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✨{One Night Changed Everything}✨


Written by ✍️ Author Izna 🦋🧡


🦋 EPISODE 12.🦋












“I haven’t told my aunt anything so can you please tell me where the hell you’re taking me?”


I ask for the thousandth time and just like the first thousandth time, he rolls his eyes at me.


“I have told you to please try to be patient.”


“I’m not going to be patient. I’m actually getting more and more impatient with each passing second that goes here. Please just stop the car, I want to go back home.”


“And I didn’t say you’re not going back, I just need to take you somewhere first.”


He groans and I shake my head as I turn back to look at him.


“Well, will you tell me where then? Where? Where the hell are you taking me?”


I yell louder and he rolls his eyes before turning to the other side.


This was most definitely a mistake, maybe I shouldn’t have entered here and come with him.


Or maybe I should have never agreed to be his fake anything.




I can’t believe that I really had a one night stand with him.


I don’t know what the hell went over me.


And I don’t even have my phone with me right now so I can’t even call Aunt.


No one is home and I actually didn’t lock the door!


God!I’m so fucking stupid!


I’m so so fucking stupid!


“We are here.”


He says, jotting me out of my thoughts and I raise my head to see that we are at a house.


I don’t think this is a house though,it looks more like a mansion but what are we doing there and who lives here?


“What are we doing here.?”


I ask as the guard opens the car door for me to get out.


I turn back to look at the guy and he gestures for me to go out.


I roll my eyes before getting out of the car and I watch him also do the same.


“Okay, we are here to discuss more about the deal that you have just agreed to play with me.”


He mutters as he strides ahead while I just follow him behind like a lost dog.


“You have just agreed to be my fake wife.”


He mutters and I notice that as we walk pass, the guards that are standing at their posts all now for us.


Or for him rather so I guess he must be the owner of the house.


Who is he really and what does he do for a living?


How can he be this rich and even own such a house?


This is really confusing to me right now.


The guards that have been following us from outside stops and I watch as he opens the door then gestures for me to come inside.


I stare back outside before breathing out and walking inside the room with him.


“Okay so you must know that this is important to me and I might be needing you to act like the fake one for so long..”


He starts and I roll my eyes.


“Why don’t you just get married anyways?”


“None of your business..”


He cuts me off harshly and I roll my eyes again, crossing my arms against my chest.


“Now, this is what I need for you to do. Anytime that I call upon you, I will need you to answer me as quick as you can to act as my fake wife.”


“Okay, I think I should be able to do that.”


I shrugs and he nods.


“I will introduce you to a stylist that will be dressing up for you anytime I need you to come and a driver that would be picking you up.


I would have had them introduced to you tonight but see as you’re in a hurry to leave. We can do that tomorrow.”


He says and I nod eagerly.


“Well, is that all?”


I raise my brows at him and he shakes his head.


“You will be paid for this job that you’re about to do. Now, I don’t know if you would…”


He starts saying but I’m quick to cut him off.


“I don’t want your money.”


“You sure about that?”


He smirks and I roll my eyes at him again.


“I do not want your money, I just want you to make sure that the video you had threatened to leak out remains a secret. That’s all and if possible for you to destroy it.”


“Why will I do that?”


He arches his brows at me and I roll my eyes at him.


“So it wouldn’t leak.”


“And so that I wouldn’t have anything to hold you down any longer, no thanks. It won’t get leak, be rest assured. That would be all. I will have my driver take you back.”


“Yeah, thanks.”


I mutter sarcastically before turning back.


“A guard will follow you also to take your contact with him.”


I turn back to look at him and he’s still smirking at me. Such a jerk.


I can’t believe he just brought me here to say all those!


He could have just told me all these back at my house.


Dumbass jerk!


“By the way Dawn…”


He stops me on my way again and I groan before turning back, this time I’m sure I look very angry.




I yell and he chuckles, staring at me without saying anything.


“You have just a nice tight p$ssy.”


And all color drained from my face immediately.


TBC ♥️.


Jesus. Jerry is nuts🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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