Home Alone; Episode 8 (Rated 21+)

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At this point, it dawn on Jasmine she needed to put an end to this. Jasmine decided to stop the secret affair between herself and her stepbrother and stepfather. Emma kept having quarrels with his father because of Jasmine. Her mum started suspecting her husband was cheating on her but never knew her rival was right under her nose. Jasmine resolved in her heart that she was never going to see Fred again, let him do his worse. She lost concentration, she regretted why she started this from the start.


Fred showed up one day at the Dave’s residence with his camera📷, he came to reveal the secret and videos to Jasmine’s parents. Jasmine was so scared and nervous when she sighted him greeting her mum at the corridor, she rushed out & tried to corner him, pleaded and still  followed him to his apartment to give him what he wanted. Immediately Jasmine left Fred’s apartment, he uploaded her videos on the media.


Mrs. Vivian noticed her daughter was mentally unstable and constantly unhappy, Jasmine began to emmatiate. Jasmine missed her period again. Out of the money her stepfather has been giving her, she went for check-up…her  urine was collected & it was confirmed she is pregnant….”pregnant again? Who is the father? I don’t even want my mother to hear about this cause she’d kill me with her bare hands”….

Jasmine informed her stepfather about the hospital result. He gave her money to abort the pregnancy. She went for the abortion but it turned out worse, cos it was not properly done. Bad news travels fast, Her mum got to hear it, she was disappointed, angry and sad. Jasmine’s mother demanded to know who was responsible for the past and present pregnancy, and who must have lulled Jasmine to abort it.


At this point, Jasmine couldn’t shy away from giving her mom the true answers. Jasmine told her mom how everything started til date.

Mrs. Vivian had Fred arrested, filed for divorce, taking custody of Daniel, she hijacked my stepfather and Emma and had them beaten terribly by agboro boys she hired. It was terrible! Jasmine did not wait for Jasmine to recover fully, she beat hell out of her daughter and placed a heated iron rod on the tip of Jasmine’s clitoris, saying…”this will forever remain a mark of remembrance whenever you decide to open your legs to anyone in future”.

That was how Jasmine lost the love and trust of her mother, she lost her reputation because her story & video went viral. That was how the Dave’s family fell apart.


*The End*

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  2. Victory says

    This so touching
    A very good lesson to d girls

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