towards the sitting room, hoping the main door was not locked. Daniel ran after me, calling out to me, as if he knew what I was thinking.

“Ruth wait, please don’t go, wait Ruth, Ruth.”

His pleas fell on deaf ears. I opened the main door and ran out, into the open. It was around 7pm, and a little dark already. I could barely see where I was going. I unlocked the main gate, and headed out into the streets, running straight ahead. Where I wanted to go, I had no idea. But I resolved not to return to that house that night. I was ready to stake it out alone in the open… Whenever I’m angry, I have a strong mind to do wanders.

I was out on the streets on a cold night, I had run away from home. I put on my phone, and began to make calls, trying to find a place to lay my head for the night.



This was the beginning of my problem. I scrolled hurriedly through my contacts, searching for someone to call. I dialed Sarah’s number first. She answered at once. I carefully explained the situation to her. She was as empathetic as I expected, but she couldn’t let me stay at her house. Her parents wouldn’t allow it. I called Hannah next. We could barely hear each other. The sound of loud music in the background was enough evidence that she was no where close to her house. I walked about aimlessly for a while, feeling bitter and sad. I couldn’t just lie down anywhere, I was scared. I sat at the foot of a mango tree, watching passers-by, and thinking about my predicament.

Everyone seemed so happy in my family, everyone but me. My parents had no love for me, they put me in a prison all my life, and now they want to humiliate me. I hated my parents, I thought they were the worst ever. I had run away from home, but I have nowhere to run to. The sky began to change small flashes of lightning began to appear in the sky. It was going to rain, and I was outside on the streets. It was then the foolishness of running away hit me. I had no where else to go, I had to conceal myself from the rain. So I decided to go home.
I got up, and slowly walked back towards my house. The battering may continue, but I couldn’t stay outdoors at night.

On my way back, my phone rang. The ring tone was special. I need not look at the screen to know it was Matthew. His call turned out to be the only silver lining in my dark cloud of misery. I touched the answer button, and answered with the meekest voice possible.

“Where are you? Sarah just told me what happened” he asked, almost sounding worried.

I explained everything I could, as well as my decision to go back to the house.

“No don’t go, I’m coming to pick you” he replied, and ended the call giving me no room to refuse. I walked back, and sat on the tree, anticipating his arrival. It took quite a while, but he arrived finally.

As soon as he parked, he hurried out of the car, and ran towards me. He pulled me up to my feet, and hugged me so tight. I was weak and exhausted, hungry and tired. He led me slowly to the car, opened the door and let me in. I felt a measure of peace and comfort once again, as he zoomed of into the dark cold night. My parents constantly warned me to stay away from boys. They’ll go to any length to monitor and control me. If only they knew that their action had led me into the hands on a boy, on a cold dark night. Only God knows what will happen over-night at his place.

How was my night experience with Matthew?


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