Home Alone; Episode 2 (Rated 21+)

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Episode 2:

Episode two:
The whole Dave’s family👪 lived in Old GRA, Port Harcourt, in a big duplex🏡 consisting of ten rooms, a kitchen, a laundry room and a store. Everyone was entitled to a room, leaving four empty rooms which were reserved as guest rooms.

She enjoys the company of my siblings👬 most especially Emma😃 because he was a talkative🗣 unlike Max. She had a boyfriend👨, in fact, she’s not❌ a virgin. She lost her pride👌 at the age of fifteen to her Mathematics teacher who she dated💞 way back in Secondary School🏢 at Omega High College, Ikeja Lagos State. Emma is a flirt👅. He has millions of girlfriends👯 and fucks🍆🍑 them anyhow. His room🏡 is always full of condom as if he manufactures it in there😂. In fact, Emma is a pervert👅.

Jasmine got home🏡 after the day🌥 hustle feeling so tired and hungry. Entering the sitting room she met her mum👵 arranging her clothes, she was surprise😲

JASMINE: mum!😲 What’s the problem? Why are you back from work💼 so early? Hope no problem, abi they don fire you😃?

MUM: silly child😏, please don’t say that again. Actually my boss at work lost his wife😢 this morning🌤 and……

JASMINE:(surprised) Ah!😲 Death is becoming rampant these days. This is sad news😢, I feel for him.

MUM: yes dear it is sad😢. Gold, I’d be travelling to Abeokuta for the burial. After that, I’d be proceeding✈️ to Abuja because of a board meeting that will be held. And this is going to take me a week and two days.

JASMINE: ahhh!!!!😩 Haba mum, this is not fair. You’d be leaving for a week. C’mon, this house would be quiet and lonely. Besides, dad isn’t yet back from his trip😔 (Sitting on the sofa)

MUM: sweetheart😘, I’m so sorry🙏 it has to be this way. I’d be back once everything is accomplished and I promise to always call📞 you😊. Your dad👴 will be back soon, hopefully on Tuesday next week.

JASMINE: alright. I understand why it has to be that lengthy but you’d have told me earlier, I would have gone to aunt Cindy’s house🏡.

MUM: nooo! Sweetheart😘, you don’t have to trouble your aunt👩. Just stay here. Your brothers are around and you’d enjoy their company, you can as well invite your friends👫 if it becomes necessary. One more thing, I don’t want wild parties.😒

JASMINE: yes Ma! (Saluting her).

Jasmine did not seem happy😔 at the news at first but later she realized that her mother’s👵 trip✈️ would be to her own advantage💯. This was the right time🕒 to invite her boyfriend👨 over so they can make love🍆🍑 to the peak👅. Her boyfriend’s name💬 is Fred; he’s a student of University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)🏢 and studying chemical engineering.

Later that night🌖, Jasmine quickly dialed📞 Fred’s line requesting him to come over to her house🏡 the next day. He agreed👍 without hesitating😊, he promised👌 to stay for as long her mother👵 will be away. She heard👂 the parlor door🚪 thrown open…

JASMINE: who is that?😒

She heard Max and Emma laughing😂 and talking as they stormed inside the sitting room.

EMMA: is Buhari and his bodyguard. Shebi you sabi ask yeye question.

Both guys matched into the kitchen where she was, trying to tidy up the place

EMMA:(Hitting her a*s🍑) you no sabi greet elders abi?

JASMINE: Emma what’s the meaning of this rubbish? Never hit my s**y👅 asset🍑 like that again, it’s not yours.

MAX: stop all these. Have you cooked? Abi nothing dey house?

JASMINE: your food🍲 is on the dining table. Before it escapes my mind💭, mum👵 said that she’d be…

EMMA: (Interrupting) cut it there Minister of Information we all are aware of her trip✈️. If you’ve got any new information proceed with it, her Lordship.

Her brothers had their meal🍲 and Max was off to his bedroom🏡 leaving Jasmine and Emma at the sitting room.

EMMA: baby last, I know you get mouth and you sabi talk🗣 anyhow. I’d be bringing my bae😘 to spend some days with me here. I take God beg 🙏 you, no use your yeye mouth👄 tell🗣 mum say……..

JASMINE:(Interrupting with a scream) Praise God!🙌 We are on the same team.

EMMA: wait o. What do you mean by same team? Don’t tell me you’re also bringing your guy over?

JASMINE: why not? Of course I am. He will be spending 6 days in my room to keep my juicy pot warm before mum returns (Smiling)😊

EMMA: holy Shit! This small girl you don start banging🍆🍑 abi? (Laughing)😂

JASMINE:(Laughing)😂 do I look like a virgin to you? (Standing up and turning round)

EMMA: Jasmine!!! May God forgive you

JASMINE: and you too. See bro, I love big dicks🍆. In fact, huge ones (Jokingly saying it)

EMMA: I get huge banana🍆 and I’m sure you’d love❤ it (Flirting)😜

JASMINE: if not because you’re my brother eh…..uhm….. We for don get twins by now (Giggling)😛

EMMA:baby last (Looking at her with flirty eyes👀) we fit do am nah, besides am just a step..

JASMINE: God punish you! You dey craze 😒 abi? I was only joking and you’ve taken it serious

EMMA: anything is possible, you never can tell.

Episode 3 will soon be out, stay tuned.

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