Domestic Violence “Debbie”; Episode 14

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Day of Divorce..

“Are you sure about this Debbie?” Lawyer Cindy asked after we took our seats
“Yes I am” I replied and I breathed in
This is it then.. I’m going to loose my wife forever…. Henry thought

Cindy nodded curtly and brought out two files, placing one each in front of Henry and I.
“Who’s signing first?” She asked

I exchanged glances with Henry. He took the pen from Cindy, without going through the paper & signed and I took the pen, before signing on mine. I smiled back at Cindy who had a grin on her face.

I started laughing and Henry looked at us confused and lost.

“He didn’t even bother going through the paper, and neither did he object to signing it.. Is that how much you’re tired of me?” I asked looking at him.
“I don’t understand,” I admitted
“Of course you don’t.. Read the paper you just signed” I said and he hesitantly picked up the paper..
Skimming through it..

He sat up as I read the words..

‘I Debbie ifeoluwa Henry, has forgiven Henry Ayodele Wilson and will only get back with him if he signs this agreement and does the following;

1) court me again for a month

2) renew our wedding vows by getting married to me again

3)promise to never hurt/hit me till death do us part, and will be punished if he does

4) agrees to make me happy always

5) always try to make sure we both involve in dialogue whenever we have a misunderstanding

6)promise to never let us sleep with a grudge.

7) Another brideprice list will be added before the second wedding.

He stopped reading and stared unbelievably at me, I smiled and stood up.. I stood in front of him and gave him a hug.

“I gave you another Chance, because it was the right thing to do, for the past three months you had proved to be the man I fell in love with,my Henry.. You proved to be a changed man, and worthy of a second chance, I’m happy you didn’t give up on me, I’m happy you realized your mistake and wrongs.. I forgive you already, but you still have to do those things in printed on the paper okay?” I said looking down at him.

He smiled and nodded before standing up to hug me.
“Thank you so much Debbie, for not giving up on us, on me” he said and Cindy smiled giving me a thumbs up.


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  2. Peace Kaka says

    Awwn beautiful ending.
    Wisdom ❤️
    Well-done Deb 👏👏

  3. Louise samuel says

    Good work Debbie

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