Home Alone; Episode 1 (Rated 21+)

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Chapter One

Episode 1:

Jasmine is her name💬 but her mum👵 fondly😊 calls🗣 her Gold, she is in her early 20’s. Jasmine has a long black ebony hair💇, bright white eyes👀, a pointed nose👃 and a light pink lips👄. A slender neck, busty and heavily loaded behind🍑. She is light in complexion with a well-structured body shape which makes her look so attractive😍.

She finished her diploma program in Medicine at School of Nursing🏥, Port Harcourt last three years and couldn’t🚫 further due to denial of admission. Mrs. Vivian, her mum👵 hails from Ahoada, Rivers State. She is 38 years old though still looking sweet💋 and gallant😊. She had Jasmine at the age of 17 and had her elder brother Maxwell, at the age of 14. She’s a career💼 woman👩 and doing really great💯. Jasmine dad👴 left her mum👵 right after her birth😢. She never❌ got to meet him, this makes her feel sad 😭, her mother👵 and her elder brother👨 never told her the reason why dad👴 left🚶.

After her dad👴 left, Jasmine mum👵 got remarried👰👦 to Mr. Dave Ochoma👨 who hails from Rivers State too, shortly after her Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE). Mr. Dave👴 has a 23 years old son👨 for his ex-wife👩, named Emmanuel, commonly called Emma, who is now her stepbrother. He is a student of University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)🏨 studying accounting💰. Emma is a flirt🍆🍑 and he’s so handsome😘 unlike Max, her brother who is quiet though good looking😊 and quite older than Emma.

Max, Emmy and Jasmine loved each other as siblings until something happened that tore their parent’s marital life and the whole family apart💔.

This is how it all began….

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