Her Bodyguard; Episode 16.

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We all turned back when a voice yelled out my stupid sister’s name.

Gawd! I hate that he’s holding unto her right now.


Stupid fucking b***h!


It is a guy. He’s quite cute with his dark eyes and blonde hair, he doesn’t look American though.


“OMG! Is that you Sarah? ”

He cooed and I rolled my eyes. Stupid freak.


“Hey Caleb, fancy meeting you here ”

Sarah whispered, still holding tight unto Aidan.


I rolled my eyes and left them to their boring conservation as my friends, Caroline and Diana joined me.


“Hey Rana, who’s that hot guy with the girl you came with ”

I smiled, they are talking about Aidan.


“The girl is my sister, thanks for asking.. ”

I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.


“Did your mama got pregnant before she died or what? Your dad went to f**k her in her corpse ”

Diana chuckled and I glared at her, hard which made her keep shut immediately.


“That wasn’t funny di. Talk like that about my parents again and I’ll smash your broke a*s ”

I warned and she dare not go against my words.


“Anyways, my dad want something from the b***h and apparently he thinks treating her kindly will soothe her heart and let her release the code ”

I sighed as some girls waved at me.


“Yes, she’s pretty though ”

Caroline said and I shrugged.


“I need to teach her a lesson. She thinks she’s some kind of superman. I warned her to stay away from Aidan but she never listens ”

I breathed out again.


“Wow, Aidan that’s a hot guy. Is it for the hot guy with her? ”

Diana squealed and I rolled my eyes.


“Yep and you guys are gonna help me teach her a lesson ”

I smirked.




So Caleb was my friend before my parent died. My best friend actually but I thought he moved.

What’s he doing here?


“Sarah.. It’s so nice to meet you ”

He tried to touch me but Aidan stopped him.

“You might wanna watch that ”

He growled and I sighed.


“Let it be Aidan . He’s my friend ”

I sighed, smiling at Caleb who smiled back.


“Can you leave us? ”

I looked up at Aidan who shook his head immediately.


“No way Sarah. It’s not safe. You don’t know who might be creeping to hurt you ”


“I’ll be fine. Just stay some meters away from us and besides, I think I can handle myself now ”

He frowned and turned away, leaving at least six feet away.


“Is he your boyfriend? ”

Caleb asked immediately Aidan left and I chuckled.


“What? Why would you say that? Does he look like my boyfriend? ”

I smiled, looking back at Aidan who keeps starring at us.


“Well, he’s kind of possessive and protective ”

He shrugged and I laughed.


“No, it isn’t like that. He’s my bodyguard actually so I think he’s meant to act like that ”

I muttered and he nodded.


“So what happened? I never saw you when I came back. I went to your place, it was locked ”


“A lot of shit happened actually. My parents were murdered…”

I smiled and his eyes widened.


“holy crap. Sarah, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. How do you survive it? ”

He uttered, shocked.


“I don’t know. Things have been bad for the past seven years but I’m a little better now, I think. I’m living with the president Now. ”

I smiled and he nodded.


“You little poor thing. It must have hurt a lot.. ”

I smiled and nodded, blinking back the tears threatening to fall.


He tried to touch me but I moved back a little.


“You might not want to do that. I kinda have phobia for body contact Now after what happened ”

I batted my lashes together.


“Come on. Not to me, I’m your best friend and I’m not gonna hurt. I just missed you, that’s all ”

I smiled and he moved closer to me, engulfing me in a hug.


I sighed and hugged him back, but not too tight though.

He pulled away and tucked a strand of my hair that flew to my face.

Okay, this is kinda weird.


“You’re looking more beautiful, now ”

He said, smiling at me and I blushed slightly before nodding.


“Can you go on a date with me after school? ”




T. B. C.

What is Rana planning Now?? 😒😒

This Caleb ehn 😂 😂 What will Sarah say?


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