Her Bodyguard; Episode 17.

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I sighed and looked back at Aidan, his eyes met mine before he looked away and I averted my gaze back to Freddie.

I don’t really wanna hurt Caleb , he was my best friend before the incident happened. Telling him no will definitely hurt him and it’s safe, right?

Aidan will be there with me so I’ve nothing to be afraid of.


I watched as his eyes shun brightly with hope, expecting my reply.

A smile crept it’s way to my lips as I nodded and the light in his dark eyes shine brighter.


He has really grown more beautiful with his blonde hair and dark eyes. He doesn’t have dimples like Aidan though.

Geez, what’s wrong with me, why will I be comparing Aidan to Caleb.


“Really? OMG! Sarah, thanks you so much. It’s gonna be fun, I promise ”

He smiled broadly and I smiled, nodding.


“Let’s go to class. You’re going to the music section right? ”

I nodded and he smiled and surprisingly took my hand.


I smiled at the awkward contact and we walked over to Aidan.

He trailed his eyes to the hand contact and scoffed before looking at me then raising his brows.


“It’s fine. I’m not freaking out ”

I rolled my eyes and his lips paused in a hard line before looking away.


I turned to walk away but collided with someone.

My vision went blurred as I trembled, screaming.


Someone held me and I recognized that touch. It’s Aidan’s.


“F**k, this is why I don’t want her to be freaking far away from me! ”

I heard Aidan’s voice as I blanked out.




“Is she going to be alright? ”

My groaned as I struggled to open my damn freaking eyes.

Damn! It hurts like mad.


“She’s moving ”

A voice yelled and I finally succeeded in opening my eyes.

The first eyes I met was green grey eyes.

It was laced with worry and is that anger?


I groaned loudly as Caleb rushed to my side and help me to sit well.

I smiled warmly at him and looked at Aidan, he isn’t looking at me.

What’s wrong with him?


“You blanked out after that girl bumped into you ”

He said, pushing a strand of hair away from my face.


“Yes, phobia of body contact ”

I groaned and he nodded.


“Ain’t you running late for class? ”

I asked him and he smiled.


“Why will I be in class when you’re here? ”

I chuckled and got off the bed.


The nurse tried to touch me but Caleb quickly stopped her.

“she’s here in the first place cause of body contact ”

Caleb uttered and the nurse nodded, backing away.


“Well, she looks quite good now. Just make sure you take water later on ”

I nodded as Caleb helped me up.


“I can walk, cale ”

I rolled my eyes and he grinned at me before letting go of my hand.


I walked over to Aidan. He hasn’t said anything since and I’m wondering why? He didn’t even ask if I’m okay?


“Let’s go… ”

I uttered, locking eyes with him but he looked away too quickly for me to decipher what’s wrong.


He paved way for me and Caleb to walk ahead while he trailed behind us.


“The music classes are fun. You’re gonna enjoy it a lot. There’s even a competition going on… ”

Caleb grinned at me as we moved to God knows where.


The interior of the building is even far more beautiful than the exterior.


I saw lots of students doing either this or that. The dancing group were wow.


We finally reached a door and I stared up at it… Section 1.


“Which section are you? I forget to ask. This one is mine ”

Caleb uttered and I took my bag from Aidan.


I brought out my phone and checked the file dad sent me this morning.


































I dropped the phone back and faced Caleb.


“Yes, it’s section one ”

I replied and he grinned, pushing the door opened.


All eyes turned to me and now, I feel really nervous.


The class was widely spaced and there was poll stand for each student with a microphone on it, at least 4 meters from each other.


“New student, Sarah? ”

I smiled and nodded at the training teacher as she ushered me to take a stand.


It was beside a red-haired girl, she looks so pretty.

I dropped my bag with Aidan standing next to me.


It’s funny the teacher didn’t complain, maybe cause everyone here has a bodyguard except some few.


“So we shall continue the lesson now. Like I said, is there any one willing to sing the song? ”

She said and I raised my brow, which song?

I looked down at my stand which is computer like and there is a song inscribed on it.


“It’s supposed to be sing by a male and female, anyone volunteering? ”


🎶 I want you. It’s not a secret I try to hide.


I looked behind me wondering where such a cute voice came from and it landed on a guy with dark hair and brown eyebrows.

Shit,! He’s so beautiful with his sharp jawline and full red lips.


But still, Aidan is the most beautiful guy I’ve ever seen but truth be told, the guy is almost close to Aidan’s beauty.


🎶 You want me. So why do you keep saying our hands are tied?


I watched as girls cooed and recorded him. Oh, he’s got lots of fans.


🎶 You claim its not in the cards and fate is keeping you miles away and out of reach from me.


🎶 but who can stop me if I decide that you’re my destiny?


🎶 what if we rewrite the stars? Say you were meant to be mine.


🎶 Nothing can keep us apart and you’ll be the one I was meant to find.


I watched as his lips moved perfectly. He met my gaze and stopped before looking away.


I think I know this song anyways, it’s part of the songs I downloaded. It’s really good.


🎶 no one can get to tell us what we got to be .

It’s up to you and it’s up to Me.


🎶 and if we rewrite the stars, maybe the world could be ours… Tonight!


Everyone clapped and cheered as he stopped and I can’t blame them . He was perfect.


“So female volunteer to sing the second part? Oh Sarah, why don’t you try it? ”

She smiled at me as my eyes widened.




“Go on dear ”

She encouraged as all eyes turned to me.


I cleared my throat and look down at the second part. I can do this.


🎶 You think it is easy.


I stopped to watch their reaction and they’re eagerly listening to me.


🎶 you think I don’t wanna run to you?


🎶 But there are mountains and there are doors we can’t walk through.


🎶 I know you’re wondering why we get to be just you and me within these walls but when we go outside, you’ll see how useless this one.


I looked behind to see the guy that sang the first part. His eyes were watching me as I locked eyes with him.


🎶 No one can rewrite the stars. How could you say you would be mine?


🎶 Everything keeps us apart and I’m not the one you were meant to find.


🎶 it’s not up to me and it’s not up to you, if everyone gets to decide who we are.


Together we sang, not breaking eye contact.


🎶 What if we rewrite the stars?

Say you were meant to be mine?

Nothing can keep us apart and you’ll be the one I was meant to find.


🎶 It’s up to me and it’s up to you. No one gets to decide who we get to be.


After we finished, there was a thunderous applause and I looked away from him, Caleb giving me a thumb up.


“Wow.. That was excellent ”




Well, it’s over for the day and it’s 6:20pm.im so tired already.


Me, Aidan and Caleb walked out of the building as Caleb stop at his motorcycle .


“I’ll come grab you at your place at 9:00pm. You’ll have fun, I promise ”

He winked and surprised me by kissing my cheek before he got on his powerbike before driving off.


I blushed and touched the place he touched with my hand before walking into the car.


“Finally, we can now leave ”

Rana lamented and I rolled my eyes before the driver took off.




We reached home and I went straight up to my room. I’m so tired.

The president called and said he got caught up and wouldn’t make it for dinner.


I groaned and stretched my arms, dropping my bag.


A knock came on my door and I ordered the person to come in.


Aidan came in with my laptop and seeing him, I remembered what Rana said. Why was he with her last night?


“You forgot this.. ”

I smiled and collected it from him.


He turned to leave but I stopped him.


“What were you doing with Rana last night? ”

He turned immediately .


“I thought you said the kiss was a sorry. What else were you doing with her? ”

I crossed my arms, frowning.


“Oh Sarah, please don’t start now ”

He groaned.


“The hell Aidan, you were with her last night and came this morning to give me a hickey. What the hell is wrong with you? ”

I yelled, getting angry.


“Are you shitting me right now? Don’t you dare give me that. What’s your problem? And what’s your funking business with who I am with?

You were lawning all day over your Caleb and I saw the way you blushed after he kissed you and now you’re giving me some stupid shits as if you’re my mother or something.

I’m tired and sick of your fucking stupid bitchy attitude.

You calm down for a day and fight with me for a week.. What’s your problem?

You know what? Go f**k yourself. I don’t even care anymore. ”

He yelled and I flinched, my eyes watering.


He turned away.


“Shit, I need to get laid… ”

Was the last thing I heard before he walked out and it broke me into tiny pieces.




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