Home Alone; Episode 5 (Rated 21+)

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Jasmine was so disturbed, lots of thoughts💭 running through her mind until 5:09am when she finally slept off. Fred had no early morning lectures, so she will be having him all to herself.

FRED: wakey, wakey, good morning angel. Here is your tea. You slept quite long; this is 10:45am or was it because of last night?

JASMINE: (Scared) last night? What do you mean?

Her heart started beating very fast.

FRED: I meant the fall you had over the stairs (Smiling)

She breathe a sigh of relief; you know how it is to have a guilty conscience.

JASMINE: oh! thanks for the tea dear. Love you so much (Sipping the tea)

FRED: love you more. What happened to your kitchen? Some glasses broke and the sink tap was left running all through the night, it was a mess. I had to clean it up.

JASMINE: (Choking)uhm…ehm…uhm, probably it would be Emma and his girlfriend, they are so rough (trying to fake a smile)

Today is Tuesday and Jasmine will be expecting het stepfather’s return according to mum before she traveled. She made het stepfather’s favorite dish, cleaned up the house. She went up to her parents room, picked up some dirty clothes and sheets to take to the laundry man down the street. Fred was off for lectures. Jasmine returned to meet Max, her elder brother who was about leaving for school. He stays in the school male hostel though visits home during weekend. She headed to her room to rest, opening the door, there was Emma seated on her bed. He was wearing a colorful boxer and a silver Versace necklace on his neck. It looked nice on him though..

JASMINE: what are you doing in my room? Get out now! (Pointing to the door)

EMMA: (Standing up from the bed) bae, franking speaking I try to stop this but am finding it difficult. Whenever I’m alone, I find myself thinking about you and everything we shared. Give me this last chance and I promise never to disturb you, I swear.

JASMINE: you must be stupid? Don’t you have lectures? Don’t you have anything meaningful to do with your spare time? See I’ve had enough of this, now get out!

He got so close this time

JASMINE: (Pushing him away) stop it. Have you lost your mind? Are you now turning me to your s*x machine? You’ve got thousands of girlfriends out there, go & f**k them to hell.

EMMA: (Touching her cheek) they aren’t as sweet as you

Emma pulled off his boxers; She could not stand the sight of his huge cucumber.

“Since he promised it will be the last, let me just give in” she thought to herself.

Emma gave her a flirty smile, Jasmine stood before him like a fool. He began to bang her slowly, she loved every bit of it and couldn’t help but moan passionately and couldn’t realise when someone opened her room door and caught them red-handed..

FRED: what! (Shocked) oh my God! Jasmine!!! Holy shit!

Fred caught them. Jasmine felt like waking up from a dream, she felt like disappearing. “God, why did you allow Fred see us? Why did you not send an angel to whisper to my ears that someone was coming? Millions of thoughts💭 kept flooding in.

Fred took pictures of them, he picked up his calculator and assignment book on top of Jasmine’s reading table and walked away in disappointment & anger.

JASMINE: you see what you’ve caused? (Feeling disappointed)

Emma wasn’t remorse at all, he just smiled. Jasmine tried zipping her short gown trying to run after Fred

EMMA: what’s so special about him? I’m here for you always and I have you all to myself

JASMINE: you are a devil, I hate you!!

She ran after Fred to plead for forgiveness because there is no explanation to give. Fred rode off, he broke up with her instantly. Jasmine cried bitterly & went straight to her room

EMMA: Jasmine, I’m so sorry. I never mean this to happen to your relationship but in all things, we should give thanks to God.

She gave him a slap

EMMA: fine! F**k you! It’s your headache slut (Hissed and walked out of my room)

It was 6:09pm and Jasmine stepfather had not arrived yet, probably he had a late flight. She had had her shower, took a hot tea☕ and went to bed. It was a lonely night for her. You could imagine the thoughts she was battling with as she sobbed. She kept trying Fred’s number but it couldn’t, he might have blocked her calls. Jasmine eyes were red and sore, her body was hurt and she had a head ache as well. It was really a tragedy for her.


It was Wednesday morning🌤 Jasmine woke up late, voices of chatting and laughter were heard downstairs. She went to the sitting room

MUM: Goldie (as she fondly calls her) I’ve missed you baby.

JASMINE: mummy! (Faking a smile)

She missed mom though but what happened yesterday kept troubling her. She ran quickly to give her a hug

JASMINE: I missed you too. You promised to call but you never did, not even a text message

MUM: sorry my love. Business was just too much on me. Forgive me Gold. I came back with your dad, he’s in his room. Go and say welcome to him before I give you the things I brought. Jasmine smiled😊 and went to meet her stepfather. As she entered, she saw Emma and his father together discussing but couldn’t tell what the discussion was all about. “I just hope this pervert is not unfolding what happened all this while to his dad? She thought💭

JASMINE: good morning dad, how was your flight? I missed you…”did I really miss him? I don’t think I did”

DAD: my baby, morning. My flight was safe but late because of your mom and I missed you too. You’ve grown into a beautiful woman just this short while of my leave. I believe your brothers have been taken care of you well.

Emma winked😜 & she turned to leave to meet her mum in the sitting room.

MUM: here are the things I bought for you

She thanked her and they started discussing. Mother was giving Jasmine details about her trip, promotion, her dad and then about Emma.

MUM: ehn let me tell you this before I forget. Do you know that your brother is HIV positive?

Jasmine’s heart skipped a bit.

JASMINE: you mean Emma

MUM: yes of course. I stumbled over his medical result in your dad’s briefcase when I was searching for some documents your dad asked me to get, dad is really mad at him. That boy is very spoilt and he flirts a lot, I don’t like his attitude. But thank God I don’t have a child like that. My baby (Touching her daughter on the shoulder) is a virgin and I’m proud of that.

JASMINE: ehm…uhm…of course mum, I’m still a virgin (Faking a smile)

MUM: I trust you sweetheart. Keep it till you get married and you’d never regret it. Most girls who start having s*x at an early stage are bound to suffer the shame of pregnancy, get infected by sexual transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, HIV/AIDS, syphilis and many others from guys who flirt around without protection that is the CD (condom). S*x is not a sin, but it becomes a sin depending on who and when you do it. So, I’m telling you these so that, you show more love and care towards Emma because this is the time he needs us more, we are his only family. We got him some drugs, I hope he takes them as instructed. Please don’t make him feel bad, stigmatization kills faster than the virus itself.

“HIV? Seriously, fear caught me; I just hope I’m not infected with this disease. Mum why are you giving me this lectures now when the worse as happened, it’s already late for this s*x education stuff . It just occurred to me that throughout the times I was having s*x with Emma, he did not use a condom”…wild thoughts kept flooding her mind.

The laundry man came later in the day to return the clothes she gave him on Monday. Max came home as he received Jasmine’s message about mum’s arrival, the house was full and complete. It was 5:32pm, mum called Jasmine to help her with dinner preparations in the kitchen. They discussed, laughed and then she asked…

MUM: Gold, guess what? (With excitement on her face)

JASMINE: mum, I don’t want to crack my brain so hard; you know am not good at this guessing games. Ok, let me try. Uhmm..you got promoted in your place of work.

MUM: no..sweetheart, I’m pregnant! That means you’ll be having a younger brother or sister soon! (Smiling)

ME: ahhhhhhhhhh! (Surprised and happy) Like seriously? Oh my God!

Her brothers and stepfather rushed into the kitchen as if a mad dragon was set lose on them

MAX & EMMA: what is it? (Shocked)

DAD: (Pointing to his wife) honey, I wanted this news a surprise to the whole family after dinner.

JASMINE: mum is pregnant!

MAX & EMMA: what! Wow! This is beautiful

MUM: am sorry dear, I couldn’t just…

DAD: (Placing his finger on her lips) shhhhh….. I understand and I’m not mad at you.

The whole family gathered for dinner and everyone was off to bed.

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