Domestic Violence “Debbie”; Episode 5

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Back to the present..

I cause the day I met Samson, he’ll never find peace✌ or happiness😊 until he comes back and say the truth. Joy will be far from his home🏡, my God will punish him for what he did, as I kept staring at the mirror. I went into the bathing had my shower🚿 and headed to Judith’s house using commercial transport, I was so weak to drive.

“Thank you” I mumbled to the cab driver and slowly walked to the gate. I knocked and waited for the gateman to open.. He open the small hole on the small gate and looked out to see who it was, when his eyes landed on me he smiled😊.
“Oh aunty.. Sorry” he said and opened the gate for me to step into the compound
“No problem is Judith in?” I asked and he nodded
“Yes ma” he replied
“OK” I mumbled and winced as I continued walking, almost leaping towards the door.
I got to the door and pressed the door bell.. The door opened and Judith smiled at me..
“Oh my goodness Debbie, I was about coming to your house.. You forgot Henry’s cloths here” she said pulling me into a hug.
I yelped in pain😭 and she moved back sharply
“What’s wrong why are you even wearing sunglasses and this long coat in this heat period” she asked looking worried
“Please help me inside, I’m thirsty..” I said tiredly..
She nodded and took my bag and slowly led me to her living room. She placed me on the couch and rushed to the kitchen to get water..
I gulped down the whole content, and sighed in relief..
“What happened? Why aren’t you saying anything?” She asked worriedly sitting on the loveseat beside me.
“Can you please help me take off this coat, my body is on fire” I croaked out and she quickly came to my side and carefully slipped the coat from my body
“Jesus!” She screamed and I flinched
“What is it?” I asked confused as she sat beside me with her eyes wide and mouth open. Her eyes began to water and I looked around .
” Judith What’s the problem?!”I half yelled
“W-what.. Oh my goodness.. Wait, I need to breath” she mumbled slowly moving to her former seat.. She took in deep breaths and looked back at me.. Tears fell from her eyes and I stared on confused..

“What happened to you, why are those ugly scars and bruises on your skin?” She asked wiping her eyes. Realization dawned on me and I swallowed the lump forming in my throat. Now that the coat was off, you could see my shoulders and hands since I was just clad in a straight black gown with tiny hands, leaving the scars and bruises open to the eyes,

“It’s nothing.. Really” I muttered blinking back the tears, I took off the glasses and she gasped
“Nothing?!.. Debbie this is too much!!.. Why? What did you do to him, that made him do this to you?.. What?!” She yelled standing up
“His work clothes, I forgot them here and he got angry, you’re seeing the result of that anger” I said calmly
“Henry is mad o!.. Henry is insane! How can he beat you up because of clothes?!.. A pregnant woman for that matter, hope nothing happened to the baby o?” She asked and tears fell from my eyes
“Wait.. Don’t tell me.. You lost it didn’t, didn’t you?” She asked quietly with her hands on her waist
I nodded as tears kept rushing out of my eyes
“This is the height of it!.. I’m calling the police whether you like it or not” she said grabbing her phone
“No!..” I yelled standing up to grab the phone from her only to fall as pain shot through my legs to my stomach
“Debbie are you okay?!” She asked dropping her phone on the table.. She tried to lift me up but I shook my head
“I’m fine, don’t call anybody please..” I begged looking up at her
“No woman deserves this Debbie, you’ve been experiencing this for the past three years in your five years of marriage and I’ve only kept quiet because you believed he would change, but why can’t you see.. Henry is far gone, he can never change.. Why can’t you file for divorce?, he stopped you from working as a model, employed people to work as heads in your companies, You Debbie, the once no nonsense woman, with beauty and brains, you have billions you have companies you inherited from your father, you have houses, cars and so much more… Yet you decide to let a man break you down, just because of one idiot that claimed you were having an affair with him .. Why?!”

I love him Judith. Because I love him, I believe he will change, okay? I’m not giving up on him. Marriage is for better or for worse.”
“Is it by force, will you kill yourself because of marriage?!” She asked cutting me off
“I can’t file for divorce, I won’t.. Henry will come back to me I know he will..God will not let Samson and his accomplice win.. I’ll stay with Henry if he wants to kill me then let him kill me.. He’s the only one I have after all” I said wiping my tears..  I feel so dizzy
I shook my head but it only made it worse..
“Can you please help me up?” I asked reaching my hands out for Judith.

She sighed and helped me to my feet. A pang of pain shot through my stomach and I screamed as I fell to the ground .. I clutched my stomach, doubling over and zoning out of whatever Judith was saying.. I yelled as unbearable pain shot through every part of my body I tried to pry my eyes open, but every thing was getting dark.. I heard voices sounding very distant and instantly blacked out… I could guess it was Judith’s voice over the phone…


“Henry!.. Where are you?!, you have to come fast.. ” I furrowed my brows as I recognized the voice as Judith’s.
“Hey hold on.. What’s wrong? What happened?” Henry asked as calmly as I could
“Debbie is in the hospital, she’s unconscious and the doctors are saying…”
“Give me the address” he half yelled cutting her crying voice off..
She gave me the address
Henry rushed into the room a nurse directed him to..
” oh my God!” he gasped out when he saw me laying unconscious on the bed. He moved closer ignoring Judith as she stood up.s

Judith stood beside me and frowned angrily at the multi coloured scars on my bare hands and shoulders, my skin was pale and a pink hand mark was on me cheek…

Herny couldn’t believe, he never noticed these scars and bruises, not that he didn’t see them every now and then especially when he had s*x with me. He just didn’t pay close attention.. but now that  do, Herny can’t bring myself to believe he did this..

“I’m talking to you beast!!”… Judith screamed at Herny.
“W-what happened?” Hernry stuttered and she stared at him like he had grown two heads
“You’re asking me?!, this is all your fault Henry.. This Is the result of your handiwork!” She screamed with so much hatred
“Look, Judith I know you hate me so much, but please can you put that hatred aside and tell me what happened to my wife?” he pleaded to know.
“Oh now she’s your wife?!.. In case I haven’t told you, you are a demon, a demented beast and you deserve to rot in jail if not hell!” She screamed as tears fell down her eyes..
“I know, okay!.. ” Henry screamed back

As Judith opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by the door swinging opened.
They both turned to see a female doctor looking at us skeptically. The doctor turned to looked at Henry and he noticed the scowl forming on her face, before facing Judith
“I believe he’s her husband right?” She asked and Judith nodded
“Doctor please …how is my wife doing, is she okay?” Henry asked hoping for a positive reply
She glanced at him and look away with what looked like disgust on her face
“I haven’t met you before Mr Henry, but your wife has been my patient for a while now.. Her situation is really bad, she’s up with a high fever and the pains from the ..’bruises’ aren’t helping either, some are minor bruises but most of them are really serious especially the ones on her thighs and backs, she fractured a few ribs, and I’m afraid it might take sometime for her to heal ‘physically’, we’ve given her all the help we can and sedated her, she should be up by evening.” She said and Henry didn’t miss her emphasis on the physically and bruises.. He completely understand, I bet she feels like stabbing me with one of her surgery knifes, and I honestly don’t blame her, she’s right to feel that way, he sighed palming my face

“And another thing, she almost lost her womb, I believe that if she becomes pregnant again and losses the baby the same way she lost this one and the previous ones, her womb would be totally damaged” she said and Heney froze..

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