[Giveaway] What Did You Learn From Erica’s Disqualification?

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Question: What did you learn from Erica’s disqualification from Big Brother Naija BBN?

Comment your answer, just a comment will do. No spamming.

Winners will be announced on Friday, 11th September, 2020 by 10PM.

Good luck.

  1. Peace Kaka says

    First, Pride, pride is the number one thing that destroys the way a man thinks.
    Second, Anger, learn to keep our anger at bay and/to avoid saying things we do not mean.(Your power is where you challenge yourself to control how you react to what is happening)
    Lastly, I Quote Douglas Wilder who said “anger doesn’t solve anything it builds nothing, but it can destroy everything” everything and I concur!

  2. Onigbogi Oladele Olusola says

    First pride is the number one thing that destroys the way a man thinks

    Secondly Anger is very too essential in human life no matter how the situation is be we have avoid what we come out from our mouth and also learn how to talk because there nothing Anger cannot destroy

    So lastly hatred too is not Good in human life

  3. Jennifer says

    Stay Focus no matter the distraction and don’t allow your weakness to Supersede your strength as an individual created in the image and likeness of God.

  4. Samson says

    I learnt that hot temper and bad manners can’t take you far

  5. Ana says

    1) The number one lesson learnt is to never be greedy. Greediness can make us make certain decision such as the one she made in choosing a partner. She wanted someone big, rich and handsome.
    2) Don’t be so full of yourself that you believe you’re better than others
    3) learn to have a forgiving spirit. It is really essential as it’ll help in making certain decisions and keeping our anger at bay
    4) Last last, Village people are real o and they’re not smiling.. lol.

  6. Favour says

    1: Never look down on anyone
    2: Be strong, do not let what people say bring you down
    3: Try to control your anger
    4: Alcohol is bad

  7. Grace Ekigho says

    1.Never allow distractions to take you from your focus.
    2.Do not look down on anybody love and respect everyone equally,pride always bring downfall
    3.Learn to have self control,do not speak,quarrel or make promises when you are too happy or too angry
    4.Too much of alcohol is bad,please drink but don’t be drunk,know your limit and stick to it.

  8. Eminence Adegbe says

    I learnt to not let our anger get the best of us, I learnt to not look down on others due to their body size or status
    No one is perfect but we should at least try to be.

  9. Oladimeji Ayomide says

    I learnt that anger destroys, everyone makes mistakes and we should not dwell on our mistakes but apologize to those we hurt and move on.

  10. Amy says

    First thing I learnt was never to go to bed angry. Erica had so much bitterness and anger towards lay on and instead airing it out once and for all, she let it fester in her, like poison, which eventually hurt her at the end.
    Secondly, we should accept others opinions and let things go. It’s a game and its not his fault that he likes her, she shouldn’t have taken it to far when she could have just laughed it off and move on.
    Thirdly, we need to respect people, no matter what they look like or what they’ve done, we must always accord them that respect and dignity as a human being.
    Last but not the least, we should only do things we can handle. Knowing how much anger she had in her heart she shouldn’t have drank so much especially since there was a high chance she could get drunk and start talking nonsense. Thank you.

  11. Haneefat says

    1.Never to look down on people no matter the position I am
    2. To adhere strictly to rules that’s being laid down wherever I found myself
    3. To be determined and try to overlook side distractions and attractions
    4. I learnt that aims and goals can be achieved if I tends to work with people around me with a positive mindset

  12. Ajayi queen ozolua says

    I learnt that when you come to a new environment keep your eyes open watch the people you make friends with with because if she had not made laycon a friend from the beginning she wouldn’t have find herself in the drawer that led to her disqualification

  13. Joy says

    1. Anger builds nothing but can destroy all in a minute therefore it is wise of a man is he learns to control his anger.
    2. When angry, do not open your mouth to say anything because a person can spew venom from his/her mouth when angry so wait till you have become calm.
    3. Learn to forgive and forget. Do not build hatred up because it will reach a certain point when the mind can no longer hold on to it and then it unleashes it all and this will be worse.
    4. If you can’t forget it try to put your mind on other things like sports or you can talk it out with the person if the person is ready or look for someone else to confide in
    5. Walk away from anything that you know can trigger your anger and always try to overlook some things

  14. Delali AGUE says

    First be polite no matter the situation
    Secondly, anger doesn’t solve anything
    Our acts always have consequences and in her case the consequence was her disqualification.

  15. Patience says

    1).never look down on people
    2). because I am financially stable in life should not be a reason I look down on others
    3).body shaming should not be an option when angry
    4)I should adhere to instructions wherever I find myself
    ,5) holding grudges against people could lead to my downfall
    6) lastly, humility should be my second name

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