Her Bodyguard; Episode 22.

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    Dang it!

I can’t believe she went with that guy.

  I wanted to follow her but I knew that was only gonna make her more angry. Though I feel restless, I just feel like being beside her every single time at least till we get back home.

I know she’s angry at me but what can I do?

Even I myself, I’m confused about my own feelings.

One minute, I don’t wanna think about any other thing but just her. Only her, I just want to be with her and the second minute, I want her to just stay far far away from me cause I’m afraid I’ll hurt her.

I’m not capable of these feelings and I hate that I feel this way in the first place.

She’s driving me fuckin insane without even trying.

She doesn’t know how many times I’ve cuddled my own self to sleep imagine she’s right beside me.

She doesn’t know how many times I’ve tried to get laid but I can’t cause I can’t stop thinking about her.

She doesn’t know how many times how many times I’ve imagined kissing her.

So many things. I’ve imagined so many things with her.

“Where’s Sarah? ”

The Caleb guy said, coming towards us with a blonde haired girl.

“We don’t know. Hayden took her away ”

One of Sarah’s friend who I discovered is blue said.

“Are you kidding me?… Wait ! Isn’t that Hayden? ”

We all turned towards the direction, and truly it’s him.

He looked so weak, holding unto the rails for support but wait! Where the hell is Sarah?

“I thought you guys said he’s with Sarah. Sarah isn’t with him and he looked hurt I think ”

I didn’t waste another second, I ran up to him.

“Where the hell is she?! ”

I groaned, losing my mind slowly. I knew it! I knew I shouldn’t have let her go but she’s just goddamn stubborn!

F**k! I hate her sometimes.

“They.. They took her ”

He uttered breathlessly and that was when I noticed his two arms were bleeding.

“What do you mean by they took her ? Who the hell took her and why couldn’t you stop it? I knew I shouldn’t have let her go with you! ”

I growled, punching the rail in anger.

“I don’t know! I don’t fucking know! Do I look okay to you? I was shot two times. How was I supposed to stop them? ”

He groaned.

“We need to find her. Okay? ”

I groaned and he hissed.

“We? I’m not working with you. You find her your way. I’ll find her my way, whoever finds the girl first ”

He groaned, holding tightly unto his shot arms.

“And how the hell do you attempt to find her when you’re looking like that? Look, I hate you okay? But I need to find her tonight. You are the reason she’s kidnapped in the first place so I assume you put your stupid ego away and let’s find the girl ”

I groaned , messing up my hair.

Gawd! I’m going insane.

“I don’t work with people Aidan. I’m the reason she’s kidnapped which is why I’ll save her and I don’t mind if I die while doing that. I won’t stop until I find her and if it means killing every damn person in this goddamned country, I don’t fuckin care as long as I find her! ”

He muttered and walked away.

Sarah, why? Why couldn’t you just have listened to me? I need to find her no matter what it costs.

I called Garry and he picked on second ring.

“Sarah is missing. Don’t let the president know, take some men and meet me at the school ”

I breathed out, hanging up the phone.

Whoever did this will regret it!


I groaned as I got in my car and drove to my house, as hard as it was. I need to get home.

I entered the penthouse and came out of my car as I walked inside.

Sam ran to me immediately he saw me.

“Damn man. What happened to you? ”

He asked, walking me to the couch.

“Put a call across to dad… ”

I groaned, shutting my eyes. This thing hurts like hell.

“What? Why would you want to? ”

He asked crossing his arms.

“I need to save someone ”

“Don’t tell me this is about that Sarah girl again ”

He uttered irritatedly and if it wasn’t that I’m weak. I would have punched him across the face.

“Yes it is and I don’t have any time. I need to find her immediately! She’s in fuckin danger because of me! ”

I yelled, getting angry.

“Just how far are you willing to get yourself into danger just cause of this girl? You know what happens when your father finds out ”

I breathed out, clearly frustrated.

“I don’t care. I just need to protect her, as long as she’s safe. Nothing else matters ”

I groaned, shutting my eyes again.

“You know your father will kill you if he finds out ”

“I’m willing to take the risk. Just put the funking call across ”

I yelled again.

“You’re willing to die for a girl whom the moment she finds out who you are, won’t hesitate to kill you ”

He scoffed.

“Sam, you won’t understand ”

“Then make me understand Hayden. Make me. You’re bleeding, almost out of life, you’re not even thinking about yourself or the bullets in your arms. You’re thinking about some fucking stupid girl who gives no damn about you! You’re willing to call on the devil and put yourself in danger just cause of this girl. Are you crazy, Hayden? ”

He yelled and I stood up, groaning.

“Yes Sam! Yes, I’m going crazy and I’ll never be okay if I don’t find the girl so put a call to the fucking Sebastian! ”

I yelled and he groaned before breathing out and taking the phone.

“Hello sir,… No.. I mean Sir Hayden will like to speak to you ”

He gave me the phone and I groaned before taking it.

“so why did my son decided to call me after all these years? ”

I groaned and rolled my eyes.

“I need your help. Your man’s help actually. I need to find someone and I know you can do it Sebastian so don’t refuse ”

I shut my eyes as Sam tried to get the first bullet off my arm.

“Who do you need to find and what’s in it for me? ”

“For once dad. For once in your fucking stupid life, just act like a good father and help me. About the person, it’s none of your business. Just send your man and please, don’t try to play smart with me ”

He chuckled on the other side and I want to rip it off him.

“Fine. I’ll send them but the person must be so important to you for you to have dared to call me ”

I groaned and cut the call, the same time Sam removed the bullet.

Whoever did this choose the wrong person to mess with.

“Let’s go ”

I muttered to Sam.

“But you need to rest ”

“Now! ”

I growled and grabbed two guns more with the one with me.

I’ll save you Sarah. I promise.


“Rana, I need to leave. Will you be okay with your bodyguard? ”

Aidan asked and I raised my brows.

“Why? Where are you going? What’s wrong? ”

I asked and he sighed.

“Sarah is missing and we need to find her ”

He uttered and I gasped.

“What, Sarah is missing but how? I thought you were with her ”

I muttered.

“I’ll explain later. I just need to leave right now. I told you cause you might wanna be looking for us. If I don’t get back before the party ends. Just go home and please Rana, don’t tell the president about this. If he ask, cook up something ”

I nodded immediately and he smiled softly before leaving.

I turned to the girls with a smirk before hugging them.

“Good job guys. I’m proud of us now that b***h is gonna learn her lesson ”

I smirked.

My phone rang and I took it out.

“Boss, we’ve the girl ”

I smiled harder.

“I know, I’ll be there soon. Just make sure she doesn’t escape ”

I smirked and cut the phone.

Don’t worry Aidan, you won’t be able to save Sarah. Not this time.

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