Her Bodyguard;Episode 18.

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   I held unto my pillow as tears filled my eyes, each drop escaping. Did I went overboard? Where did i even went wrong? I didn’t mean to behave like that. I just wanted to know what he was doing there but he’s right. It’s none of my f**king business whether he even slept with her but it hurts damn freaking much. He’s just my bodyguard and nothing else, I should really stop comparing my relationship with him with his relationship with her.

You know what? Go f**k yourself, I don’t even care anymore ‘

His harsh words resounded in my head and more tears rolled down my cheeks.

He is right. I shouldn’t care too.

I stood up and wipe my tears off my cheeks.

I’m gonna go apologize to him and cut off this back and forth thing.

I’m not gonna meddle in his business ever again and he won’t meddle in mine either.

I sighed, wiping my face again and moved out of my room.

I arrived at Aidan’s door which is right beside mine.

I breathed out and knocked but there was no response.

Is he that angry? It wasn’t even entirely my fault!

I knocked again, no reply.

“Aidan.. I want to talk to you ”

I muttered, but instead of getting a reply, I got an echo of my own voice.

I sighed and tried knocking the door again but it opened itself.

I gasped and shift back in shock before peeping in my head.

I opened it entirely and entered, this place is empty.

A gasp slipped through my mouth as I looked at the room.

It looks exactly like mine, only that this one is white on colour while mine is pink.

Where did Aidan go now?

He went to get laid

My inner woman mocked but I refused to believe it.

He wouldn’t do that, would he?

Why shouldn’t he ? He isn’t your boyfriend and he can f**k anyone he likes anytime he wants ‘

She mocked again and I shook my head, moving out of the room.

He did said that he was gonna get laid. I don’t even care anymore.

I moved back into my room and digged my head into my pillow.

Why does it have to hurt d**n freaking much?!


I can’t handle her!

She’s stubborn and behaves like a kid, a teenager. F**k! I hate her. I hate How she makes me f**king feel.

I didn’t really to yell at her but I was damn mad.How could she be angry at me cause I was with Rana yesterday when a guy kissed her and she blushed.

She didn’t even bother to ask why I was with her in the first place, she just lashed at me like a angry cat.

The f**k I hate women! I hate that she’s driving me fucking insane and I couldn’t even stop it. It’s like she’s stored in my fr**king mind and I can’t get her off.

Dammit! I hate how I feel!

I’m going f**king insane with my own emotions.

I just… I want her in a indescribable uncontrollably feeling.

I just freaking want her but she won’t listen!

She’s damn too stubborn and always fighting with me every fucking single time!

D**n! I need to get her off my f**king mind!

I groaned as I gulped down the entire contact in my glass.

The alcohol burned down my throat as I ordered for another glass.

“Hey handsome ”

I turned to the direction of that voice and my eyes landed on a lady.

D**n! She’s hot.

She has dark eyes and brown hair. She was putting on a strapless short dress that revealed her cleavage.

“You look lonely. Mind if I join you to entertain? ”

I smirked and held up my cup, gulping down the contact.

“I’m kiara, you? ”

She muttered, moving her chair closer to me.

“Aidan… ”

I muttered, pouring myself another whiskey.

“Wow, such a nice name. So mind telling me what is making a hot dude like you depressed? ”

I turned to her and chuckled.

“I’m not depressed. I’m trying to get rid of my thoughts ”

I shrugged, gulping down the content again.

“Still the same thing but what’s that thought you’re trying to get rid of? ”

I didn’t even realize she was so close to me.

When I turned back to meet her eyes, my lips brushed slightly against hers and I looked into her dark eyes while she looked into mine.

I smirked and dropped the glass. Taking my hand to the back of her head, I pushed my head forward and brushed my lips against hers. Sucking on the bottom lip before I pulled back.

“Why did you stopped? ”

She whispered, looking through my eyes.

“Nothing.. Just wanted to make sure you’re okay? ”

I whispered back, rubbing her cheek with my fingers.

Her body reacted to my touch immediately and I smiled.

“I am. Would have slapped your a*s off if I wasn’t ”

She shrugged. I like her.

I chuckled and pulled her to sit on my laps, she straddled it and her lips descended on mine.

I tried to balance her as her fingers digged into my hair and now I’m remembering Sarah.

F**k it!

I pulled back and looked at kiara whose eyes held confusion.

“Are you okay or you want me to get off? ”

She asked, confusion dangling in her eyes.

“No… ”

I whispered, pushing back Sarah’s memory as I kissed her again.

My fingers digged into her a*s as her gown raised up, making her a*s sit on my groin.

I groaned and pushed my hand inside her gown, my hands tingling with the waistline of her pant.

She moaned when I nibbled on her lower lip before sliding my tongue in her mouth.

I traced her pant with my fingers and she moaned and gasped relaxing more on my lap.

“Aidan…? ”

I stopped immediately I heard that voice and I stopped immediately, looking back.

Brown silver eyes looked up at me as anger and shock lazed in them.

Oh sh*t! Not again!


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