Domestic Violence “Debbie”; Episode 1

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Growing up I had heard👂 stories of women👭 being violated👊. I’ve watched👀 and seen cases of domestic violence🔪 👊. And I prayed🙏, wished🤔 and hoped, that I would never be a victim😢 of such. And God answered my prayers🙌 and gave me a good man👨 who loved❤ and treated me with tender loving care.. Or so I thought.


My first two✌ years in marriage💏 was blissful💕 and I couldn’t have wished for anything more, I was a model and had my very own brand, one of the biggest in the country🇳🇬 actually and as the only child💁 of my late parents I inherited all their wealth🏡💰. Henry Wilson, my husband was also from a wealthy💰 family👪 so we lacked nothing. We were financially stable, and we lived in our own private house🏡 in banana🍌 island🌴, although we didn’t have a child yet😢 yet, there was ❤️ and peace😊 in our home💑. But everything changed suddenly and I was made a victim of the one☝ thing I feared and hated..
My name💬 is Debbie Wilson Henry and this is my story.

“Deb.. Debbie.. Wake up..Debbie” I groaned😩 and willed my eyes👀 to open, only to see Judith my best💯 friend staring🙄 back at me..

“Hey what’s..”
“Hurry, it’s past 6pm” she said🗣 cutting me off…

It took some moment for the information to actually sink in, and when it did, I jerked up from the couch I was resting on

“You say?” I exclaimed picking my bag👜 and key from the table..
“I told you to wake me up by 4:pm na😒.. I’m dead oo😱”

I muttered rushing 🏃💨 towards her door🚪 with my heels👠 and bag👜 in my hands
“I’m sorry, I slept off as well.. I just woke up and saw the time🕧.. I’m so sorry” she said as I slipped into my car🚘..
“I have to go abeg.. I’ll call you later” I said starting the car
“Okay, but please drive🚘 safely okay? And please call📞 me if something happens” I nodded frantically and drove🚘 out of her compound🏡. And couldn’t help but have this crazy feeling that I was forgetting💭 something important.


I reached into my bag👜 with my right hand whilst driving🚘 with the other.. I brought out my phone📱 and sighed in relief😌 when I didn’t see any message💬 or missed call📞.. I guess he’s not back yet.. God please help me oo.. Lots of thought kept streaming in.

“It’s all because of the pregnancy oo, I would have woken up since.. What am I even saying? I should have set an alarm or something, Judith has killed me..” I wiped my cheeks and stepped on the accelerator.


I drove speedily🚘 into my compound🏡 almost hitting Ibrahim my gateman.
I stepped out after parking the car🚘 along with the others in the garage. I almost collapsed😩 when I saw the white range rover sport🚘 parked beside mine.
Ibrahim rushed towards me breathing heavily

“Maram you have filish oo” he said stopping right in front of me
“I know” I mumbled as fresh tears😭 began to fall from my eyes👀
“Oga have came, and the way I take see👀 ham, walahi he be like person wey take something oo.. He face stone like this morning shit” he said putting on what looks like a stern face😒

“Aondo telim, I’m dead o.. ” I muttered with my hands on my head🙆
“No madam, dead body nor dey cry😭.. You never die, na only finish you finish” he said with a small smile😊.
“What is the difference?.. Abeg leave me alone”😒

I brushed past him and slowly made my way🚶 to the house🏡.
I opened the door🚪 gently and peeked my head in, the lights were on💡 and the television📺 was on and currently on super sports 12. I slowly stepped into the house🏡 and closed the door🚪 as quietly as I could before tip toeing to the stairs, when I didn’t see him in the living room.. Thank goodness🙌

“Where are you coming from”🗣 I froze automatically as his voice echoed in

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  1. Yemi says

    Interesting 😊
    Nice piece 🙌
    What happened

  2. Bonaventures Zirra says

    Dramatic I can emagine what he will do. Maybe slap her or smatch ha fone

  3. Victory says

    Amazing next

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