Her Bodyguard; Episode 23.

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“How did it happened? ”

Garry asked as he drove and I sighed, starring out the window.

“I wasn’t there to protect her when she needed me. ”

I said simply, regretting to have not followed them even against her order.

“It’s your job to protect her Aidan and you failed. I thought at least you cared about her more than just boss bodyguard ”

He uttered, giving me a quick glance and I breathed out.

“Let’s just find her uh? ”

I groaned and faced the window back, starring at the city.

“But who could have kidnapped her? You know if it’s one of those gangsters. This won’t be easy ”

He asked, parking by the side and bringing out his phone.

“Carl, you find her yet? ”

“I tried tracking her phone but I can’t. The service isn’t picking signal or maybe her phone is off. Gimme some minutes, lemme reboot ”

He shut his phone and turned to look at me.

I sighed and turned away .

Sarah, where the hell are you?


My hands were tied so were my legs and damn! It hurts like hell.

My eyes was covered with a black cloth and I was tied to a chair.

Who the hell are they and what do they want from me again?

Gawd ! I hope this ain’t one of those Mafia’s who want the code again.

I don’t want to undergo torturing anymore.

Where are you, Aidan?

I sniffed back my tears that were threatening to fall.

Or could it be Sebastian?

That bastard! He threatened me that he would be back for me but how did he tracked me down?

Or is it Wilson? I hate that ugly stupid man.

He’s so ugly and has dirty teeth that he used to forcefully stole my first kiss.

He was my second kidnapper after the first.

Who could it be?

I’m already going insane. Or could it be a new one?

Aidan, I need you please. Where are you?

I sniffed back tears as I remembered Hayden.

Oh my gawd, Hayden! He was shot. I hope he’s okay?

But he also had a gun. What the hell is he doing with a gun?

Is that what he meant when he said he’s dangerous and I shouldn’t get involved with him?

Is he a assassin? Or a gangster? But it can’t be. He told me he ran away from his house cause he want to be a better person.

But what is he doing with a gun?

I’ve no answers and it’s killing me.

I heard the door creaked opened and I turned back in fear.

“You know boss didn’t asked us to tie her. What if she gets here and gets angry? ”

So my kidnapper Is a lady?

“Idiot. If we didn’t tie her, she’ll escape. Didn’t you saw the way she bit up the other two guys? If I hadn’t used a gun to take her down, we wouldn’t have been able to kidnap her ”

The other voice said.

Who is the lady and what does she wants from me?


“I still don’t understand why you’re doing this for a mere girl, hay ”

Sam uttered, looking outside the window of my sports car.

We’re waiting for Sebastian’s guys.

“She’s in trouble ”

I replied simply. I remembered the kidnapping scene.

She fought. Sarah fought.

How did she learn to fight like that? She was really good for a lady. I couldn’t believe it.

“That isn’t the only reason hay, you care about her. Don’t you? And you know it’s dangerous. You can’t feel that way towards her ”

I rolled my eyes secretly and looked out the window.

I saw a car parked by us and I breathed out.

“They are here ”

I blurted out to Sam and we both got out of the car.

We get inside their car and they were five.

I scoffed. I don’t need man to fight, I just need them to find where she is.

“Whats her name? ”

Roy said and I chuckled, shaking my head.

“You don’t play smart with me, Roy. Tell that to your boss Sebastian. Here’s her number ”

I stretched them a piece of paper and they typed it in.

I saw Steve trying to get information about her.

I scoffed and grabbed his head, jamming it against the glass door.

The others brought out their guns while Sam also brought out his two guns pointing it at them.

“Don’t try to play smart of me. Remember I’m the devil’s son and I know every trick up you guys sleeve so to avoid trouble. I suggest you track her and tell me the damn location! ”

I growled and he nodded before I released him.

He tracked her down and I scoffed at

The location.

That’s where they are keeping her?

It’s a old warehouse down the city. My dad used it years ago too and I’m so familiar with it.

I grabbed the computer and deleted all information on it they can use to find out about her.

I don’t trust these man. They’re Cunny. Too cunning.

“Thanks. Try following me and I won’t mind blowing up your head and sending it as a gift to your boss ”

I smirked and got down together with Sam.

“So what’s next? ”

Sam uttered when we entered my car.

“I fight and never stop until I find her ”

I uttered and he drove off.

Just a little bit Sarah. Wait just a little bit.


“So do you find out who he’s worried about? ”

I asked, puffing out smoke.

I’ve a feeling it’s someone I know if he’s keeling it away from me.

“Your son is smart boss. He found out we wanted the information. But after tracking the person down. He deleted everything ”

I chuckled.

That boy. He’s a smart a*s I could have really used him for business but he’s such a dickhead.

“Then what are you waiting for? Follow him! ”

I growled.

“He threatened to blow our head off if we did ”

I chuckled deeply.

He takes after me.

“Well, here’s the deal. It’s either you follow him and he blow your head off or you come back here and I cut your head off and send it to your relatives ”

I muttered.

“Yes.. Yes.. Si.. Sir ”

He stuttered and I chuckled before cutting the line.

“Sir, it was on dead Tracks. I still can’t find this Sarah ”

My assistant, Ethan said and I huffed in annoyance.

Whoever is keeping her is really doing such a great job.

I’ve been trying to track her for seven years but it all ends on dead tracks.

But she’s mine and mine alone.

Her whole body is mine, the code is mine and I’ll make sure I find her no matter what!


“He found her! ”

Garry smiled at me and I returned it, cocking my gun.

“Where is it? ”

I asked, placing two knives in my shoes.

“It’s a warehouse down the city. Do you know there? ”

He said and I shrugged.

“We don’t but we’ll find out soon. Let’s go ”

He nodded and we start the car while I placed another gun in my belt.

I’m coming for you Sarah. Just wait a little bit longer.

TBC ♥️.

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