Domestic Violence “Debbie”; Episode 11

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Oh my goodness!..
No no no, this cannot be happening anyone but her,
Mrs Jenny Wilson my mother-in-law, stood by the doorway with the brightest smile on her face.

“Oh don’t stop on my accord lovebirds” she said walking fully into the living room, I would have blushed if I wasn’t still in shock..

How did she even gain access into the estate, the guards at the gate always called whenever we have visitors. Don’t get me wrong Mrs Wilson is a good mother in law, and has been a mother figure since my parents died last two years ago. I love her as a daughter should and I couldn’t have wished for any other woman to be my mother in law.

But her timing Now is wrong, why now when it’s just two weeks to my freedom.
“Mom when, how.. How did you get here?” Henry stuttered
“I came to visit a friend, she lives just few blocks from here, so I decided to check on my favorite couple, and from your faces I guess I’m not welcomed” she sighed dramatically and turned to leave.
“Ah, mummy no, please come in.. Don’t mind my husband, I guess he’s just surprised, right baby?” I asked looking at Henry’s eyes, I guess he got the signal and smiled moving on from his shock by my words
“Yes, yes.. I was just surprised to see you this early Mom, you could have called, so we can prepare your room and some special dishes for you” he said with a small smile as I led mom to the couch.
“It’s to 11am in the morning Ayo, how’s it early?” She asked looking at her son who shuffled to sit beside her.

“Really?” He asked looking at the wall clock and she was right.
“Thank god it’s Saturday, I didn’t even realize the time has gone so far” he breathed out
“Of course you didn’t, anyways for your question earlier, I didn’t call because, like I said I wanted to surprise you both and I’m not staying over, your nieces and nephews are over at the house for the holiday, so I can’t leave them there alone with your dad.”
“Really, how’s Maxwell and the others?” I asked referring to Henry’s junior brother and siblings
“Maxwell is fine, he keeps asking why you both don’t visit any longer, same with lily, Pelumi and David came into the country last week, he said he called you, didn’t he?” She asked looking at Henry
“Yes he did..” He replied with a smile
“So how have you two been?” She asked
“We.. We are good” Henry trailed off reaching his hand out to me and I hesitantly took it, he pulled me to sit on his lap and I frowned mentally as he snaked his hands around my waist.
“My wife is the best!, she has been taking care of me and I couldn’t have wished for more” he said looking at my face.
I plastered a fake smile on my face slipping my hand around his shoulders and discreetly pinched him..
He flinched and I smiled sweetly at him pinching him again.
“Anyways, sorry for our manners mum, let me quickly fix something for you” I said standing up
“No need honey, i should be on my way now, can I talk to you in private?” She asked and I swallowed..


She took me to the balcony…

“How have you been Debbie?, be honest with me” she asked
“I’ve been great ma” I replied
“Debbie…okay let me rephrase the question, how has your marriage been?” She asked looking at me with knowing eyes.

I broke the gaze and looked around the balcony we were currently sitting in. I fixed my gaze on the pool and listened to the song playing softly around the house, henry had turned it on minutes ago.. Ayo by Simi was currently playing. I was cut out of my daze when I felt my hands in hers..

“Ayodele (That is Henry’s tribal name) has told me everything, don’t lie to me.. ” she mumbled softly
And I sighed
“It’s been …bad, really really bad” I admitted, she squeezed my hands softly for me to continue
“The first two years was amazing, everything was okay, it was my ideal type of marriage, but the past three years was.. Something else” I looked down at our hands fixing my gaze on my wedding ring, wondering why I still have it on.
“Luke sent someone who claimed I was having an affair with, I guess Ayo has told you that part already?” I asked looking at her for confirmation, when she nodded I Continued

“That night, when he came back, he didn’t even ask for my part of the story, he hit me and beat me up, and that was how it all started, whenever I disobeyed him or didn’t do some things, or wronged him he would pounce on me and hit the living daylight out of me, it was the first month when he started hitting that I lost the first pregnancy, then the next year I lost two and I lost the last one just few months ago, but I didn’t give up on him, I kept praying hoping that he would change, become the man I got married to.. But he didn’t” I sniffed blinking the tears away as they rolled down my cheeks.

“I decided it was enough when my doctor told me about the possibility of my womb being damaged, if something like that happens again. can you believe I was admitted in the hospital for two weeks and my husband didn’t bother visiting Me?, he only came the first day I was unconscious to pay the bills and left, Judith my friend insisted I sue him for domestic violence, I had all the evidences on my body, my ribs were broken, and the doctors report, but ..I kicked against it. I filed for divorce instead, because I loved him so much, God! I still do and I can’t bear the thought of him suffering in jail, he deserve it despite his reasons, whether he was manipulated or not, but I couldn’t do it.. Mom if you’re here to tell me to stop the divorce, then I’m sorry I can’t.. I’ve never disobeyed you, so please try to understand me. Our marriage is broken already, it’s already a lost course, and I am too broken to repair it, I’m sorry” I cried

“I’m not here to make you stop your divorce Debbie, that’s completely up to you, it’s your choice to make not mine.. When Ayodele came to the house last week to tell me everything, I had been really mad, he was lucky his father wasn’t around then. I had slapped him severally, because I didn’t train him to hit a woman for whatever reason, I raised him as the eldest of my children and the younger ones to have good morals and values. I was so mad when he said everything, despite the fact that he was crying, I didn’t hesitate to point out his wrongs. But what I don’t understand is why you didn’t come to me Debbie,” she exclaimed!

She continued… “I may not be your biological mother, but I’m still your mother, I became your mum the same day you got married to my son, why didn’t you tell me what was going on?, for three years, three years! You endured the beating, you couldn’t tell me!, you couldn’t confide in me. Honestly I’m disappointed that you don’t see me as someone you can talk to” she said sadly.

“I thought he would change, I thought he would change mum, I’m so sorry” I apologized sniffling and taking deep breaths
“It’s okay, but Ayo loves you, you know that right?” She asked and I nodded
“But the decision is yours to make darling, and whichever choice you make, remember I’m always with you.. Okay?” She asked and I nodded
“Yes ma” I muttered.
“Come here” I rushed into her embrace, relishing the familiar warmth and feeling of a mother’s hug.



***One Week Later***

“Are you sure about this?” Daniel asked and Henry nodded
“So you’re just going to give up?” He asked and Henry stared at him blankly.
“You’re seriously not asking me that, are you?” he trailed off sitting up on the couch
“For the past two months and three weeks I’ve been doing everything and anything I can to make this woman forgive me, but she’s adamant on signing this divorce what else do you want me to do, and I honestly can’t hold her against her wish by not signing the papers, I love her okay and I’m going to let her go as long as she’s happy” Henry ranted and he made a smug sound.

Henry sighed and focused on the movie (the originals) playing on the TV.
“Fine then, you can do whatever you want, it’s your decision not mine” Daniel mumbled getting comfortable on the sofa.
“Thank you” Henry muttered and he hissed.
“Did you just hiss?” Daniel asking laughing.
“Abeg watch your film..” He said smiling
“But this Nicklaus is something else o, very manipulative, I just hate the guy, I prefer Elijah to him” he said referring to the movie
“Wetin this one dey talk?(what is he saying?”), Nicklaus is the main thing in this movie, if he’s not present then forget it” I said matter of factly.
“But their sister though, she’s hot.. Look at those legs d–n” he said and Henry laughed.
“Idiot.. It’s like you’ve forgotten who you’re engaged to o, Judith will bury you alive” Henry teased
“I know na, thank goodness she’s not here” he said laughing as well..
I heard the gate open and the sound of a car driving into the compound.
“Chairlady is here o” Daniel said and Henry shook his head.

Minutes later, I opened the door to the lobby, heading for the living room,
“Baby, I’ve got a surprise for you” I said smiling sweetly as she walked into the room.
Henry glanced at Daniel and he snickered.
“Look who we have here..” I continued staring at the lobby
“Come on out honey, don’t be shy” I said to whoever was standing there.
When he stepped out Henry jerked out of his seat and lounged for him.. But I was quick to stand in front of him with my hands crossed.

“Back off” I said meeting his gaze.

Henry glanced at the dude i brought back home who was cowering behind me
“I said.. Back off” I repeated and Henry frowned taking two steps back. I rolled my eyes dramatically and smiled at Daniel who was already beside Henry staring at the scene in utter confusion

“Hi Daniel” I greeted
“Hi” he breathed out
“Anyways, pumpkin you are obviously wondering what Samson is doing here, well he has something nice to say, no need to get all riled up, but this time there would be no need for advice and I won’t be the one getting hit at the end of it” I stated smiling at Henry before turning to Samson, who slowly went on his knees.. The hell?!

“Go on, tell him what you told me moments ago” I said looking at him
“I’m sorry sir, I came to ask for your forgiveness, I’m sorry for the troubles I caused you and your wife sir, it was oga Luke that made me do it, he paid me to frame your wife up and he was also the one who told me everything about her, like the birthmark and the others, sir since that day, my life has never been the same, everything has turned upside down even those who used to help me has turned their backs on me, please forgive me sir, it was the work of the devil.. I didn’t mean to do it.. I..”


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