Domestic Violence “Debbie”; Episode 3

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He ran & caught me, that doorhandle must have been sent against me. I was pulled back and thrown to the bed. I tried to rush out of the bed, only to fall back as his palm collided with my cheek👋. I yelped and covered my face with my hands🙈, protecting my face from the multiple punches👊 he threw at me😢.. I shrieked as he held my legs and pulled me down from the bed. I scrambled to my feet and ran🏃 away from him

“Please🙏 .. I’m sorry😢, please.. I’ll go and get it now, please don’t hit👊 me” I cried😭 out as I tried to get away from him, he pulled me back and slapped👋 me hard sending me to the floor

“You know, I really wanted to stop hitting👊 you” he said as he picked his belt from the side table.. I whimpered as he made his way to me, “But you’re just so stubborn” he said and I screamed😭 when I felt the belt on my bare thighs. “You know sometimes I wonder what kind of powers you used on me, that made me marry💍 someone like you, a prostitute!” He said and leaned down..

I thought he was going to slap👋 me so I covered my face..only to feel his hands on my nightie.. My eyes👀 widened as he tore it from my body and started flogging every part of my nude body

I’m sorry😢.. Please🙏, stop!” Were the only words I could say amidst screams and tears😭
“You should be happy I didn’t divorce you after I found out about your infidelity.. You should be grateful Debbie, not stubborn!” He yelled kicking my stomach.. I screamed as pain shot through my body.

“Stop!.. No.. Stop,! Please stop!” I pleaded doubling over to hold my stomach..he’s going to kill my baby👶…
“You are lucky I have a meeting to attend, you would have died today, nonsense!”😒 He said kicking me one last time before disappearing into the closet, I felt wetness trailing down my thighs and instantly knew that I’ve lost my baby.. Again.😭

I winced as I crawled to the bathroom leaving a trail of blood behind me on the shiny tiles. Henry had left few moments ago without even sparing a glance at me.

I breathed heavily as I leaned on the door, I reached for the handle and used it to pull my self up, it wasn’t easy but I was able to stand and lean on the door🚪 for support.. My whole body was on fire🔥. Steadily I walked into the bathroom and moved to the left side of the room, where there was a cabinet for toiletries and a wall length mirror.

Staring back at me was a fair skinned lady with blackish scars and bruises from months/weeks ago, along with red & pinkish fresh bruises scattered all over her once spotless skin on her slim body.. Blood trailed down her thighs to her ankles, dropping as a small puddle between her feet. Her once short and silk shoulder length hair laid matted and disheveled on her forehead.. Her soft baby face looked tired and the hand marks from the slap was evident on her cheek.. And her once joyful and cheerful eyes looked so lifeless and depressed.. That lady is me.. Debbie!😭
A tear💧 slid down my cheek😢 as I stared at my stomach, I had hoped this one would stay.. Four.. This is the fourth pregnancy and it’s gone just like the others.. Why didn’t you stay with me baby?.. Why didn’t you hold on.



Flashback* Three Years Ago..

“Oh my God! You cheated!” Henry exclaimed dropping the wireless pad on the table.
“Look at him o, I won fair and square babe, you can’t deny it.. You are just sad that you lost to your wife” I bragged sticking out my tongue👅

“It’s because I decided to let you win love❤, but I’ll let you brag anyway” he shrugged with a smile😊. I scoffed turning to face him on the couch
“Don’t flatter yourself Henry😃.. You lost to your wife👰 face it” I said with a smirk and he smiled😊
“Fine, I lost to my very s**y and smart wife, now baby stop the bragging and kiss me” he said reaching over to hold me.. I smiled and sat on his laps, pulling him into a kiss.. He reciprocated and deepened the kiss Caressing my exposed thighs. He pulled back and pecked my lips.

“Let’s not forget💭 we have visitors coming over🚘 soon,” he mumbled standing up with me, he held me as I wrapped my legs around his waist with my hands on his neck..
“One of the joys of marrying👰👦 a model, you’re so light even when you eat practically everything in the house🏡 including me” he teased sitting me on the counter as he moved in the store.

“I do not eat🍴 much!” I exclaimed
“Sure you don’t” he said sarcastically and I gasped faking a frown whilst crossing my hands.
“But I’m not❌ complaining especially when I can bend and carry you easily for different positions🍆🍑 without getting tired easily” he said pecking💋 my lips👄 before moving to the gas.
“You’re so perverted😜” I chuckled
“Only for you love❤” he said and I smiled
“So what are we making?” I asked
“We?.. No, I’m making jollof rice and assorted meat, you angel.. Your work is to sit back and watch your darling husband prepare dinner for our friends👫. ” he said joggling the Onion and pepper🌶

“, let me do something, I can’t just sit here without helping you” I said trying to jump down from the counter.. He moved me back down and shook his head

“No Debbie, if you really want to do anything then just sing🎶 or talk🗣 about your upcoming fashion line or anything funny😂.. I’ll listen, besides you’ll only spoil my recipe if you come here” he smiled washing a pot

“Okay na.. Mister chef, do your thing” I said smiling😊..


Few hours later.

Our friends👫 already arrived🚘 and we were all currently sitting in the dinning room..
“So tell me when am I becoming a God father?” Daniel, Henry’s best friend👨 asked.. My husband smiled and took a sip of his juice🍹
“Uhm.. We aren’t ready yet” he replied
“You guys have been married for two years..and you’re still not ready?🙄, is it that you’re not tired of eating yourselves up yet or what?” Judith asked causing everyone to laugh😂 except Luke, Henry’s other friend👨.

I never really liked him since he had been hitting on me since I started dating his friend about a year before our marriage, the idiot even had the guts to ask me out just few days to my marriage👰 with his Friend. If not for one thing, I’d say he was against my marriage with his friend, but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Speaking of the devil, his eyes met with mine and I looked away😏

“You aren’t ready yet or because Debbie doesn’t want to get pregnant because of her career?” He blurted out picking on his food🍜. I felt Henry’s gaze on me.. He took my hand on the table and smiled😊

“That’s not the reason, but even if it was then I don’t see any problem with it, besides we have forever to make as many babies as we want right honey?” He asked smiling at me
“’re right” I mumbled forcing a small smile on my face.
“Yes.. You’re both right, I mean it’s not necessary for couples to start popping out babies just two years into marriage right?” Daniel asked.

“Yes.. Besides these two are the most romantic💏 couple I’ve ever seen, awwn.. I can’t wait to get married” Judith said dreamily and I heard Daniel and Henry laugh😂. “Well Daniel is available” Henry teased😜 and I zoned out of their conversation.

I looked🙄 at Luke and found him glaring at my hand in Henry’s, what is wrong with him?.. He met my gaze👀 and I gave him my best death glare😏.. He only smirked and licked👅 his lips👄.
After dinner, Judith helped me clear the table as well as tidy the dishes. She later excused herself to use the restroom, just as she left I continued with the dishes and suddenly felt hands snaking around my waist, I flinched out of the hold on instinct and turned to see👀 Luke staring at me😊.

“Jesus.. Luke what the hell?!” I snapped cleaning my hands on the towel
“Oh come on deb.. We are just the only ones here, just let me hold you even if it’s for few minutes” he said reaching to hold my hand. I moved back with my mouth open👄

“I don’t remember adding alcohol in that juice, so what exactly is wrong with you? And when did that stupid nickname start?” I asked
“Oooh!.. Why can’t you understand.. We both know I’ve been nursing feelings for you even before you married Henry, why can’t you just give me a chance.. What does henry have that I don’t?” He asked frowning😒
“Henry is my husband👨 and your friend, and I love❤ him, there’s absolutely no way I’ll cheat on him. I didn’t do it when we were dating and I won’t start now, with you for that matter, besides I’m your friend’s wife..if you can’t respect me at least respect your friendship👬 with my husband👨” I said,
“Please leave, I’m busy” I added and turned to continue with the plates

“Well if you’re not going to give me what I want the easy way, I’m going to get it the hard way..” He said and I felt his hands on my waist, I turned and slapped👋 him angrily😒.. He held his cheek in shock as he stared at me
“If you dare touch me again, i swear to God I’ll smash your head with that pestle” I spat pointing to the pestle placed beside the counter. He clenched his teeth and glared at me

“Don’t worry, very soon you’ll come running to me for help and I’ll make sure to have my fill with you” he stated and matched out of the kitchen bumping into Judith on his way out. I sighed and continued with my work

“Ahahn, what’s wrong with that one na?” Judith asked taking her position beside me..
“Forget that fool abeg”😏 I mumbled.

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