Her Bodyguard; Episode 01

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” That’s it princess, you’re getting it ”

Her tiny fingers gripped round the plastic equipment as she tried to beat her dad at the game.




This displayed on the glass screen and she threw her game set away, jumping up and down with a huge smile on her face.


“Yayyy, I won! Daddy, I won! ”

She moved round her dad who had a proud smile on his face looking at his Jewel.


“I’m proud of you, princess. I’m so proud of you ”

He couldn’t help himself but to hug her, soothing her hair.


“Hmm… Hmm.. ”

Someone cleared his /her throat and he pulled away to see his wife with a tray of snacks in her hands.


“You’ve finally succeeded in snatching my husband from me, Sarah ”

She joked and they all bursted into laughter before they digged in the snacks.


“Sarah is…. ”

A ringing phone distracted whatever Dean (Sarah’s father) was going to say.

He excused himself and answered the phone.


“Boss, there’s trouble. I think they found you ”

He hung up and that statement and shut his eyes.


He has been expecting this to happen. He knew they would find him, no matter how hard he tries.


He turned to his daughter and wife and it pained his heart.

He was going to miss his family especially his smart little daughter.


His wife’s eyes shut to him and he nodded at her.

He walked closer to them and held his daughter.


“Sarah, do you remember everything I told you about business? ”

Brown silver eyes looked at him as the little girl smiled and nodded.


“Daddy said not to trust anybody cause that would be bad business for me. Daddy told me to always be sensitive to my surroundings if I want to make good business ”

He couldn’t help the smile that crept to his lips.


He was so proud of her. She was so smart.


“And you remember the code? ”

She nodded again and he hugged her tightly to himself.


He felt sorry for leaving her but he had to leave.

It was his fate.


“Go upstairs sweetheart, no matter what you hear, you must not come out, understand? ”

He watched keenly as the little girl eyes narrowed then widened.


He knew how smart age was and he knew she was gonna survive through the mess he had no choice but to pull her in.


“Daddy is leaving? ”

The little girl whimpered and he smiled sadly, shaking his head.


“no, daddy will be right behind you ”

He has never lied to her and he hated he had to Now.


“Take her away, Jenny ”

He nodded to her wife who was already crying.


“no I don’t want to leave daddy, please daddy. Don’t go ”

The little girl cried and that only brought more pain to his heart.


“Dean, do you had to do this? ”


“I’ve no choice Jenny… I’ve to protect you and our daughter ”

He smiled sadly.


“That wasn’t your promise to me, Dean. You promised you were gonna be with me forever. By my side.. ”

He smiled sadly as he wrapped his arms round his wife’s waist.


He loved the way they always fits perfectly in his arms and he hated that he had to leave now.


He looked down at his beautiful wife and he couldn’t help but smile.

He finally got everything he ever wanted; his high school crush Jenny, a happy perfect family, a cute smart daughter. And now, he have to leave it all.

Life can really be unfair sometimes but it doesn’t matter as long they are safe.


His lips descended on hers and he loved how her body reacted to her immediately.


His large hand went down to her a*s and Jenny squealed beneath him.

His tongue slid in her mouth and she wrapped hers Round it, taking it deep down her throat.


Her body jerked when he squeezed her a*s a little and he smiled against her lips.


Just this one more time, Just this one more time he needs to feel her.


Her little warm hands locked against his neck and he slowly moved backward, dropping her on the couch.


He pulled back from the kiss looking into her eyes; the eyes he has grown so much to love.


“I love you, don’t ever forget that ”

She smiled and nodded, mouthing the same to him as he kissed her again; this time more hard and deep.


He trailed kisses down her neck before sliding his hand beneath her gown.


His palm connected with her pant and he smiled, feeling how wet she was.


No time for teasing ; he has to be fast. He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pant.


He looked down at her and smiled before sliding inside her.

A moan mixed with pain and pleasure came out of her and that only drove him more crazy.


Oh, how much he loves this woman!

He shifted a little to adjust and another moan escaped; this time from both of them.

He can’t believe how tight she felt, her walls tightened against him and he tried to be deep down inside her as much as he can.

He wanted to feel every of her.

Every damn inch!!


The more he pulled inside, the more it drove him crazy.


He began to move slowly and steady, making sure he cherished and put everything to memory.


He felt her tightening even more harder and he quickened his pace a little faster.


Last six thrusts and they came undone together.


He sighed, resting on her as she hugged him to herself.


Gunshots made him quickly jerk up.

“Go now Jenny.. ”

He said sharply.


“Dean… ”

Tears rolled down her cheeks and he kissed it away.

“Please Jenny please, I beg you. Do this for me. Do this for Sarah.. ”

He pleaded with her and she nodded sniffing.


Another gunshot was heard and Dean pulled away from her as he watched her rush upstairs.


This was the right thing to do.




Jenny heard a few gunshots downstairs and tears rolled down as she hugged her daughter who also wouldn’t stop crying.


Then she heard some footsteps coming upstairs, oh no!!!


“Sarah, stay here and don’t come here no matter what you hear and make sure not to cry also”

The girl Just continue crying as she kissed her hair and moved out of the bed.




Sarah heard some voices speaking to her mother about some code and then a few gunshots, she tried hard not to shout clumping her hands to her mouth.


Then she heard the door opened and closed.

She came out of hiding moments later and saw her mother in a pool of blood.


“Nooooooo!!! ”

She yelled and jerked back immediately when the door opened.


There were four men with guns.

She moved back in fear.


“Wow, who knew Dean had a cute little daughter? ”

One of the man said and grabbed her.

She tried to wriggle out but it was to no avail.

They took her away after killing her parents and that was just the beginning…




Hope You enjoyed the first chapter?

It’s nothing much, just about how Sarah’s parents died and how they were before they were murdered.


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