Home Alone; Episode 7 (Rated 21+)

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It was a hot afternoon as Jasmine prepared and left for her lectures, she had to an assignment to submit, and rushed back home to watch the new film she borrowed from Halimat, her new friend at school. Jasmine got to the sitting room, put on the TV, and pulled off her T-shirt. She then heard someone cleared his throat at the dining room. Jasmine was scared been the only one at home. Who must have broken into the house? She took a rod that was placed behind the three-sitters and tiptoed into the dining room…it was her stepfather

JASMINE: why are you back so early? Its not 6pm..

DAD: because I missed what we had last night, I couldn’t take my mind off it while at work. Come to daddy

JASMINE: and how did you know I will be home by this time of the day?

DAD: I saw your school timetable you left on the reading table (Moving close towards her)

Before she could do or say anything, he grabbed her like a Lion catching its prey pounce, kissing💋 her passionately, lifted her up on the dining table

JASMINE: this thing that we’re doing isn’t right. Mum is pregnant what if she gets to know these?

DAD: sweetheart, if only your mum could give me her time, I swear never to disturb you about this. I know she’s pregnant but at least, touching her and a little romance with a blowjob can satisfy me. Do you even know how that pregnancy came to be?

JASMINE: (Looking confused) no… What do you mean by that? Tell me something I don’t know.

DAD: I had to forcefully sleep with her, it was like rape. Constitutionally a married man cannot rape his wife and thank God I did not injure her in the process, if not, she can would have sued me for bodily injury because marital rape is not an offence in Nigeria. Your mom is so dull when it comes to love making. She doesn’t give me the vibe I need.

He continued to kissing her so hard, squeezing her b****t as if he’ll unplug it from her chest, he pulled off his trouser, brought out his heavy erected d**k, slide his hand under her skirt, pull out her G-string pant and inserted his d**k in her and began to bang her on top of the dining table. Giving it to her hard, she was loving it especially when he spank her a*s with one hand

JASMINE: arrrrh…..yes….yes, give it to me (Moaning) fast……er, yes

DAD: I love you baby, ouch………ahhhhhhh

Suddenly the sitting room door flown open, they still did not notice someone had entered the sitting room until the person walked into the dining room section. That person was,

EMMA: yeeees! I knew it; my instinct can never lies to me. (Laughing) Finally, I’ve caught you. (Turning to his dad) abi I should join and make it a threesome? Jasmine you are a dity slut!

Emma caught them red handed. He took pictures of them and making mockery of Jasmine. That night, Jasmine couldn’t sleep. She felt so sad, angry and disappointed in herself…”I’m so useless, will anything good come out of me? Abi person use d**k swear for me? God why did you make me a female? If I was a male no one will bang me”….those were the words she kept on lamenting. That night, the whole house was quiet except for mum who was in pain and kept screaming, she was due for delivery. Mr. Dave rushed his wife to the hospital, he slept at the hospital.


The following day, Jasmine felt like not stepping out of her room because of shame, but she had to cook for mum who was at the hospital. Gosh! She wished there was a maid. To worse issues, Emma kept shouting her name downstairs to come out. This guy can be so annoying. She finally came out of the room

EMMA: little whore! So you have finally out. This one that you are fucking every d**k in this house, please don’t f**k the little baby boy mum will soon give birth to (Laughing)

JASMINE: Emma, stop it. I don’t like it (Heading to the kitchen)

Emma followed her to the kitchen. Mr. Dave rushed into the kitchen asking for hot water to take to the hospital because mum had already put to bed.

EMMA: whoh! The bigger male slut is here. Good morning Pops.

DAD: You better watch your tongue, young man, am still your father

EMMA: Oh really? You’ve got no shame. I’ve got your pictures here (Raising his phone up in the air) it’s like your wife needs to hear about this.

JASMINE: Emma, don’t act like a saint. I’ve you forgotten you also had s*x with me a million times, in my bedroom, in the sitting room, on the dining table, in the bathroom, in the kitchen. Have you suddenly forgotten that you were the one responsible for the pregnancy mum made me abort? You begged and weep so that I shouldn’t tell anyone. So stop talking as if you aren’t a brostitude too.

It was a confession time. Emma was ashamed to look at his father. Mr. Dave was shocked at what Jasmine said

DAD: Holy shit!

JASMINE: like father like son. Shameless set of bastards

DAD: shut up your mouth, Jasmine I am your dad and I deserve some respect.

JASMINE: respect? So you actually think you deserve respect from me? How on earth would a father bang his daughter? (Turning to Emma) my dear, that is not the first time your father has fucked me, you should be calling my mom not shouting JASMINE! all over this house. I owe both of you no respect because I am now equal to the task.

DAD: stop it. Can we just bury this whole thing and pretend as though nothing ever happened please, for the sake of my wife and the new baby.


The water got boiled, Jasmine put it in the flask, made pap and gave her stepfather to take to the hospital for mum. She then went to her room to have a bath, just then her phone beeped. Fred sent me a message saying she should come to his house now. Jasmine was excited but surprised. Happy that he has forgiven her and wants her back but surprised that he never spoke to her after what happened until now. Is something cooking up? Jasmine quickly bath, put on some makeup, wore a pink armless short flower gown and went to his place. She knocked at his door🚪, a tall body built guy opened the door,

JASMINE: (Smiling) good morning, is Fred around? Because he asked me to come.

GUY: oh! You are the Jas…..

JASMINE: (Interrupting) Jasmine! Yes, that’s the name.

GUY: exactly. Come inside, you’re welcome. Fred is in.

Jasmine went inside the apartment, walked straight to Fred’s room and found two more guys chatting with him. She greeted them as she kept her eyes fixed on Fred

BOTH GUYS: is she the one?

FRED: yes she is.

Jasmine blushed when she heard Fred’s response. Fred must have told them she is the main bae😘. As she was about sitting on his reading chair, the two guys took off their shirts and trousers. As a good ex-girlfriend with home manners, Jasmine got up to excuse them because it seemed they needed privacy. Then she discovered the guy who welcomed her earlier, was standing at the door. She turned round to see the two other guys were completely naked. Fred was smiling mischievously😊

JASMINE: Fred what’s this all about?

FRED: b***h, come back here and pull off that gown. I wanted this threesome with only these two guys but the other guy (Pointing to the one at the door) said he wants to be part of the fucking team, so I have to let him. That’s what I do for my friends (Smiling mischievously)

JASMINE: wait! Are they going to have s*x with me? (Scared)

FRED: (Laughing) yes sweetheart. Since p***y is all you’ve got in this life, let my guys feed on it, b***h. I loved you Jasmine but you took it for granted, I satisfied you sexually yet you fucked around with your brother, I gave you money as if you deserved it yet you had that guts to stab me at the back. Not even with someone else outside your family, you are shameless! (Turned to the three guys in the room) Guys what are you waiting for? Get to work.

Jasmine was about to kneel and beg Fred just then, she felt a hand grabbed her from behind; it was one of the guys. He collected her purse and threw it on the ground, undressed her roughly, she was left in pant and bra. The second guy came and unhooked her pink bra, played with her b****t for some minute then tore her pant and bent her over the bed. Fred was sitting on a chair with a camera; he was going to video all that will happen. This was hell. This guy inserted his d**k inside her and began to bang her slowly

FRED: (Holding his camera) are you a novice? Odogwu, bang this slut hard, I mean fast and hard. Let her feel the pain and not the pleasure of it.

The second pushed the first guy aside, Jasmine noticed he had a long huge d**k. He made her lie backwards on him, as he inserted his d**k into her, she screamed loud. He started banging her fast and hard, her b****t were going left and right, she could feel his d**k all over and even right inside her as if it was touching her womb. The third guy joined by putting his d**k inside her anus, this was anal s*x. Jasmine screamed as if they were nailing her head with a rusted nail, she had never experienced anal s*x. Damn! He’s d**k was extremely big, long and huge; it was bigger than that of her stepfather’s. He began to bang her hard, squeezing her breasts and hitting her hard. The third guy put his medium size d**k into Jasmine’s mouth, it smelled like urine but she had no option rather than to s**k it, he moaned and was smiling at her. She was moaning but crying more. The more Jasmine cried the more Fred laughed, this is the greatest punishment and humiliation she ever received in her life. These guys banged her really hard, taking turns. She could feel two huge dicks inside her p***y hole at the same time. They had series of styles, bitting of her tits, sucking their dicks and scrotum, sitting on their d**k, panting up and down, squeezing her breasts. She was tired, exhausted and extremely weak. Jasmine pleaded with them to stop but Fred would not let them stop, it seems he paid them for this act. They got exhausted too and eventually stopped, put on their trousers and sat on the bed, leaving her completely naked. She felt humiliated.

Fred video recorded everything that happened and had it on a tape, he took photos of her naked. Fred threatened to expose the act Jasmine had with her stepbrother and this present video if she dared him by telling anyone about this. She was worried because if Fred reveals the affair between her and her stepbrother, Emma will definitely reveal the affair between her and his father also. Jasmine wouldn’t want to give her mother heart attack, so, she had to play along even though she hated what Fred was doing. Jasmine couldn’t walk properly, they had damaged her p***y so badly, it was looking messy. She wore her gown and managed to get out of Fred’s apartment. Jasmine got home, rushed into the bathroom to freshen up, she noticed her p***y was wider than the mouth of a well. She cried herself to sleep. That was how Fred kept on taking videos of her with different set of guys, sometimes five guys will have s*x with her taking turns. Jasmine couldn’t report because he had something against her which kept her tied down to his demands.




Mum was back from the hospital, with Jasmine little baby brother. The whole family was happy to welcome the child, friends and extended family members visited so the house was full. Jasmine kept trying to do things to get along with her mum yet her mom kept giving Jasmine hard time. So many times she would attack Jasmine for no reason, she was always complaining about everything Jasmine do. She calls her insultive names like slut, b***h,whore; she just made the house so unbearable for Jasmine and kept demanding for the person responsible for her earlier pregnancy. Emma on the other hand was frustrating Jasmine’s life. He would intentionally naked himself forcing to make love to her using of condoms though and will even threaten to screw her up to mum if she utter a word about who was responsible for the her pregnancy she aborted earlier…he said something like, “Even if you eventually tell mum who got you pregnant, you know she won’t take mine serious. But she will take yours personally when she hear you have been sleeping with her husband.” .. Those words sank  deep into Jasmine’s heart.


The naming ceremony of Jasmine’s baby brother went well, he was named Daniel. That day was full of eating, drinking, merry making, dancing and a little of prayers. Everyone blessed the child and departed to their various homes. Fred kept taking videos of Jasmine having s*x with different guys he brings, Emma kept frustrating her sexually and her stepfather kept disturbing as well.

One sunny afternoon,  Jasmine was alone at home because ever since mum returned it’s been difficult for her to go to school, she do skip lectures.  She had to do the washing of her clothes and the baby’s clothes, cooking, scrubbing, ironing, washing the dishes and bathroom sinks. Emma came back home and as usual; I was having hot s*x with him. To their surprise, the parlor door opened, Jasmine was not expecting mum to be back so soon maybe it might be a visitor. Emma quickly wore his clothes and hid in her bathroom. Jasmine rushed put on a vest with a wrapper as she hurried down the stairs….

DAD: are you the only one at home?

ME: yes. But why are you…..

DAD: (Interrupting) thank God! I quickly rushed from the office because this is the only opportunity I have to service you. My body is hot and am horny (Climbing the stairs to meet her)

He grabbed me, forcing himself on her, squeezing her b****t as he pushed her into the room and closed the door behind him. He undressed himself, kissing her, smooching then he slide in his d**k and started pounding her, going fast, hitting her hard, moaning so horrible.

EMMA: (Coming out of the bathroom) Jasmine, this is unfair o

Oh my God! Jasmine totally forgot that Emma was hiding in her bathroom. Her stepfather was frightened and ashamed

DAD: you told me no one was home with you

EMMA: Anyway it’s not so bad, let’s make it a threesome


Father and son began to bang her at the same time, just as when her stepfather cums and spills his sperm on her thigh; Jasmine phone beeped. It was Fred; he wanted her to come over to his place. She quickly pushed Emma away, wore her clothes and rushed to Fred’s apartment. This time, she had s*x with seven guys at his place; only God knows how she managed to get back home🏡.

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