Domestic Violence “Debbie”; Episode 2

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‌”I’m not talking to myself am I?”

He asked and I slowly turned to see👀 Henry leaning on the doorframe of the kitchen.. His eyes👀 trained on me like a predator watching his prey.. His muscles💪 flexed underneath the tight grey polo.. He was wearing a black combat short, which certainly means he came back hours ago, even before 6pm.
Despite the Air-Condition, I found myself myself sweating.

“Debbie..” He called pushing himself from the doorframe as he took a step🚶 closer, on instinct I took one back He noticed and sighed tucking his hands in his pockets

“Did you bite your tongue👅 or what?” He asked calmly😊
“I.. I.. I..” I stuttered as tears😭 kept falling from my eyes👀.. Debbie you’ll kill yourself if you don’t talk, I thought💭 to myself.

“I.. Ehm.. Good evening s-sir” I stuttered
He stared at me for what seemed like hours which was actually just seconds.

“Evening, now tell me where you are coming from by to seven in the evening” he stated

“I.. ..Ju..Judith” I choked out and burst into tears😭, I am finished. He raised his brows and took a step closer, I took one back and he sighed

“Seriously? I haven’t even touch you, so why are you crying now?” He asked looking genuinely confused😕. Because I know you’re going to hit👊 me, and just the thought of your hands on me is overwhelming, I can’t bear the pain😢 you’ll inflict on me. But instead of saying those words, I shook my head holding my heels👠 and bag👜 closer to my chest.

“Baby I’m not❌ going to hit👊 you okay?, besides Judith called📞 and told🗣 me you were already on your way🚘..” He said moving closer to me. I stood still as he cupped my face and wiped my tears😢, only for more to come out😭..
He sighed and hugged me

“I’m sorry if I scared you, okay?” He asked and I nodded against his chest..
He pulled back and wiped my face.

“Come, let’s go get you cleaned up” he mumbled holding my arm, I winced and snapped my hand from his hold. He furrowed his brows in confusion, “’s not healed yet” I mumbled.. He nodded taking hold of my hand instead before leading me up the stairs..

“Don’t worry, let me make your dinner🍲 first” I said stopping to look🙄 at him

“No..don’t worry about that, I’ve already eaten” he stated moving up the stairs.

What?!🤔 He never makes his own food🍲, in fact he has never gone into the kitchen to serve anything since he started hitting me. He pulled me into our bedroom and took my bag👜 and heels👠 placing them on the bed. Okay, he’s acting really strange, I walked🚶 into the bathroom when he walked into the closet. I slowly took off my floor length gown and carefully slipped my hands out of the long sleeves and my undies👙. I examined the week old bruises scattered around my hands and thighs along with the old ones.. He hasn’t hit👊 me for a week now and he’s acting like the old Henry I once knew, it’s really strange but I think💭 God has finally heard👂 my prayers🙏.. After all He works in mysterious ways.


I stepped into the shower🚿 stand and switched it on.. I sighed as the hot water fell on my aching muscles..
Minutes🕣 later I felt hands slip around my waist.. I froze as Henry peppered kisses💋 on my neckline. I breathed heavily thinking💭 of what to do.. He turned me to face him and took my lips👄 in his. We pulled back for breaths and I almost whimpered, I can’t remember the last time he kissed💋 me so passionately❤

“I want you Debbie” I shuddered as he whispered biting on my ear👂 lobe, before connecting our lips💋 again. He held my thighs and raised me up so I could wrap my legs around him , he switched off the shower without breaking the kiss💋 and carried me out into our bedroom.

Next morning*
I woke up with a smile😊 on my face, looking over to Henry’s part of the bed I saw that it was empty, but the indent there showed that he probably woke up minutes ago.

Last night🌒 was like magic, he was so gentle😊 and loving❤ unlike the previous times, where he always went rough😒 with me. I heard the shower🚿 running and stood up to head downstairs, although, I felt really tired and wanted to go back to sleep.. Maybe because of the baby👶, I was just a month old pregnant and my husband👨 wasn’t even aware, I found out just two days ago and I’ve been looking for the perfect💯 way to break the news💬 to him.. And I think💭 this is the right time.. I smiled😊 and made my way to the door 🚪.

Just then the door to the bathroom opened and my husband👨 walked out with a white towel hanging on his waist..
I was tall but Henry.. Was taller, his brown skin was so spotless and although he was currently 31 years old he was still very handsome😘..

“Good morning sir” I greeted standing timidly beside the door🚪, he might be changing but I’m honestly not going to take any risk.
“Morning, how was your night🌒?” He asked and I couldn’t bite back the smile😊 that formed on my lips👄,
“It was okay” I mumbled and he glanced at me and smiled😊. Oh my God! He smiled at me when last did he do that willingly?

“Oh uhm.. Debbie did you get the clothes from the dry cleaners? I have a very important appointment today and I need to..” He trailed off and I almost peed on myself..
I said it!.. I knew I was forgetting something at Judith’s house🏡..
“Debbie?” He called🗣 snapping me from my thoughts💭
“S-sir” I stuttered
“Where are the clothes?” He asked
“I.. I uhm, I ..well” I fumbled
“You didn’t collect them?” He asked slowly flaring up
“I did.. I did” I rushed out
“Then where are they?” He asked
“In.. Ehm”
“Where Debbie?” He asked
“At Judith’s house🏡” I mumbled
“What?” He asked
“I forgot them at Judith’s house🏡” I explained praying to God and all the angels of heaven to have mercy on me.
“You forgot my clothes at Judith’s house?” He asked staring🙄 at me and I nodded slowly
“Come here” he mumbled under his breath
“Sir?” I asked moving back slowly . he closed his eyes and breathed deeply
“Come here Debbie!” He snapped and I flinched.

He made his way towards me and I ran for the door, just as my fingers grazed the handle.

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