Domestic Violence “Debbie”; Episode 13

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After eating & cleaning up..
We both moved to the living room, Henry sat on the loveseat and picked the remote, going through the news channel for a bit before settling on Nickelodeon.. My favorite channel. I plugged my laptop, then moved from my chair and shuffled towards Henry, before flopping down on the empty space beside him.
..”I’ve made a decision, since I couldn’t change her mind about the divorce, then I might as well just enjoy the few days I get to spend with her like she suggested”…. Henry got lost in thoughts

“Baby.. Baby are you listening to me?” my voice snapped him from his thoughts and he glanced to the side, to look at me.
“Sorry, what did you say?” he asked softly
“I was offered a new contract” I said excitedly.. Reminding him of how I act each time she got a new job years ago.

“Really? What kind?” Henry asked really interested
“For a new cream, it’s in new York and it’s going to last for six months, the pay is absolutely good. Plus my feeding, flight, accommodation and all will be sponsored by the company itself” I gushed out laying her head on my lap, dangling my legs from the armrest of the chair.

“Wow, that’s huge.. I’m happy for you” Henry replied.
“Yeah me too, but I didn’t accept it” I said. I noticed Henry snapped his head down to stare at me in disbelief
“Why?” he asked

I just shrugged.
“Debbie, why didn’t you accept it?” he asked caressing my cheek with his thumb, when did my hand even get to her face?!.

“It’s time to get a break Henry, I’ve been into modelling for over ten years now, it’s time to get a break and focus on more important things” I simply stated
“Like?” Henry couldn’t stop himself from asking..

“Focusing more on myself and this divorce to see its done before I get back on track” I said and shrugged her shoulder and focused on the TV.

… “So this lady is still pin down on this divorce.. Haba! Debbie. Are you this wicked?..I don’t understand what she means, this is a woman that started modelling at a young age, she loves being in front of a camera, either at shows, events, photoshoots, music videos, runway, beauty pageants, talk shows, commercials and so on.. Along the years she had won several awards, and competitions, acted as a guest star in movies, and has been a judge for several competitions, she’s good very good at what she does and would never turn down a good contract”… Henry whirled in thoughts.


Next day.

“Good morning hubby” I greeted the minute Henry walked down the stairs.
“Good morning wiffy” he grinned moving towards the fridge..
“There’s no such word as wiffy” I stated and he smiled.. Taking a large gulp from the bottled water.. Before closing the fridge.
“Oh there is ‘wiffy’” he argued leaning against the wall as I bit into her red apple
“Whatever floats your boat” I mumbled with an eyeroll.. Chewing my apple.

Henry looked at my outfit.. I wore my pink baggy oversized bear sweater.. The ears were a furry white, and so were the paws that covered my fingers.
“What’s with the bear?” he asked throwing the empty bottle in the trash, before taking a seat beside the counter
“Was cold last night” I said simply.. Moving my legs to the soft song playing around the house.
“How was your night?” he asked, remembering last night, we had watched movies till some minutes past eleven, before I left to sleep.

“It was okay, how ’bout you?” I asked picking my phone from the table to increase the volume of the song a little
“Same” he replied and I nodded, singing along to the song ‘dusk till dawn’ by zayn ft sia.

He listened to the lyrics and licked his lips..
“What do you want for breakfast?” I asked.. Shouting over the music..
“Uhm…” Henry drawed moving over to her,  he took my hand that wasn’t holding the apple and twirled me softly, I smiled and shook my head as he held my waist swaying my slowly to the music.

The song switched to another one and Henry moved to the store room.. Bringing out ripe plantains before moving back into the kitchen, I raised my brows in question, and he smiled innocently.. Moving to the freezer, where most of our chicken, beer and fish were stored.. After contemplating for a minute, he settled for iced fish.. Henry brought out two big piece, placing them in a bowl of water to defrost.. Then walked to the fridge to get fresh tomatoes, paper and garden egg.

I walked into the store and came back out, with vegetable oil, and onion..
“I guess it’s my favorite then, ripe plantain and garden egg sauce, cheesy” I said with a grin.
“Whatever” he replied moving to wash the plantains before slicing them.


As Henry placed the pot on the gas, I couldn’t help but think if what I did was a good idea, so far he hasn’t hurt me.. Does he really deserve another chance?, what if he goes back to hitting me again? I wouldn’t be able to survive it, that’s for sure. He started cutting the fish into bits, and I picked a knife and chopping board to slice the onion.. The garden egg, tomato and paper were already boiling slowly.

I set the onion aside when I was done and washed my hands.. Henry was already through and was checking on the plantain, how he moves smoothly in the kitchen still baffles me, even though I’ve seen him cook so many times, either alone or with me.. And no matter how much I try to chase him from the kitchen, he would always come back to help.
“Hey, what are you thinking?” He asked sitting beside me
“Nothing really” I lied looking at his hair, holding myself from pushing my fingers through the curls, his virgin hair is really full, and soft and sometimes I find my self getting jealous, the sides that were lowered still looked neat and so was the edge.
“What do you want to do today?” He suddenly asked.
“Uhm.. Aren’t you going to work?” I asked today is Thursday, which meant we would be signing the papers on Saturday. The day after tomorrow.
“No.. I called my secretary to cancel all my meetings for today and tomorrow, so I’m all yours” he said cockily and I shook my head..
“We could go to the beach?” I suggested, it’s been long we both did
“Sounds, good.. So after breakfast, we’ll hit the beach in the afternoon, right?” He asked and I nodded
“Great” he muttered moving to check on the pot.



The beach was fun, well partly, since “my wife” decided to torture me with her two piece swimsuit.
Henry had to constantly glare at both young and old men to look away, which was hard. He could tell I had a good time too and that’s all that matters right now.

The image of me in that suit, is still in his mind and is making him really restless even after he took a cold shower.. Henry rolled on his bed and sat up frustratedly, glancing down at the tent in his shorts. He sighed and stood up then walked out of the room, he needed a cold drink.


Getting to the kitchen the light was on and the moment he stepped in, he almost died.
I bent, reaching into the fridge for something, which caused my short black nightie to jump further up exposing my fair smooth thighs. I stood up and closed the fridge revealing a carton of ice cream in my hand, I sensed Henry behind me, then turned to look at him with furrowed brows

“Are you okay?” She asked
Henry groaned in reply and moved towards the fridge bringing out a chilled canned coke. He quickly opened it and took a long sip.
Before releasing an ‘ahh’.
He looked to his left to see me still staring at him with curiosity
“Are you OK?” I asked again
“Yes” I breathed out.. Before moving to take a seat..
I sat beside him and opened the carton, then started eating directly from it with a spoon..
He was about to ask her why I was eating ice cream by this time, but the cream decided to fall from the spoon, into my b***s…His eyes widened as the strawberry cream slipped down my b***s which was a little exposed, he swallowed and almost whined in disappointment when she wiped it with a paper towel.

“Henry?, are you OK?” I asked making him move his gaze to my face..
“You’re sweating” I said touching his forehead.. Of course I’m sweating, who wouldn’t in this situation?!…he thought
“I.. I’m.. I’m okay, I’m good” he sharply stuttered, glancing at her lips briefly.
“Are you sure” I asked worriedly
“Yeah” I mumbled…

“Okay, then, goodnight” I said and leaned down to peck his cheek.

He woke up to the sound of thunder rumbling and checked the time to see that it was some minutes past 1am.. Henry moved to the window and looked out to see that it was raining cat and dogs. He locked his room windows as another thunder sounded and moved back to his bed, only to jerk back up.. Thunder is striking!.. Debbie is afraid of thunder!..he thought

Henry rushed out of his room and practically ran into my room without knocking. He panicked when he didn’t see me in bed,

“Debbie!, baby where are you?!” he yelled since the sound of the rain pounding on the roof was so loud. Another thunder sounded and he heard my scream, he looked to the far end of the room and saw my coiled into a ball..

He quickly rushed over to me and knelt down to hold me shaking
“Baby, it’s okay, alright? I’m here..” he mumbled as I rushed into his  arms, breathing heavily..
“It’s okay, I got you now.. Stay calm, you’re safe” he said picking my bridal style and walked towards my bed. He placed me under the sheets and turned, only to notice I  grab his wrist..
“Don’t leave me” I cried.
“I’m not leaving, I just want to turn off the lights” he stated… My doe like eyes suddenly became watery and And i leaned down to peck her forehead.
“I promise I won’t leave, okay?” Henry said and I nodded before hesitantly releasing his wrist.

I gripped the sheets and he quickly turned off the lights, leaving just the bedside lamp. He moved to the bed and under the covers, I quickly wrapped my hands around him and he let out a small laugh.

“It’s okay kitten, I won’t leave” he said holding my waist….. “It felt good to hold her again.. To sleep with her in my arms again, this might be the last time, so I’m going to relish in this wonderful warmth and feeling of having her cuddled up in my arms”… Henry thought.

“I love you Henry” I suddenly said and he smiled
“I love you more” and he meant it.
“But you hurt me, so much it stills hurts to think about it Ayo” I sobbed calling me by my native name.
“I know and I’m sorry, it’s doesn’t change anything I know, sorry can’t take away the pains I caused you.. But I’m so sorry” he mumbled caressing her arms..
“And I know I’ve been saying it for almost three months now, that it sounds like a broken record like you said” he added and I sniffed
“Three years isn’t three months Henry, it’s hard really hard, the pains I felt most especially when I had miscarriages, I always felt like dying then.” I said releasing a shaky breath
“But I still love you” I said moving up to look down at him.. I stared at him for some seconds as he wiped the tears from my cheeks, before leaning down to press my lips against his.. He responded and kissed me passionately.. I slowly pulled back and leaned down to his ears.

“I want you Henry” I whispered before looking back at him

“Are you sure?” he asked as quietly as I could,

“Yes, and I want you now” I said and he grabbed my head gently, smashing his lips with mine.

… “I was going to show her how much I loved her, I was going to make her feel so loved and by the time I’m done, she would be screaming my name off the roof….” Henry.


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