Her Bodyguard; Episode 19.

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Caleb came and I dressed up in a high-waisted jeans and a crop top then a black jacket. Since Aidan, my so called bodyguard wasn’t around, I had to go with Garry.

He followed us behind while we moved forward.

I didn’t really know where we are going until we reached there.

A club?

I turned to face Caleb with a raised brow. Okay, this was the last place I thought he’ll bring me to but I didn’t care as long as I can get my mind off Aidan.

But still, I thought we were gonna go to the amusement park or to the movies or ice skating.

“You always wanted to come when we were little ”

I chuckled as I give him the helmet.

Yes, young me is so silly.

I told Garry to wait behind with a promise that I’ll phone immediately anything is wrong.

I breathed out and entered the club. Everything was beaming so loud and the light was dimmed blue, red and yellow.

“Do you wanna drink something? ”

Caleb yelled over the loud music. Everyone was either making out or laughing with a group or getting drunk.

“Sure.. ”

I yelled back as he led me to the bar, making sure I was close to him.

I can’t get my mind off Aidan and it’s too frustrating.

I don’t even know what he’s doing or where he is.

I stopped on my track immediately as my eyes caught someone.

Even though it was pretty dark in here, I would never fail to recognize him.

He was smiling and a girl was on his lap. That sight made me wanna cry so hard but I gulped it all in.

The girl said something and he chuckled then did the last thing I expected. He kissed her.

“Isn’t that your bodyguard,?”

Caleb yelled again over the loud music but I was too dumbfounded to reply him.

“Aidan… ”

I muttered or did I yelled? I don’t even know what I did but I called his name.

He stopped kissing the girl and turned to face me. His eyes widened a little bit before he sighed, not even making an effort to get the girl off his lap.

He just stared into my eyes, his hands still wrapped round the girl’s waist. His face held no emotions and I’m afraid my own face betrayed me cause I’m sure I look angry right now.

The girl slowly got off his lap and sat next to him as Aidan stood up and walked over to me.. I mean us.

“What are you doing here? ”

Was his first word and I want to slap him so hard that he’ll bleed.

Is he kidding me right now?

What am I doing here?

Don’t cry, Sarah. Don’t cry. Please don’t cry , not in front of him.

He was supposed to be my bodyguard but he’s here, making out?

Okay I know, he must have seek permission before going out but still, it doesn’t make it alright.

I breathed out and slowly turned back but his hand gripped my wrist and I’m so glad my body didn’t tremble.

I turned to him and glared at his hand on my wrist. He removed it and I walked away, not even bothering about Caleb.

“Sarah! ”

Someone yelled my name and I’m not even sure if it’s Caleb or Aidan. I just need to get out of here.

I pushed my way through the crowd and it felt like I’m gonna pass out any time from now.

To hell with Aidan.

I kept pushing until I bumped into someone and my body trembled but I’m glad I didn’t collapse.

I looked up as my eyes met with brown ones.

I gasped. The guy that sang in class earlier before.

“Kitty… ”

He smiled down at me.

I groaned and ignored him but he held me back making me bump into him with my hands on his chest and his round my waist.

I’m surprised I didn’t go unconscious.

He gazed into my eyes and blew the strand of hair on my face away while I closed my eyes.

“What are you doing here? ”

He asked, his voice sounding beautiful and I gulped in.

“What are you doing here? ”

I repeated the question and he chuckled before letting go of me.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me with him.

Okay, why am i not going unconscious?

I’ve no idea why. Where’s he taking me to?

He pulled me up as we took the stairs and he opened a door.

A gasp escaped my lips as I realized we are now on the rooftop.

He dropped my hand and I went to stand before the roof.

The city looks so beautiful from here and the air is cool.

“So mind telling me what’s making you angry? ”

He uttered, coming behind me and I breathed out.

“Why should I? I don’t even know you and how the hell do you even know I’m angry? ”

I crossed my arms turning to him.

He smirked.

“Kitty… ”

“Don’t call me that again! ”

I snapped and he chuckled.

“Snowwhite ”

He teased and I rolled my eyes at him.

“You ask too much questions. But first, it’s written on your face. Second, I’m Hayden ”

He winked and I rolled my eyes.

“Now tell me what made you angry ”

He whispered, moving closer to me.

I moved back a little and he chuckled, taking another step forward.

“Fine! ”

I gave in, crossing my arms.

“I found a guy who gave me a hickey making out with another lady ”

I gulped in to stop the tears and he stilled for a moment.

“Well, are you guys together? ”

I shook my head and he chuckled. His laugh sound so beautiful.

“Then don’t except him not to be with another guy if he isn’t yours. A hickey doesn’t mean anything kitty. Even now, S*x doesn’t mean anything anymore. Besides, being committed is no fun ”

He winked and I rolled my eyes.

Why did I even told him? He won’t understand.

“But.. He shouldn’t have made you cry though… ”

My eyes widened. Did I cried?

“Yes, you did. Kitty. Stop being angry, you look ugly like that. He doesn’t deserve you if he makes you cry ”

I chuckled at his statement.

“Then who deserves me? You? ”

I teased and he chuckled, he had dimple but only one. Weird! But still, it looks hot on him.

“Nah.. Not me, trust me kitty. I’m the last person you wanna get involved in. I’m gonna do more than hurt you. I’ll break you into tiny pieces. ”

I blinked back. Wow?

He moved closer to me and I didn’t have no space left to move back.

His arms gripped my waist and his lips teased my ear, his breath cold against my skin.

“I’ll destroy you, so no. I don’t deserve you. ”

He moved back and smirked.

“Catch ya later kitty”

He winked and moved away.

TBC ♥️.

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