A Night With A Billionaire; Episode 22.

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“Well, I’m glad that you were able to pull off with that, I didn’t know that you would do so good and I just say that I’m really impressed.”

Jerry says as he grabs a bottle of wine and pour it in a glass cup before turning back to me with his signature smirk across his face.

“Well, I’m glad that you’re impressed. Now can I please go? It’s almost afternoon when you had said that I can leave here by morning if I’m fast enough to come here.”

I glare at him and he chuckles before nodding.

“You should really learn to have some patience, sugarplum. It will really help you a lot.”

He winks at me before staring at something from behind and I turn back to see Wally walking inside the room.

He smiles at me before looking over at Jerry who’s staring at the two of us through the rim of the glass and I roll my eyes at him as I crossed my arms against my chest.

“Alright ,well are you ready?”

Wally asks turning to me and I raise my brows at him, not understanding what the hell he is talking about.

What am I ready for? I give him the confused face and he seems to catch up fast as he turns back to look at Jerry, sighs before turning back to me.

“I’m to drop you back to your place or wherever it is that you’re going to go, you guys are done here so are you ready?”

He asks again and a smile makes it’s way to my lips as I give him a smile and he nods at me.

“Yes, yes I’m ready.”

I mutter and he smiles, showing his dimples before walking out of the room leaving me once again alone with the jerk.

“You do realize that Wally is older than you, right?”

He suddenly says and I turn to look at him with my brows raised, I already know where this conservation is going but I just prefer if he would say it himself.

“He’s only going to break your little teenage heart Dawn, don’t say that I didn’t warn you. Enjoy the rest of your day.”

And with that, he walks away abd I sigh, shaking my head.

The rest of my day is already ruined because of him.

I turn back and walk outside, towards the car before opening the door and sliding in.

“So how was it? Do you still think that you shouldn’t have gone?”

Wally asks immediately I enter the car as he starts the car and I chuckle before turning to look at him and shaking my head.

Even though that Jerry had made me angry through the entire time that I had been here, he still made sure that my identity didn’t got revealed and I’m happy for that.

Now that I’m done here, I’m going to have to face so much troubles for myself now.

My teacher. My friends, the principal probably and my aunt whom I had lied to that I would be at school very soon.

My life is really messed up.

“Is everything alright?”

Wally asks next to me and I sigh before shaking my head.

“Yeah, it’s fine. I’m just thinking about what to say to everyone. I keep lying to them and I just don’t want to anymore.”

I shake my head and he nods.

“Well, have you considered telling them the truth of everything that’s going on?”

“And risk the chance of them leaving and been ashamed of me, I’m sorry but I can’t do that.”

I shake my head and he chuckles.

“You said you’re tired of lying to them and I think that if you’re saying anything else that has to do with you not telling them then is a lie.”

He’s right.

“Where should I take you anyways? Home or school?”

“My parents graveyard.”

TBC ♥️.

Anyone sensing the chemistry between Wally and Dawn?

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