Her Bodyguard; Episode 02.

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“Tell me what the code is, damsel and I promise you. I’ll leave you alone, I’ll make sure you’re living your life good…. ”

The ugly looking man said to me and I rolled my eyes.


“Baby, don’t start now, uh? You know how I am when I’m angry.. ”

He smirked, moving closer to me.

Gawd! I feel like puking.

He reeks of alcohol.


He trailed his dirty finger down my neck and I felt disgusted immediately, then he licked my neck while I wriggled.


“So, ready to tell me that code now? ”

He whispered in my ear then turned to look at me.


“Never! ”

I spat and spit in his face but that only got him more angrier.


He turned to look at me with dark eyes.


“You shouldn’t have done that beauty ”

He smirked and signalled to his boys.


“Strip her.. ”

What? No!! No please!!


I tried to struggle as they torn away my clothes but it was to no vain cause my arms and legs are tied.


“Please no!”

I begged but it fell to deaf ears.


They tear my clothes leaving me in only my underwear while I couldn’t stop crying.


“So now, babe. Are you ready to tell me that code? ”

I looked at the man with tears rolling down my cheeks, anger clearly written over my face.



I spoke with venom in my voice.


“Well, you made your choice ”

He smirked and unbuckled his belt while I was being held down my two hefty guards.


“no.. Please. You monster let go of me!! Nooo!!! ”



“Nooooooo… ”

I screamed and jerked off the bed sweating like really bad.


Oh God! Not again.

I groaned as I used the back of my hand to wipe away the sweat.


Fucking nightmares again!

I wonder why it hates me so much, it just keep hunting me and I still can’t get that day, night off my head.


Even though it has been seven years, still can’t get over how my parents were both murdered on the same day; cold blooded .


I rubbed my palms in my face and about to lay on the bed when faints of music caught my attention.


Oh, so now they’re listening to music!!


I can’t believe these freaks! They kidnapped me and locked me here after kidnapping me from a Mafia lord who also kidnapped me from a gangster who also kidnapped me from the cops.


Oh, trust me my life is a mess! I just want to die.

Not like I haven’t try but I’m so fucked up that even death won’t accept me .


🎧 I’m going down and this time I fear there’s no one to save me,


This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy.


Those were the lyrics and the song immediately caught my attention.

I think I kinda like it; probably because it perfectly describes my stupid life!


🎧 I need somebody to heal,

Somebody to know..

Somebody to have,

Somebody to hold…


Okay, expect that part! I don’t need anyone in my pathetic little life.

Human beings are wicked beings! They are betrayers!! Selfish beasts who cares about nothing as long as they got what they want.


They don’t care whether they destroy thousands of lives just to get what they want.

I’ll rather die than confine in a human being.


🎧 it’s easy to say but it’s never the same..

I guess I kinda liked the way you all the pains.


Now the day bleeds into nightfall and you’re not here to get me through it all.

I let my guard and then you pulled the rug.


I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved.


I shut my eyes and let sleep to take me.

Whoever is listening to that song is really pathetic for thinking human being can cure pain.


But again, who the hell could have moved up there?

I thought i was the only one being locked up here.


I heard footsteps and I stood up quickly, glaring at my door.


The footsteps got louder and it stopped.

Out of curiosity, I got out of bed and went to the door.


I could feel someone is there.

I opened the door only to collide with a body and we both fell on the floor.


My body went stiffened and limped immediately.


Not because someone entered my room.

Not because I fell on my back.


But because my freaking lips is on whoever the person is lips!!!!




😂 what a great way to know someone who hates humans??

He made it worse by kissing her 😂


Who’s ready for the fire and who was that, that walked in???


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  1. […] is the narrator on ‘Her Bodyguard’ Episode 2 written by Izna […]


    SARAH is the narrator


    Sarah is scared of how her parents were both murdered on the same day, cold blooded

  4. Prosper says

    Shes scared of wah her fate would be knowingfully well she was kidnapped and also not aving anyone to rely on

  5. James Faith Chioma says

    Sarah is scared of not having anyone to save her from the kidnap.

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