Domestic Violence “Debbie”; Episode 12

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“But you did!” Henry snapped
“You ruined everything, my home, my marriage! Everything!.. And now you have the guts, the audacity to step into this same house you destroyed years ago.. And for what?!, forgiveness!.. When I am still battling and fighting for my wife to forgive me!, do you know the pains you allowed yourself to cause, do you know?!” Henry asked lounging at him

This time, no body was in Henry way, he punched, slap, kicked and decked him, for every pain he caused  me, for every pregnancy that was lost for everything he could think off..  Samson’s face was already bloody and Henry honestly didn’t know if it was from his knuckles or from his face.

Daniel kept pulling Henry back and away from Samson..
“Leave me Daniel, let me kill this bastard!” Henry yelled trying to free himself from Daniel’s tight grip
“Please keep quiet!” I said sharply eyeing Henry.
“Leave you, so you can do what.. Kill him?” I asked pointing to Samson who was groaning in pains on the floor
“So that when you commit murder, I’ll be labelled as a murderer’s wife abi?(right), you better wait for the divorce before you commit whatever crime you want to commit, I don’t want to be called names” I said walking towards the stairs
“Debbie” Daniel called
“What?, won’t you let him go?, in case you don’t know you’re only making him feel fly, superfly.. Boosting his Mora by holding him, leave him alone, if he like, let him be forming James Bones, and hulk Horgan.. Just make sure he doesn’t kill that man in my living room” I said and continued on my way.



Three Days to Divorce..

“Oga welome o” I brahim greeted and I nodded..
“Thank you, is Debbie around?” Henry asked, he had noticed my cars were all in the garage, but he just had to asked.
“Yes, maram no comot today(madam, didn’t go out today)”. Ibrahim replied.
“Okay is she with someone?” Henry asked
“No Sir” he replied
“Alright take” Henry said handing him a shoprite bag,
“I know you’ve probably ate something, I thought I’d buy some for you as well” Henry explained as he peeked through the content..
“Ahh!.. Thank you sir, thank you” he exclaimed and Henry hummed before heading into the house.

The first thing Henry noticed the moment he stepped into the house was a mouth watering scent.. I bet he recognize that scent from anywhere..

Henry moved straight to the kitchen and he was right.. His favorite soup was boiling on the gas and a medium bag of wheat was placed on the counter. He looked around and saw me standing at the far end of the kitchen, with my apple laptop on the glass table. I appeared to be so busy, my googles was perched on my nose and my hair was in a messy bun.

I glanced up from the laptop and gave a small smile, despite the tiny beads of sweat on her forehead. Good thing we placed an AC in the kitchen. Henry noticed I was just in a cream off shoulder top, that stopped some inches past her mid thighs, he took his eyes off my long slender fair legs to look back at my face.

“Good evening” I smiled glancing briefly at my laptop before closing it and placing my glasses on it.

“Good evening” Henry mumbled unsure of why I looked pleased to see him today.
“Uhm.. Why don’t you go take a bath?, your dinner should be set by the time you get back” I smiled moving over to the pot as I went to pick a spoon to steer the soup.
“Uhh?” he asked lamely, he doubt if he heard me right.
“Honey I said you should go take your bath, I’m sure you’re very tired and famished, go on now, you stink” I repeated shuuing him with the spoon.
“What did you call me?” he ask totally dumbfounded
“Uhm.. Honey?, is it bad to call my husband pet names?” I asked
“ it’s not, I’ll leave now.” he said slowly backing out of the kitchen..
“Okay, ” I said switching off the gas before moving to the wheat on the counter.

…. “Okay?.. I think I’m just imagining things, this can’t be real.. Debbie can’t be the one calling me pet names and preparing my favourite food”…. Henry thoughts couldn’t bring him to believe what just happened in the kitchen.

He glanced down the stairs for a minute and continued walking up to his room…. “don’t trust this woman, anytime she acts sweet there’s always an agenda behind it”…

Henry got to his room, the one he had moved into after I packed out of our room. He hesitantly opened the door and pushed it wide open without entering. When nothing happened, he stuck his head in and looked around, everything looks the same and not out of place. He walked in and dropped his suit jacket and suitcase on the bed. He walked to the bathroom and peeked around, but saw nothing unusual…”Hmm.. But I still don’t trust that woman, anything can happen as long as she’s Debbie”….


Henry quickly took his bath and slipped into a black jogger and black shirt before walking down the stairs with his phone in his hand, to call for help should in case anything dangerous happens.😂

Henry walked into the kitchen and saw me walking with a tray to the dinning hall through the side door. Everything was back in it’s rightful place, and the kitchen didn’t look like someone had cooked in it moments ago. Henry glanced at the counter and saw a bowl of fruits and juice on a tray, he picked it and walked towards the dinning hall. Meeting with me halfway, I smiled and reached to take it from him.

“Don’t worry, I got it” he smiled softly and moved to the table placing it properly beside the tray she had brought in earlier.
“Thank you” I mumbled pecking his lips and he froze.
“Did she.. Did she just peck me?, is this Debbie?!…Henry just stay close to your phone, anything dangerous can happen” he was lost in thoughts..

“Sit babe, the food will get cold, and let’s not forget you hate eating cold food” I said setting the plates and started serving.

Henry slowly sat in his chair and watched as I served the dishes, he couldn’t take his eyes away from my face as I concentrated. My eyes caught with his and I didn’t even bother to look away,.. I smiled and raised my brow.
“Is something wrong” I asked and he blinked.. Looking away from my face.

“Debbie, are.. Are you alright?” Henry asked calmly
I looked at him and smiled again 😊
“Yes, I am, why?” I asked taking my seat beside him..
“You’re being nice” he said bluntly and I chuckled
“So? Is it a bad thing” I sharply asked washing my hands..
“No.. It’s not, it’s just kind of a little weird?” he muttered looking at my face.
“Okay Henry I know, I’ve been acting bitchy for the past months and I’m sorry- please let me finish” I almost whined when he opened my mouth to speak
“I know you’re going to say I wasn’t bitchy, but I know I was.. And honestly I should have been a better wife, you know.. I mean you’re still my husband even if we are divorcing in few days, but you still have rights and needs to be met. And I should have been submissive as I should be, I know it’s too late, but I want to be a good wife to you for the next three days we have together, so please no more questions, let’s just enjoy the rest of the days we have together, Okay?” I asked and he just nodded.. Even if I know he had a lot to say.
“Thank you” I smiled and started eating.. I looked down at the well garnished plate of egusi soup.

“Henry don’t take the first swallow, let her taste it first… It might be poisoned”.. Henry kept battling with his thoughts.😂


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