Her Bodyguard; Episode 24.

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“We’re here.. ”

I uttered and we both got down out of the car.

“You know they’re following us, don’t you? ”

Sam said and I winked at him, smirking.

“I knew and I wasn’t joking when I said I was gonna blow their heads up ”

I sighed and we walked into the warehouse.

It’s so dark in here.

I grabbed my phone and turned on the torch, as we walked towards a secret door.

Sam was about to open it when I stopped him.

“Don’t, someone is in there ”

I whispered and turned off the torch before bringing out my gun.

“How hard should I fight? ”

“To save or to die ”

I smirked and we jammed in the door.

The first person my eyes caught was Sarah. She was tied to a chair.

“They’re only two? ”

Sam smirked and I dropped my gun into my pocket, leaving the guys to Sam.

I went to Sarah and untied her while Sam fought the guys.

She’s unconscious.

I tucked the strand of hair that flew to her face and kissed her forehead.

“Let’s go… ”

I uttered to Sam who has already taken down the guys.

I carried Sarah in my arms and gave her to Sam when we got outside.

“Head to the car.. ”

“Where are you going, hay? ”

I smirked and cocked my gun.

“I’ve got some heads to blow off ”

I smiled and winked at him.

“Make sure her face is covered ”

I breathed out before he walked out.

“I knew you guys wouldn’t listen ”

I chuckled as Sebastian’s men showed up.

They all pointed their guns at me and I chuckled.

“Where’s the person, Hayden? ”

Steve said and I rolled my eyes.

“That’s for me to know and for you to find out ”

I winked and shot two of them.

Two of them was also taken down by Sam remaining Steve.

“Tell your boss, that’s my little gift to him ”

I winked and went away with Sam.

“How did you knew ?”

I asked, checking on Sarah who was still unconscious.

“I had a hunch you might need my help and I really didn’t really wanna stay alone with your hot girl. I’m afraid I’ll devour her ”

I chuckled and start the car, heading home.


I groaned as I forced my eyes opened.

My head hurts damn much.

What happened?

Right! I was kidnapped. But I don’t feel tied.

“I see you are awake ”

I heard a voice. I know that voice, it’s Hayden.

I quickly stood up and realised I was on a bed.

Damn! The bed is so soft.

My eyes landed on Hayden and he was shirtless, showing his six packs.

I gulped in as I stated at him.

“Did you saved me? ”

I asked and he nodded, coming towards me.

“Thanks, what time is it? ”

I uttered and he sighed, sitting next to me on the bed.

“It’s 5:30am.”

He muttered and pecked my forehead.

“I’m glad you’re okay. I was worried I won’t find you ”

He smiled showing his one cute dimple.

How can someone be so hot, bad, handsome and at the same time gentle.

“Aidan will be worried ”

I groaned and he chuckled.

“Yes he is. He’s coming to pick you up ”

I smiled and nodded.

“Why were you with a gun? ”

I asked, remembering how he shot two guys.

“Don’t worry, kitty. I’m not a drug dealer neither am I a assassin ”

He winked and I chuckled rolling my eyes.

It’s funny he said that cause that’s the same thing I thought.

“Are you hungry? ”

I shook my head and he nodded and suddenly, there was awkward silence. Just eye contact.

“You are beautiful ”

He uttered and I gulped in and gave a nervous smile.

I didn’t even realize he was close to me until our lips brushed against each other.

“I want to kiss you ”

He breathed out in my face and my body trembled a little.

He chuckled before locking his lips with mine and I squealed under him.

His lips tastes of whiskey and mint.

I groaned when his lips locked round my waist and I opened my mouth to kiss him back.

“Sarah… ”

I pulled away immediately I heard my voice and my eyes met with green grey eyes.

He stared deep into my eyes before looking away and turning to Hayden.

“Thanks for saving her, Hayden ”

Aidan muttered lowly and Hayden chuckled softly.

“Let’s go ”

Aidan muttered to me before looking away instantly.

I gulped in and stood up before turning to Hayden.

“Thank you, Hayden ”

I whispered and he smiled.

“You’re welcome, kitty. It’s my job ”

He winked and I nodded before turning to Aidan.

“Sarah.. ”

Hayden uttered when we were about to reach the door.

He walked to us and kissed my cheek.

“Call me.. ”

He winked and moved back.

I nodded and moved out of the room with Aidan.


“Sarah… ”

Aidan called when I was about to enter my room.

We are already home and the president isn’t around which I’m glad for.

I stopped on my track and turned to meet green grey eyes.

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair, walking towards me.

“Was I too late? ”

He asked and I raised my brows, crossing my arms again my chest.

“Late for what, Aidan? ”

I whispered, looking into his eyes which were filled with emotions I can’t decipher.

“Sarah, I know I’m the worst guy you’ve ever met and I know I’ve hurt you a lot with my actions or words but you should know I didn’t know I didn’t mean to.

I was afraid I could hurt you and I thought the best thing to do was to push you away from me but I’ve realized that no matter what, I can’t seem to stop wanting you.

I can’t seem to stop wanting you to be by me and I know. I know it’s insane but even I myself, I don’t know how I’m feeling or what these feelings means. I just… I just don’t wanna lose you ”

He breathed out and I gulped in.

“What are you saying Aidan? ”

I breathed out, looking deep into his eyes.

He looked away from me. No, no no Aidan.

I went close to him and placed my hands on his cheek, cupping his face.

“Tell me Aidan, please.. ”

I whispered and he looked down at my lips before looking into my eyes.

“I’m saying.. I think I do more than care about you ”

He uttered and I smiled before closing my lips on his right where it belongs.

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