Home Alone; Episode 3 (Rated 21+)

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The next day, Jasmine mother👵 embarked on her trip✈️. Jasmine immediately dialed📞 Fred’s line because she was expecting him that morning🌤 but his sent a message💬 saying he won’t be able to make it during the day because he’d be having three C.A test at school but he promised to come the next day. She felt bad course she was damn horny and had already made proper arrangements. It was a Friday night🌖 and she had to sleep😴 alone in the house🏡 because Max had gone for vigil at his church and Emma went clubbing as usual.

The following day been Saturday, Jasmine was anticipating Fred’s arrival. Emma wasn’t home yet, so the whole house was left to me alone during the day. She cooked Fred’s favorite dish🍲, cleaned up everywhere especially her room, took her bath, put on some make up and wore her silk pink night gown👙, a s**y one with no underwear beneath because she was excepting her guy.

By 7pm, the parlor door opened, Jasmine adjusted her night gown acting romantically as she walked🚶 down the stairs to welcome her babyboo. Lo and behold it was the pervert😜, Emma.

JASMINE:(Hissed)😏 mtcheew…. It’s          even you?

EMMA: wow! You got to be kidding me.  Is this you or am I dreaming? Damn! You’re hot👙 I swear.

She walked away trying to cover her cleavages by using her hands

JASMINE: what are you even looking at?Better behave yourself

EMMA:eyah sorry (Laughing)😂. So you  thought💭 it was your boyfriend👨 abi?

JASMINE: you can go on mocking me. Las las, Fred will show up.

EMMA:(Chuckling) but seriously sis, you are fucking hot. Mehn! I wish I could…

JASMINE:(Frowning)😒 in your wildest dream, stupid bastard.

EMMA: whatever. My girlfriend is coming tonight sef, so no dey form tough. She’s cute, hot and above all, she’s a virgin. How about that? (Sitting down and putting some pills💊 on the table)

JASMINE: poor girl (Sneering).Brother, what are these?

EMMA: chewing gums, yeye child. This is what guys call verger (a s*x stimulant or enhancer)

JASMINE: no vex please. Can you shade more light about the drugs? (Looking confused)

EMMA: let take you lectures. This helps a guy have marathon s*x to the peak. I bought them down the street from that aboki who sells jede-jede because I want to f**k🍆🍑 Sonia all through the night🌖.

Emma went to the fridge, got a cup of water and swallowed a pill. Jasmine just steered at him. She was interested in those pills but did not know how to request for it from Emma because she knew he’d tease me. She really wanted to have marathon s*x with Fred, it’s been a while and her juicy pot🍑 has started getting rusty.

Emma left the sitting room🏡, headed for his room, forgetting the remaining pills💊 on the table. Jasmine rushed quickly, took two tablets because she couldn’t stop imaging💭 how her love making🍆🍑 with Fred would be like. Jasmine patiently waited for Fred to show up but there was no sign of him coming, and his numbers weren’t connecting. It was now about 9:00pm and she was already going gaga, she was terribly horny. At this moment, she needed s*x so badly because those pills💊 she took started reacting; Jasmine went into her room horny and sad.😔

It was about 10:48pm when the doorbell rang; you need to see how Jasmine rushed out of her bedroom to get the door. On reaching the sitting room she noticed Emma was also anticipating his new girlfriend’s arrival. As she opened the parlor door, guess who was standing in front of her? The laundry man who came to drop off mum’s clothes that was given to him yesterday for service.

Jasmine was attending to the laundry man still on her night gown, she noticed Emma trying to call someone on his mobile phone; he looked very disappointed and angry. Suddenly, something cut her attention. She saw something stretching inside Emma boxers, it looked huge; she could tell he was damn hard. Jasmine couldn’t take her eyes off his d**k, frankling speaking; Emma got a huge d**k she confessed within herself. She started accessing his physical features and discovered he had six packs too, he was damn handsome. The laundry man had left and Emma was sitting on the sofa.

EMMA: baby last, can you believe this stupid girl switched off her phone📱 and her second line is not connecting either? Girls can be so silly and disappointing, honestly… mtcheew (Hissed)😏

Jasmine was quiet🙊, pretending to be minding her business. But she kept on accessing her step brother. You can’t blame her though because you weren’t in her shoes.

EMMA: hey! What are you steering at?🙄

JASMINE: huh?… uhm…. (she regained consciousness) nothing o 😏

EMMA: I noticed you were accessing my d**k. Do you love❤ the size👅?

JASMINE: mtcheew (Hissed)😏 don’t flirt around with me

EMMA: confess joor, don’t you love it?

Honestly, Jasmine loved❤ the size, she wanted it but she wasn’t sure if she should do this. She wished she did take those pills, she was horny and Emma kept on flirting with her.

EMMA: shebi you once said you would love to sample me? And you love huge dicks; I sure you’ll love mine.

JASMINE: brother, that was only a joke, I  didn’t mean it. Please stop it.

Emma stood up from the sofa and started advancing towards her. Her heart started beating fast, her body was vibrating, and her legs couldn’t take to its heel, she felt rooted to the ground. Jasmine did not want anything silly to happen but she wanted to get serviced but he is her brother😩.

JASMINE: stop it Emma! (Annoyed)😒 you are my brother and not my guy.

EMMA: bae, calm down. We are not related by blood, check am na😏

Emma became so close this time; he started touching her hair as he looked at her with those flirty eyes👀. Her brother was seducing her and she was loving it.

EMMA: Love❤, you’re not a kid, c’mon  (He began to peck her on the neck)

JASMINE: stop it, no, no, stop, stop

He began kissing her lips👄, he grabbed her standard rounded b***s and brought it out from her night gown👗 and began sucking it👅, of course she got extremely wet💦. She kept on telling him to stop🚫 but Emma still wouldn’t listen👂.

JASMINE: Emma stop, stop it… Sto…p it, plea…se (Moaning)

She was really moaning so sweet as he went on sucking👅 her soft tits. Then she felt his hand behind her b**t🍑, slowly moving downwards and he dipped his finger👆 in her juicy pot. He kept on kissing💋 her compassionately😍 as he gently fingered her. Jasmine kept telling🗣 him to stop🚫 but the pervert wouldn’t listen👂. He took off her night gown, kissing her, squeezing her b***s. He pulled off his boxers and she saw wonders. Emma d**k is extremely huge, having a slight curve🍆 towards the tip. He lifted Jasmine and placed her on the dining table, spreading her legs apart and started eating👅 her juicy pot. He asked her if she loved❤ it, she couldn’t help it but to answer ‘yes!’ He held his d**k🍆 and inserted it into her p***y. Mehn! She screamed hell🔥

EMMA: wow! Whoh! Sorry baby, you are so tight. When was the last time you had your engine serviced? (Smiling)😜

Jasmine loved❤ it when he smiled😊 because it revealed his lovely dimples. He began fucking her slowly as she moaned so sweet💋, she was enjoying every bit of it. Then he became faster this time and she kept telling him to stop. He changed her position to doggy style, fucking her from behind, she moaned so sweet. Emma was an expert😋no when it comes to s*x, no wonder he has so many girlfriends👯. They had to move to the sitting room because they might break the dining table😂. He sat on the sofa as Jasmine sat on his d**k and it continued, she was just going up and down, her b***s were also jumping for 😄😍 as he squeezed it so hard. She felt his d**k all over her. He changed my position to the scissors style, lifting up her right leg and fucking her from one side. Damn! Emma was extremely good at s*x; he must have been awarded 🏆 the best s*x actor of the year😂. He changed her position again, as he laid her flat on the rug, lifted up her both legs up, then started fucking her more harder. Jasmine legs were shaking, her body was vibrating, she reached orgasm, sweating hard even when the air conditioners were on, he cums and they both fell asleep.

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