Home Alone; Episode 4 (Rated 21+)

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Jasmine woke up in the midnight with a terrible head ache, and found herself naked lying next to Emma who was also completely naked and snoring like a fool. She felt so ashamed and angrily tapped him to wake

JASMINE: Emma, Emma, wake up (Tapping him harder this time). Wake up you fool!

EMMA:(Stretching)bae, what’s it? Wake me up romantically na

JASMINE: rubbish. Why did you take advantage of me? For Christ sake, you’re my brother. This act was totally wrong, this is incent and…..

EMMA: (Interrupting) bae calm down. Listen, I did not rape you that’s point number one. When I was fucking you, you weren’t complaining. You enjoyed every bit of it, so did I. Number two, we are not related by blood so no big deal. Abeg leave me to sleep joor (Turning back to lie down)

Jasmine got up from the rug trying to cover her nakedness with her torn night gown. She got into her room feeling bad, ashamed and angry. The pervert wasn’t even bothered about what happened. Jasmine quickly rushed into the bathroom to freshen up, then picked up her phone to call Fred for disappointing her.

She unlocked her phone to see 18 missed calls from him and a text message reading….. “Cupcake, I came to your house and knocked a million times but no one responded. But I promise to check back tomorrow, love you.”

The next day was Sunday, Jasmine went to church to confess to God her sins and plead for His mercy and grace to overcome temptation. After the church service she went back home to meet Fred at her door, the feeling of guilt over shadowed her. He asked her where her phone was kept that she couldn’t pick up his calls last night…

JASMINE: I waited and waited for you but you came late. I had a head ache, so I took some pain reliever and zoomed into bed early.

FRED: I’m so sorry sweetie. I was delayed in school, test, assignment submission and copying of notes. I will make it up to you tonight (Kissing her on my neck)

Jasmine led Emma to the dining room as she served him lunch. She kept praying silently for Emma not to appear and unveil the hidden things because that fool can be stupid at times. They had lunch and Fred helped to wash the used dishes dumped in the kitchen sink.

Jasmine played a movie she collected during the day, she laid on his thigh as he gently fondled her b***s. He was getting hard, Fred wanted a blow job. Fred is so good at sucking her juicy pot. He would s**k her to the extent that I would see herself in paradise. He undressed her, and carried her to the bathroom. He was started banging her from behind and she was moaning so hard, Fred is good at s*x too but Jasmine couldn’t tell why Emma’s d**k feels so different like the mixture of honey and a little bit of icing sugar. The bathroom s*x was awesome. They moved to the bedroom, had different styles, she sucked his d**k, he sucked her p***y, she played with his testicles, sitting on his d**k as he rode her to paradise, squeezing her breasts, moaning so sweet, kissing her passionately, licking her ear lobe… She reach orgasm, feeling so weak as Fred cums on her b***s. He cleaned her up and cuddled her to sleep.

It was a Monday morning, Fred had breakfast then rushed out to catch up with his early morning lectures. Jasmine cleaned up the house and went out to meet a friend. Fred was done with the day’s lectures, he called Jasmine telling her to meet him in school. She met him and they went to Tio (an eatery) opposite first gate University of Port Harcourt. They discussed at length, Fred told Jasmine his plans of getting her a job to do and they were back home and went straight to bed. There was no s*x this time, before you readers start to call Jasmine a slut😂

It was 1:23am Jasmine woke up feeling very thirsty and needed something to drink, so she headed to the kitchen. I got to the kitchen and turned the light on, and boom! Emma, who was standing completely naked, leaning slightly across the sink and drinking a warm glass of milk,

JASMINE: Jesus! (Turning away) Shameless you

EMMA: madam, could you please turn off the light?

JASMINE: then how do you expect me to get a glass of water in the darkness?

She went to the fridge brought out table water but needed a cup, and the set of cups were up on the cupboard which was behind Emma. She was confused on how to get it

JASMINE: ehm, Emma could you please help get a glass behind you?

EMMA:(Smiling) are you crippled? Come get it yourself.

Emma moved away from the sink, heading to the kitchen door and Jasmine went to get the glass, suddenly the light went off and the door was shut. This was the devil at work, “God please give me the grace to over this demonic temptation” she silently whispered.

JASMINE: why did you turn off the light? Listen, stay away from me.

She heard his footsteps moving close to her and she moved backwards

EMMA: I want to bang you

Did he just say that so blunt? This guy must be insane.

JASMINE: you’re very stupid! You must be drunk, try any nonsense and I will scream out loud. You know my boyfriend is around.

EMMA:(Chuckle) did your boyfriend banged you the way I did? Confess.

Emma was so close this time

JASMINE: it’s none of your business male slut. Don’t touch me, I swear I’d shout.

He tried to touch her breasts, she hit his hand with the bottle water

EMMA: (Seductive tone) my love, damn! I love the softness of your b***s.

She was already feeling the heat from within, honestly it’s not easy to resist Emma because he is just perfect when it comes to seduction. He began to peck her on her neck, biting her ear lopes softly. She couldn’t take it no more.

“God you know I need more grace, please don’t let this happen again” she kept whispering silently.  He finally kissed her, she lost control of myself, she was wet already and boom! They had s*x.

JASMINE: not again, I told you to stay away from me.

EMMA: swear you did not enjoy it? (Smiling)

Jasmine got up from the sink which was attached to a cabinet, adjusted her night gown and gave Emma a slap. He was astonished but couldn’t utter a word. She walked out of the kitchen & headed for her room. Fred was asleep but she couldn’t tell if he was actually sleeping or just faking it.

FRED: (Stretching) sweetie, where went you?

JASMINE: (Her heart  skipped) uhm…Uhm, I went to get a glass of water because I was thirsty.

FRED: you’d have asked me to get the water for you or better still, be keeping a table water in your room before you go to bed to avoid..

JASMINE: (Interrupting) you’re right! If I had done what you said now, this wouldn’t have happened

FRED: excuse me? What wouldn’t have happened?

JASMINE: (Stammering) ehm…. I meant, uhm as I went to get the water I stumbled over the stairs and fell, my leg hurts bad

FRED: oh oh, sorry love.

Fred began to kiss her, he needed s*x too.

JASMINE: arhh…Baby not now. I’m so weak and tired.

FRED: weak and tired? Throughout the day I haven’t touch you, or are you trying to avoid me?

JASMINE: no….We’d have it later in the day. My head hurts.

He agreed, kissed her goodnight and slept off.

To Be Continued….

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