A Night With A Billionaire; Episode 23.

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~Dawn POV~

I sigh as I stare at my parents… Well, not them really but it actually feels like I’m staring at them right now and it feels so… comfortable. I haven’t been here in a long time and I have missed the sense of leave that I always find with it whenever I come here but now… Even though that I’m here right now, I can’t seem to find that sense of leave and I know just exactly why.

It’s because of what has been happening these days and I know that my parents aren’t exactly proud of me after everything that has been happening, every wrong decision that I have been making. Starting right from that night up to this night.

I haven’t make a one single decision that’s right and it keeps going along that line. I keep making the wrong ones over and over again.

Whereever they are right now, I’m sure they are as disappointed in me as I am in myself. I wish that things had went differently, I wish that I could turn back the hands of the clock but obviously, that isn’t possible,it’s a impossible wish and I just have to live with the wrong decisions that I have made.

“Mom Dad…”

I call, sniffing in as I stare at their names that’s across the cement before raising my hand to run my hand along their names and a smile makes it’s way to my lips as i state at their pictures, their memories making its way in.

How everything had used to be and how happy they used to me but I had took that happiness away from them, it’s no other person but me.

I did this to them and I just have to live with it now. I have to live with the pain and the guilt.

I sniff before shaking my head and turning back to their names once again.

“I’m sorry Mom… I’m sorry Dad, for been stubborn that night… For not listening to the both of us…”

Tears rolls down my cheeks as I try hard to just away the memories… The bad memories that are trying to make their way in and I deserve it anyways but I know that I just can’t deal with that right now.

I stand up before staring at them again, dropping the flowers that I had picked beside their names and smiling.

“I hope that you forgive me mom..dad, for everything that I had done. Everything that I’m still doing. I love you.”

I breathe out and just as I turn around, I jump back in fright as he stares at me with his arms crossed against his chest.

“I didn’t know that your parents are dead… I’m so sorry.”

“I think that I remember telling you not to follow me and just leave. I don’t need your sympathy anyways.”

I snap before turning around and walking away, bumping shoulder with him and I can hear his sigh behind me as I move as fast as I can.

I stop for a moment and I can hear his footsteps behind me.

I turn around sharply. “Would you just stop following me?”

I yell, my feelings getting the better of me. I try to catch my own breath as I shake my head.

What the hell is wrong with me? I shouldn’t be doing this. Wally has no fault in this and here I am, taking my anger out on him.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to. I’m just, I don’t know…”

I shake my head and he sighs before giving me a smile and moving closer to me.

“I know Dawn. I know, I know how hard it must be on you. I know what it means and how it feels to lose someone that’s very important to you and someone you love.”

He smiles at me and I shake my head, allowing the tears that I have been trying to hard to keep in fall miserably down my cheeks.

“I killed them Wally, I killed them…I killed them and I… I have been dishonoring their memories… I’m … I don’t know, it just hurts so much.”

The words slips off my tongue and he stands there, feet away from me just staring at me before he takes a step towards me then another and another again till he’s right in front of me while I just stand there, staring at him. Crying and sobbing miserably.

“I know. It wasn’t your fault, I’m so sorry…”

And then he takes another step between us and closes the distance between us, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me to himself.

TBC ♥️.

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