Home Alone; Episode 6 (Rated 21+)

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Days passed, weeks passed and a new month has just ended before it occurred to Jasmine that she had not seen her period. One cool afternoon, Jasmine laid in the sitting room with the air conditioners on watching her favorite Tv program and fell asleep. Mrs. Vivian, her mother came back from work to find Jasmine in the sitting room, she touched her body to check if I was sound in health. Her mum can be so over caring.

MUM: Jesus Christ! Is hell burning under the lining of your skin? My God! Your temperature is terribly high. Wake up (Tapping her)… Gold!

JASMINE: mum (Feeling dizzy) my head hurts and I feel quite dizzy that’s all.

MUM: am calling your dad straight away (Dialing his number) we are going to the hospital once he comes. In short, where are your brothers? Kenneth! Emmanuel!

It took Jasmine stepfather 30 minutes to get to the house🏡, he carried her like a 5 years old child into the car as her mum followed behind with her slippers and they left to the hospital. Several test was carried out on her and to God be the glory, she was not infected with HIV. Jasmine was lying on the hospital bed when her parents stormed into the ward

MUM: Jasmine, you are a disgrace!

JASMINE: mum, what’s wrong?

MUM: shut up your mouth you slut. Who impregnated you?

This was the 1st time her mom is raising a voice at her. Gbagam! The worse has happened, Jasmine started having series of flashback. She was absolutely certain Fred wore a double condom throughout their love making but Emma never did. Emma is the father my mum is going to kill me..”Father impregnated mother, now brother has impregnated sister. What am I going to do? Please help me, bring up suggestions. I cannot impose this pregnancy on Fred because I haven’t gotten over the trauma of what happened the day he caught us red handed even if I try to, how do I start?…lots of thoughts💭 ran through her mind.



They got back home, mum did not wait for Jasmine to sit

MUM: you haven’t told me who got you pregnant.

I couldn’t say a word. I looked at Emma’s face, he looked at me and used sign language telling me not to utter a word. I sat quietly on the sofa, sobbing silently.

MUM: can’t you speak! Or have you lost your tongue? I thought you were a virgin, Jasmine you have disappointed me.

She walked up to and gave Jasmine a slap, she was about giving her the second one when her stepfather rushed quickly and held her back.

JASMINE: mummy I’m sorry (Crying)

DAD: (To his wife) honey, I don’t think this is the best way to handle this.

He turned to me…

DAD: Sweetheart, your mum is really mad at you so am I

Jasmine did not even notice that Emma had wet eyes😢 too until when her stepfather asked him..

DAD: are you also weeping? Course I can see tears on your cheek.

EMMA: no, no I’m not o. I’m only sympathizing with her (Wiping off his tears)

DAD: sympathizing?

EMMA: no……ehm…. I meant I am emotionally attached to this situation

DAD: what did you just say? Anyway, go to the car and get me those drugs I bought from the pharmacy.

EMMA: ok dad.

Jasmine cried although the night till she slept off. The next morning she went to the kitchen to get bottle water & met mum

JASMINE: good morning mum, I’m so sorry. I promise not to repeat this stupid act, it was a mistake please forgive me.

MUM: shut up and let me be. There’s no point for pleading. You’d be going to the hospital tomorrow to get rid of that bastard, I’ve spoken to the doctor who would be in charge for that.

JASMINE: abortion! No! I can’t…

MUM: (Interrupting) You brought these upon yourself. Wait a minute, you think I’d let you have that baby in this house? (Laughs) you must be joking. This is not the end, after that child is gotten rid of, we’d proceed to stage two where you will have to tell me who impregnated you or else, you’d see the devil in me.

The next day the abortion was successfully done. Mr. Dave, her stepfather was not aware of it but later got to know through someone at the hospital where the abortion was done. This brought misunderstanding between my parents. Throughout that week Jasmine laid in bed and was only seen on Sunday. Max, her elder brother visited her and spoke to her about life and her spiritual faith…churchy Max😜. Jasmine felt heartbroken, he prayed with her and gave her a gift of a new Bible and daily devotional. Her mum said that it was because Jasmine was not going to school that’s why she had liberty to start practicing prostitution. She got Jasmine enrolled to University of Port Harcourt, this was done through connection with some respective bodies in the institution.



Days passed, weeks passed, Jasmine regained strength. It was a Monday morning🌤, so everyone at home🏡 was preparing to go out, Emma had an early morning lectures and mum had to rushed out🚘 to catch up with the traffic. Jasmine was getting set for school, it will be her first day in the university. She wasn’t nervous at all but she was feeling ashamed should incase she runs into Fred in school because her faculty was not far from he’s, so meeting with him would be very possible. As all these thought kept running through her mind, her stepfather walked into the sitting room

DAD: good morning dear😊 hope you slept well?

JASMINE: good morning Dad. Yes I did sleep well. Your breakfast is served on the dining table.

DAD: thank you dear but I won’t be able to eat because I’m already late for work. Can I drop you off to school before proceeding to work?

JASMINE: oh! Thank you so much.

He dropped Jasmine off at school and gave her ten thousand naira for transport, feeding and getting necessary school materials. She had her first lecture, it was interesting and she went back home. Till date, her mum still never spoke to her neither did she eat any meal prepared by Jasmine…women and their wahala. Jasmine stepfather was so nice to her, despite her past act, he always wants to see her comfortable and happy.

The next day Jasmine went to school on her own, she met a new friend, Halimat. Halimat is from the North, she is very beautiful, nice and intelligent. They entered into their lecture hall, it was the first lecture to begin the day with. While the lecture was going on, Jasmine phone beeped, she received a message from her stepfather. He text saying she should take his ash color suit to the laundry man and prepare fried rice for dinner, but the funniest part of the message he added “I truly love you baby.” After lectures that day, she went back home and did exactly what her stepfather instructed her to do.

Jasmine had her dinner and went straight to bed. While she was sleeping, she felt a hand caressing her private part seriously. She quickly turned over and woke up. It was a dream😂. Shewent to the kitchen to get bottle water. She entered the dark kitchen, she didn’t border to switch on the light because she knew exactly where the refrigerator was positioned. She got to the refrigerator, opened it, brought out the bottle water and was about turning to leave when someone hugged her so tight from behind. She just knew it would be Emma,

JASMINE: will you get your hands off me? I hate useless games

DAD: it’s me dearie

She was shocked,

JASMINE: what are you doing here? Get your hands off me, I don’t like it.

She pulled his hands off and went to switch on the light because she wanted to be sure who grabbed her.

DAD: don’t you like it? Or are you scared?

JASMINE: scared? I really don’t understand you Sir.

DAD: didn’t you see the last part of the text I sent to you? You should understand what I want from you na (Moving closer to her). You aren’t a baby dear and its not your of trying a d**k…stop pretending.

He was advancing towards her, she kept moving backwards

DAD: Jasmine, I’m going to take care of you personally. Forget about your mum, she’d never know about this. She never gives me her time due to some rubbish office engagements.

….”So mum is the reason why my stepfather wants to pounce on me. He had a point here, it was true that mum never gave him time but he should talk to her about it, why was he coming to me?”…this were the thoughts going through her mind as she kept on moving backwards till she got to the door finally. She turned the door knob but it was locked. Gbagam! It will happen she just knew

JASMINE: I will scream o, I’m going to scream for everyone to hear. You know my mum is around.

DAD: don’t even try that. From the moment I saw you naked at the hospital when your mum and I took you for scanning some weeks ago, I just couldn’t help it but think about your body. I just knew you’ll be sweet. I really want to….

He grabbed her b****t, brought it out of her night gown and began to s**k her nipples, sucking it really hard. She would have gave him a slap honestly but she kept wondering why she melts so easily. He kept on sucking and squeezing her b****t so hard

JASMINE: plea…..se stop it (Moaning)

DAD: I’ll be gentle, trust me.

He was kissing her this time, she kept on struggling. He took her hands away, turned her over quickly and slide in his d**k. She screamed, his d**k was triple the size of Emma’s

DAD: so sorry baby (Moaning)

He began to bang her really hard. She hated what she was doing but it seems someone used d**k to swear for her😜

JASMINE: no Sir, please stop it. What are we doing? You know this is wrong (Moaning)

Mr. Dave, her stepfather acted as if he did not hear what she said, he was moaning really hard, hitting🍆🍑 her so hard; then lifted her two legs up. Banging her fast, kissing her so hard, his right hand was on her b****t squeezing it as she was bend over the sink. She couldn’t look at his face, it was a shameful act. He was about to cum, he pulls out his d**k quickly and cum on her b**t🍑

DAD: ah! Arrrh….. Yes, yes… you’re damn sweet💋.

Jasmine was panting, both of them were breathing so heavily and sweating like hell was beside them.

DAD: my dear you’re so sweet (Looking at her) so you don’t go to bed with panties? Wow! I love that (Smiling)

Jasmine started to cry. He tried to console her but she pushed him away. She got up from the kitchen floor and ran to her room…”what have I done? Oh my God! My stepfather? I betrayed my mum; I’m such a shameless b***h. I had s*x with my mother’s husband, what a shame! God why me? I’m so disappointed in myself”.. She kept on crying as I washed herself in the bathroom.

The Next Day
Emma and mum did not notice anything that happened. That was how her stepfather continued to have s*x with Jasmine and he kept giving her huge amount of money, buying expensive gifts, taking me to the best boutique in town to shop. Actually he kept to his promise to keep her safe and to take care of her especially in this period she and her mum were not in good terms.

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