Domestic Violence “Debbie”; Episode 4

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Next Day..

I walked🚶 out of the super market with my grocery bags👛, I opened my trunk🚘 and placed everything in, before moving to the drivers seat after locking the trunk shut.
I was about stepping in when a voice🗣 called me
“Sister Debbie” I turned and looked around when I didn’t see any familiar faces around
“Sister Debbie.. I’m the one calling you” a young man👨 said walking towards me with a smile.
“Good evening ma” he greeted, from his face i figured he should be in his late 20’s or early 30’s..
“Good evening..” I replied unsure of who he was
“I assume you’re wondering who I am?” He asked
“Uhm.. Yes, I don’t think I’ve seen you around before” I admitted
“I thought as much, well my name is Samson, we attend the same Church⛪.. Fountain of hope ministries” he said and I gasped
“Really?!, I’m so sorry.. I haven’t seen you in church⛪” I said
“It’s actually a big church.. So I understand, but it’s nice to finally meet you in person sister Debbie” he said and I smiled, but before I could reply, he pulled me into a hug ..this is really awkward.. I patted his back and pulled back, faking a smile😊.

“Nice to meet you too, brother Samson👨.. ” I trailed off
“I actually want to thank👏 you for the charity work you and your husband👨 have been doing in the church💒.. May God continue to replenish you both..”
“Amen.. Amen, so uhm, I have to be on my way now.. It was nice meeting you..”
“ want to leave now?” He asked and I nodded trying not to frown..what is his deal now? I don’t even know him, and I don’t feel comfortable with him at all..
“Yes.. My husband👨 is probably waiting for me” I said opening my door🚪 to step in.
“In that case let me join you” he said
“Ehn?!” I asked and watched in amusement as he moved to the passenger seat, he opened the door and stepped in..
“How do you know if I’m heading your way?” I asked staring at him
“I’m actually heading to dubic hotel, we have a youth conference there, its along the express.. I don’t have transport so that’s why I’m hoping you can drop me there, I would really appreciate, but if you’re not heading that way I can come down and think of something” he said slowly..
I stared🙄 at him Briefly and sighed,
“I’m actually Heading that way, I’ll just drop you off” I stated despite myself and drove out..
We both sat in silence🔇 all through the ride🚘..
“Okay, drive in, so you can park well” he said when we got to the gate of the hotel.
“No, just come down here, so I can just drive straight” I said slowing down
“No ma.. Those agberos will hold you here o, and they won’t leave until you pay a huge sum of money, just drive in and park well so you don’t face any stress” he said
“Are you serious?”🙄 I asked and he nodded
I sighed and drove into the hotel compound.. I parked🚘 and he removed his seatbelt.

“Why don’t you come in?” He asked
“For what na?” I asked glaring at him
“Don’t you want to see how the youth conference is?” He asked
“No thank you” I said
“You have helped me sister Debbie, I insist you come with me.. I’d like to introduce to the youth president and others” he said and I almost screamed
If it means getting rid of you then fine! I thought to myself and removed my key from the car, I stepped out and slammed the door shut.
He smiled😊 and led the way, he opened the glass door🚪 to the hotel🌇 and gestured for me to go in.. I frowned😒 and walked in.. He led me to an empty hall and looked around..
“So where are the youths?” I asked impatiently
“I don’t know, they are probably running late… Wait today is Saturday right?” He asked
“Yes” I deadpanned with my hands crossed on my chest
“Ughh!!.. The conference was actually yesterday” he said palming his head
“So you mean to tell me that you wasted my time for nothing?!, you’re so unbelievable!😒.. Now that I even think about it where are your books and Bible?” I asked and he swallowed
“I forgot them at home” he said and I shook my head
“You must be joking” I muttered and walked out
I stepped back into my car and started the engine. He rushed out of the hotel and knocked at my window,

“What?” I asked when it slipped down
“Please take me to the supermarket you saw me, I don’t have transport💰” he said and I hissed slipping the window back up.
I ignored😏 him and drove🚘 out of the hotel🌇 and straight for my house🏡
Can you imagine, arrant nonsense!!😒.. I thought💭 to myself.


*Hours later*

I leaned closer to henry as we watched a movie together in the living room🏡.
There was a knock on the door🚪 before Ibrahim, my gateman walked🚶 in

“Good evening oga and maram” he greeted
Henry sighed and looked🙄 up at Ibrahim
“It’s madam Ibrahim, what is maram?” He asked and I laughed😂
“Okay sir, maram” Ibrahim repeated and Henry sighed in defeat ..
“Honey please leave him alone.. Evening Ibrahim, do you need anything?” I asked with a smile😊
“Somebori is here to saw👀 you” he said and Henry laughed😂
“Who?” I asked
“He nor call he name, he say he want to see oga” he said and I nodded
“Okay let him in” I said and he walked out after muttering an okay
“Are you expecting someone?” I asked looking up🙄 at Henry
“No, I wonder who it is” he mumbled and a knocked sounded at the door..
“Come in” Henry yelled and the door 🚪opened.. I looked at the lobby and frowned😒 when I saw Samson walk into the living room.
“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked sitting up .
“Uhm babe do you know him?” Henry asked and I sighed
“Of course she does, she’s my lover after all” Samson said before I could respond.
Wait what did he just say?
“Ehn?!” I asked unsure of what I just heard👂
“Come on Willy.. Stop pretending” how did he know my middle name and what does he think💭 he’s doing
“Uhh, what is going on here?” Henry asked looking🙄 at me
“I don’t.. I don’t understand, Samson what the hell is wrong with you?!” I asked standing up to face the idiot
“Look baby I’m tired of hiding this okay, he deserves to know the truth..” Samson said looking straight into my eyes👀
“Which truth na?” I asked confused
He ignored me and turned to face my husband

“Sir you must be wondering why it took so long for your wife to return from the supermarket this afternoon🌤, she was actually with me at Dubic hotel.. Here are the pictures for verification” he said placing a brown envelope on the table..
What the hell is happening!.. What is he saying?.

I watched as Henry slowly took the envelope💌 and brought out the pictures.. I rushed over to see what the content was and almost fainted.. The first picture was the taken when he forced me into a hug, the second was the two of us in my car, the next was when he opened the door at the hotel🌇 for me and the last was when he asked me to low my window.. The way they took the picture made it seem like he was kissing me.!..

“Ehh!” I yelled looking at Samson🙄
“I’m sure she must have cooked a stupid story for you already because I threatened to tell you everything, but the truth of the matter is that I and your wife have been having an affair for the past one year now” he said and I almost fainted
“Samson? Why?!” I asked pushing him back as hot tears😭 fell from my eyes😢

“Why.. Why are you lying?.. 😭 What will you achieve by doing this?! Why do you want to destroy my marriage💍 na?!” I asked
“Please tell him the truth, I don’t know what or who manipulated you to do this.. But please have a conscience and say the truth!” I choked out looking back at Henry who was still staring hard at the pictures in his hands
“I’m finished oh, God!.. What did I do to you?!” I yelled pushing Samson back.
“Is it because I didn’t take you back to the supermarket?” I asked and he shook his head
“Baby stop all these drama, he already knows the truth” he said looking at me
“What truth?!” I yelled
“That you’re my woman and..” I yelped as he fell backwards holding his cheek.
I looked to my side and saw Henry shaking in rage😒

“Ibrahim!” He yelled and the gateman rushed in few minutes later..
“Sir?” Ibrahim answered staring🙄 between me and Samson
“Take that idiot outside, don’t let him leave until I come out, if he escapes you’re dead” he said and Ibrahim nodded dragging Samson👨 out. I turned to look at Henry who was already staring👀 at me.

“Are these pictures real?” He asked and I slowly went on my knees
” did you go to the hotel🌇 with him?” He asked and I started sobbing
“It’s not what you think💭..” I trailed off
“Yes or no Debbie” he yelled🗣 at me and I flinched .. This is the first time he has ever raised his voice🗣 at me.
“Yes.. But we didn’t do anything, I swear.. He said it was youth conference and I.. ”

I stopped as he walked🚶 out of the house🏡 angrily😒.. I ran🏃 after him and saw him drive out with Samson in his car🚘..
“God please help me o” I cried pacing in front of the gate.

Maram wetin happen?” Ibrahim asked as I sat on the floor crying😭
“Person die?” He asked only making me wail louder🗣 ..
Hours passed before Henry drove🚘 back into the compound🏡. And for the first time he hit👊 me, and that was how it all started..
Flashback ends


Back to the present..

I cause the day I met Samson, he’ll never find peace✌ or happiness😊 until he comes back and say the truth. Joy will be far from his home🏡, my God will punish him for what he did, as I kept staring at the mirror.

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  2. Isaac Terzulum says

    Hmmm,so touching, quit interesting episode, I thing this is one of the reason why some people hardly assist in recent time.
    I don’t really think they will be any explanation that we suit the outcome on a normal day if is in real life.
    All the same I hope this play will be of help as I wish many will read it and get informed.

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