Domestic Violence “Debbie”; Episode 10

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Henry’s boxers were getting uncomfortable .. “What is this woman doing to me?!”

I stood up slowly and made my way back to the chair without plugging my phone, he watched as I picked the plate of cookie and ice cream before walking up the stairs with a smile on my face.


It’s been weeks after that little drama with Henry playing all nice around me and I just have two more weeks before we can finally sign the divorce papers.. Hurray!!. Speaking of the devil & he appears..

Henry stood at the foot of the stairs with confusion written all over him as he stared up at me.
“Where are you going?”he asked as I walked down the stairs with my hand bag and phone
“what’s that supposed to mean?” I asked calmly without glancing at him,
“It means what it means, where are you going at this time of the day? It’s few minutes to 8pm, a married woman shouldn’t be out by this time” he said
“Excuse you.. The last time I checked I was- and still a free woman to do whatever I want, and don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about our divorce coming up in the next two weeks” I said pausing on the last stair to look at him. The look on his face almost made me laugh.😂
“Wait oo.. Oh!, you think I’ll change my mind?, awwn, sorry to inform you baby boy, but there’s nothing that’s going to change my mind about you” I assured with a smile😊 and moved past him only to have him follow me to the living room

“Debbie? Sweetheart.. My love, wait” he called but I ignored him
“Baby please listen to me please” he said holding my arm
“Look I have a dinner date and I honestly don’t want to be late” I muttered lazily without looking back at him.
“Dinner date with who?” He asked and I could tell he was already jealous
“With someone who knows and appreciates my presence in their life, someone who cares about my feelings and would never raise their hands to hit me and punch me like a boxing bag, someone who wouldn’t kick my babies out of my womb!” I screamed staring into his eyes. He flinched at my words and looked down at the tiled floor ignoring my gaze…

That’s good he should be ashamed of what he has been doing to me..
“Now please let go of me I don’t want to be late” I said quietly and pulled my arm from his grip.

I walked towards the door heading for the lobby when I felt him pull me back and pin me to the grey/white Wall beside the door, I breathed heavily and blinked, since I was caught off guard.. He placed his two hands beside me caging me in the process.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing?” I stuttered as he stared intensely into my eyes.. What was he thinking? I don’t know.. But I could see several emotions in his eyes, and the one that stood out more was remorse and shame.
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Debbie, i know there’s no excuse that can justify my actions , I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness or you. For the past years you’ve been a wonderful wife a blessing from God himself and I..” He paused and swallowed looking down in shame
“And all I’ve done is be mean to you, instead of showing you love, instead of protecting you, I ended up hurting you myself, I was so stupid to have gone to someone else for advice.. I should have listened to your part of the story and involve in dialogue or any other thing..but I didn’t, now I’ve broken your trust, broken our marriage, our once perfect home and punched out our miracles” he said looking at my stomach for a brief second before locking eyes at me. And when I saw tears rolling down his eyes I couldn’t hold back the tears I held from biting my lips any longer, the first drop fell then the second followed by many more.

“I don’t deserve another chance baby, I know you hate me so much now and you’re right to, but please my love just give me another chance, one please” he said holding out his index finger.

“I promise I’ll never let you down, I promise to be the same man you married five years ago, the same guy you met at the fashion fest 6 years ago.. I promise to make our marriage worth it, Debbie Love, please.. I’m sorry for hurting you, I’m sorry for hurting our babies, I’m sorry for those three years I wasted hitting you instead of making you feel loved.. I’m so sorry” he said and I took in a deep breath wiping my eyes with the back of my palm, thank goodness I didn’t put on make up.

“I can’t do this anymore Henry, I can’t,” I mumbled looking down at my fingers.
“If you had told me this a year or five months ago then I wouldn’t have hesitated to forgive you, because for the past three years that’s what I kept praying for, and now that my prayer has been answered.. I don’t, I don’t think I can do it anymore, the pain is still deep in my heart, the scars and bruises are still fresh in my mind, I need space.. I need to heal not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well,” I stated, then he cupped my cheeks making me meet his eyes
“I’ll wait baby, I’ll..” He trailed off
“No, no.. I can’t do it anymore okay, I’m done, this- ” gesturing between us
“-you and I, we can’t work anymore, I guess we weren’t meant to be, maybe this is life giving us another chance at love, but not together this time. even if we do get back together, I’d always remember everything and the pain that comes along with it, and I can’t bear another pain now, you love me right?” I asked and he nodded wiping my cheeks with his thumb
“So very much” he mumbled
“Then let me go” I muttered and he froze for a millisecond before shaking his head negatively
“Let me go Henry, if truly you love me and want me to be happy, then let me go. I will never be happy with you again for life” I said and he stared at me for a second before locking his lips with mine..

Then I did the one thing I promised my self I wouldn’t do.. I kissed him back just as feverishly as he did. He bit my bottom lip and I gasped, he took that point to slip his tongue into my mouth and I moaned unable to stop my self. I felt his hands on my thighs as he carried me up, I instinctively wrapped my legs around his torso dropping my bag and phone in the process, as he pressed me to the wall..

“I love you” he said trailing kisses down my neck, and I moaned as he nipped on my pulse..

“I love you so d–n much” he said, I felt his hands pushing the strand of my dress down as he peppered kisses on my bare shoulders, before taking my lips.

***Memories of how he made love to me months ago only to have him beat me the next day, flooded my vision and I whimpered****

“No! No I can’t” I yelled pushing him away from me.
“Stay away from me okay, st-stay away!,” I stuttered moving away from him, I quickly picked my bag and phone before rushing to the door and into the lobby fixing my dress along the way.
“Debbie what’s wrong, did I..” He asked confused rushing after me..
“If you come close to me I’ll call the police, don’t forget our agreement” I warned cutting him off.

I ran out of the house and headed for the garage. I beeped my car breathing heavily, I stepped in and drove down the driveway honking for Ibrahim to open the gate. Once he did, I zoomed out of the compound leaving a confused Henry and Ibrahim behind.

My phone started ringing and I stared at the caller ID to see Judith’s name. I sighed and switched it off, what just happened? For a moment there I wanted to submit to my husband not because I was expected to but because I wanted to, only to have those hurtful memories rushing back into my head.



“Babes what’s up? I called, but you switched off your phone..” Judith asked the minute she saw me walking to their table.
“It’s a long story, good evening, sorry I’m late” I sighed easing into the empty chair beside Judith
“Hi Daniel,” I waved giving a small smile
“Mrs Wilson or should I say Henry, what’s up now? how’s your husband?” He asked with a huge grin on his face, laughing heartily when I sent him a playful glare.
“Why didn’t you guys order anything now? ” I asked looking at the empty table.
“We were waiting for you, besides we only came few minutes ago” Judith replied
“Okay, please signal the waiter or waitress I need a drink” I breathed out leaning back on my chair, with my eyes closed as Daniel called the waiter.

I took a long gulp of the orange juice and sighed placing it on the table.
“So what’s wrong?” Judith asked looking at me,
“Nothing why?” I asked
“Because.. You have been sighing since you came and you seem to be zoning in and out” Daniel pointed out
“What’s wrong, is it about Henry?” Judith asked.
I opened my mouth to speak but closed it back when nothing came out.
“Nothing, it’s nothing.. I’m just stressed I guess” I lied staring down at my acrylic nails.
“Babe, come on I am your best friend, Daniel might be your husband’s best friend but he’s your friend too..” Judith said squeezing my hand softly
“It’s nothing really, I’m just tired from all the meetings, work, shoots and all” I mumbled
“So what’s up with you both?, why did you invite a married woman to a restaurant at this time of the day?” I asked playfully,

It was obvious they both knew I was changing the topic but didn’t point it out.
“Oh uhm.. No special reasons” Judith said with a goofy smile as she tucked her blonde weavon behind her ears with her left hand.. The glint of the engagement ring on her finger didn’t go unnoticed
“Seriously?” I asked playing along, we’ll see who gets tired first
“Yes.. gosh the heat here is too much” she mumbled fanning her face with her left hand.
“Judith” I called blankly
“Ore mi (my friend) what’s up?” She asked with a smile still fanning herself
“There are goosebumps on your skin, which means you’re cold” I deadpanned and Daniel started laughing.
She opened and closed her mouth like a fish before sighing dramatically .
“Fine you win!.. ” she mumbled and I chuckled
“We are engaged!” She announced and I let out the squeal I had been holding back.
“Oh my goodness! Girl I’m so happy for you” I admitted hugging her tightly
“Me too” she said excitedly
“Aww, congratulations Daniel” I moved over to give him a brief hug not minding the attention we were all getting.
When I finally sat back down I wiped my eyes and grinned at my best friend
“Baby why are you crying?” She asked confused and I smiled wiping my eyes
“I’m just so happy Judith!, you’re gonna get married bes!.. I’m so happy, ” I said hugging her again
“Awwn .. Thank you so much, I love you” she mumbled
“I love you too” I said pulling bac Ok
“Duhh.. I’m still here guys” Daniel snapped playfully
I rolled my eyes and swat his right arm.


Minutes later when we started eating, Judith excused herself to go use the bathroom and Daniel started making small conversations making me laugh, until he changed the topic
“So tell me, how are you for real?”he asked looking intensely at me
” I’m fine” I shrugged
“Debbie.. I know your marriage is your personal business and all, but at least let me say this” he said with pleading eyes and i nodded for him to continue
“What Henry did was bad, very bad and should be severely punished for it, no doubt about that, but Debbie we both know the real Henry Wilson Ayomide, the man you got married to. He was manipulated to do those things he did, which is not a good excuse, I know it’s hard, but on behalf on him I’m sorry, he was stupid to have followed the advice from a third party, it’s not an excuse to justify how and why he treated you the way he did, but please forgive him. He is my best friend and I know him inside out, he’s a changed man Debbie, I’m sure you can see that too. it’s hard especially after suffering so much pain for years, but please forgive him and give him one last chance, I’m not going to force you, even though I honestly can’t- it’s your decision not mine. Your relationship is one of the best I’ve ever come across, well, that was before all this happened. I have never believed in soulmates, but seeing you guys together as a married couple changed that. The way you both look at each other with so much love, the way you both stand up for each other, how you know what the other is thinking just by a look, how you stick out in a crowd, everything about you both is just so amazing and it would be really bad if such a once wonderful relationship comes to an end. But it’s totally up to you, whether or not you’re willing to end this, or give your husband another chance to prove himself ”… he smiled and took a sip of his wine.

I exhaled and blinked rapidly..
“I’m back, what did I miss?” Judith asked and I smiled at her
“Nothing much” Daniel smiled looking at me. I took a deep breath and picked my glasses



Henry still don’t understand what happened last night… “How could I have been so stupid?!, for a moment there I thought, that maybe I would be given a chance, but instead I made things much worse.. The look she gave me when she opened her eyes, it tore me apart, i would give anything and everything not to see that look ever again. He palmed his face and groaned.. I’ve fucked up big time, big time!”

I didn’t even glance at him last night, when I returned from the dinner date with Daniel and Judith. I knew Daniel texted to tell Henry I was with them.

Henry rolled out of the bed and made for the door, he walked out just in time to see me closing the door behind. I wore black sweats, and my hair was still in my net, which meant she woke up not quite long ago. Henry paused when I locked eyes with him and he felt my heart racing.

“Good morning” Henry greeted, I hummed and walked past me and down the hall. He followed closely behind her, she glanced back at me and raised her perfectly carved brow.

“I want to make coffee for you” he explained and I rolled my eyes, walking slowly down the stairs. With his eyes on my figure
“Can you stop drilling holes in my back?” I snapped and he blinked
“Sorry” he muttered
“Keep it, I don’t need it” I retorted making her way to the kitchen..
“Uhm, how was your night?” Henry asked lamely, I scoffed and turned to look at him
“Can you stop speaking to me?” I asked tiredly
“You’re my wife I can speak to you whenever I want” he replied earning a glare from her
“Oh really now?” I asked crossing her hands
“Yes really” he replied mocking her tone and crossing his hands too
“Well I won’t be in the next two weeks” she said and I sighed
“Whatever, but for now you’re still my wife and you’ve got to do what wives are supposed to do” he stated and I huffed
“If you expect me to cook for you then sorry!,”
“I can cook so there’s no problem with that” I shrugged and I frowned
“So what do you want me to do? greet you?, fine! good morning your highness” I said prostrating on the floor mockingly
Henry bite back a smile at her antics
“That’s not the only thing a wife should do, I mean I have needs don’t I? At least satisfy those needs until you leave, besides I know you want me too, stop fighting this”.. Henry said

I gaped at him for a second before laughing
“What’s funny?” Henry asked confused
“You Henry! You’re very funny, me! Debbie, will want you?,” I asked pointing at him
“As what?, please speak for yourself” I hissed and turned to walk away, he pulled me back gently and gripped her hips
“Tell me you don’t want me” Henry said looking at my face

“I don’t want or need you Henry” I said trying to pull my hands away
“Then why can’t you look me in the eyes when saying it?” he asked quietly.

I met his eyes and parted my lips but nothing came out, I swallowed and licked my lips unconsciously and Henry couldn’t stop himself from smashing his lips with mine.. He pulled me closer and deepened the kiss, I responded and moved his hands to my chest before moving to my hair and kissing him feverishly. Henry let his hands roam my sides and just as he was about to cup my a*s, the door opened and I jumped back from his hold before looking at the intruder.

Henry froze when he saw the woman standing at doorway with the brightest smile on her face.


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