Her Bodyguard; Episode 21.

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I gulped in and stared at both guy’s hands on my wrist.

What’s happening?

“Who are you? ”

Hayden asked in his normal calm voice.

“Someone whose job is to protect her so let go of her ”

Aidan growled and Hayden chuckled, revealing his one dimple.

“And who are you to say that? I don’t think you have any right to tell me to let go of her if Sarah isn’t ”

Hayden uttered, calmly again.

It’s a surprise he’s still calm whereas Aidan is fuming in anger like he should just kill him.

“Man, let go of the man. I don’t wanna spill blood ”

Aidan smirked but Hayden’s one was harder.

“What makes you think you can handle me? ”

Hayden shrugged, letting go of my hand and going closer to Aidan.

Oh God! Tell me this ain’t happening, hope they’re not doing what I think they wanna do?

“Really? Are you daring me? ”

Aidan smirked, also leaving my hand to stand on the same page with Hayden.

“Stop it both of you! ”

I screamed, stepping between them immediately before this turns into something I can’t control.

“What’s wrong with you Aidan? What’s your freaking problem? Are you trying to start a fight right here? ”

I growled , staring into his eyes.

They soften and I melt immediately. I was gonna say something else but I couldn’t even say anything. Just looking at his eyes takes my senses away.

I looked away and looked back at Hayden to avoid Aidan’s eyes. They are doing something to me and I hate it.

“Let’s go.. ”

I muttered to Hayden and he grabbed my wrist, pushing me through the crowd.

We climbed the stairs and we’re on the rooftop.

He loves rooftops.

“Why do you love rooftops? ”

I muttered, moving to stand before the city light.

“Because they’re cool and I love privacy sometimes without having girls trying to f*”k me ”

He groaned and I chuckled, shaking my head.

“Now let’s talk about you. That Aidan guy, he’s the one you were talking about that gave you a hickey, right? ”

He asked, turning to me and I sighed, breathing out before nodding.

“Bummer. He’s quite possessive though. Are you guys together now? I also always sees him around you in school ”

He raised his brows, starring into my eyes. His eyes are quite intimidating.

“Yes and he’s my bodyguard. That’s why he’s always around me”

   I shrugged and he chuckled.

“That’s quite hard. Having unrequited feelings for someone you see everyday ”

“What? I don’t love him. ”

I scrunched my nose tighter and he chuckled.

Why’s everyone saying I’m in love with him? I’m not!

“I’ll keep that in mind, kitty ”

He chuckled and I watched his dimple appear and disappear.

“Can I ask you a question? ”

I muttered, looking at him and he looked at me for a while before nodding.

“Who are you really? I know you’re Hayden with the hot looks and beautiful sound that makes every girl wet in their pants but that’s not all right? You’re not even using a last name in school. Who are you? ”

I asked.

“Except you. You’re the only girl that doesn’t seem shaken whenever I appear and I’m truly amazed ”

He winked and I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t try and hide the question, Hayden ”

I crossed my arms against my chest and he sighed, looking back at the city lights.

“You don’t wanna know me, kitty. It’ll ruin me, trust me. It’s better off if you don’t ”

I walked up to him and stood beside him.

“You told me its dangerous if I get involved with you and yet, here we are standing over a rooftop talking so I don’t think there’s any thing wrong if you tell me besides I can handle a little danger ”

I winked and he chuckled, turning to me again.

“Okay, let’s put it like this. I’m a guy whose family is messed up and whose family is good at destroying other people’s lives. So I ran away with the aim of being a better person but turns out you can’t outrun your destiny ”

He sighed and I also did.

“That’s why you don’t have a last name? ”

“If people know my last name kitty, they would run whenever they hear my name. Especially you ”

He smirked and I raised my brows.

what does he mean by that?

“Let’s forget about that, kitty. Let’s move on to you. ”

He smirked and grabbed my waist unexpectedly.

My eyes widened immediately as my hands laid on his chest.

“You look really beautiful tonight. I feel like devouring you ”

His breath covered my face and I groaned. I’m feeling uncomfortable.

“Can you let go of me? ”

I muttered, breaking eye contact with him.

“How about I kiss you? ”

He smirked and my breathing hitched. As weird and f**ked up as it sounds, I don’t really wanna kiss any other guy apart from Aidan.

Even though he hurt me a lot, I can’t! I can’t get over these confused feelings.

“Don’t, please! ”

I muttered, trying to wriggle out of his hold.

I feel like its not even right that he’s holding me right now.

“I can’t get you off my mind. What have you done to me Sarah, I’m not supposed to feel like this ”

He groaned, trailing his fingers down my cheek and I closed my eyes unconsciously to his touch.

I squealed under as his lips descended on mine. Sh*t!

I didn’t even realize when I kissed back, my hands still resting on his chest.

He kiss good but not as Aidan.

Wait! Why am i thinking about Aidan when Hayden is kissing me?

My life sucks!

“Sorry to interrupt the romance ”

Hayden let go of me immediately we heard that voice and he pulled me behind him immediately.

There were five hefty men and equipped with guns. How the hell did they got up here?

“Sorry handsome but we really need to borrow the girl… ”

One of the guys said.

“Who are you guys? Who the f**k sent you here? ”

Hayden growled and they chuckled before shooting him in his arm.

“Oh my God Hayden… ”

I screamed, going down as he groaned in pain.

“Let go of the girl ”

They growled but Aidan brought out a gun and shot two of the guys.

I gasped, why is he with a gun?

The man shot his other arm and I gasped, standing up.

I kicked one of the man, leaving only two.

I punched one and before I could turn to the other, I was hit with a gun on my head.

I gasped as my vision became blurry.

“SARAH!!!!!!! ”

I heard Hayden yelled before I passed out.

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