Her Bodyguard; Intro.

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“You’ve to tell me now, beauty.

If you don’t, those guys won’t stop coming for you ”

His grey dark eyes frightened her damn so much.


She felt as if she could trust him.

She felt as if she could let him in.


But again,

She couldn’t let herself make such a silly mistake.


“Why should I? I don’t even know you ”

She fired, almost getting lost in those dark grey eyes.


They were too intimidating for her.

Oh, they are. She doesn’t trust herself around him.


He smiled.. He smiled at her.

F**k! It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in the world.


The way his dimples stuck out, adding to his already perfect perfection and the way his eyes brightened.


“You can trust me, beauty. I’m your bodyguard remember? ”


“That doesn’t mean anything, I don’t know you and I don’t wanna tell you ”

She frowned.


She hates the way he seems to be getting under her skin.


“What if I kiss you..? ”

Her eyes went widened immediately at that, her breathing heaved and she couldn’t think of anything else but that sentence.


He moved closer to her and his cologne filled the air.

Oh, how much she hated him.. And herself.


“If I kiss you, would you Trust me and let me in ?”

He leaned further against her and she hates the way she was breathing so hard.


“Or better still…. Kiss me… ”







That’s her number one rule.


After losing her parents at the age of ten due to some business deal.

Sarah has been half or more of her normal self.


She doesn’t speak. She doesn’t eat. She doesn’t smile. She doesn’t care.

She allowed herself to be void of all emotions.


She hated life. She hated humans. She hated herself.


She’s always being tortured cause only her, hold the key to wealth that the world has never seen before.


Before her father died … Or rather was murdered..

He was a big businessman and he taught and told her everything including the code to a safe that contains billions of dollars.


Her father is out of the line now, they’re looking for her.

She found herself between lots of giant mafias and gangsters who are all after one thing; The Code To The Safe .


She became a toy, being passed from one Mafia to another all in the name of money but she vowed never to say anything.


She hated them all. She hate the world. She hates every human being until Aidan Francis..






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    Sarah’s childhood friend was Aidan Francis

  2. James Faith Chioma says

    Her childhood friends name is Aidan Francis

  3. James Faith Chioma says

    Sarah’s childhood friends name is Aidan Francis

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