👠{One Night Changed Everything}👠






~✍🏾 DAWN ✍🏾 ~

Out of fear of who these huge men were, I stylishly moved back almost tripping on my steps as they continued boring holes at me. I turned around to go slide on my seat and place my head in it maybe I was just hallucinating and that they did never came for me. But then the dreadful moment came as of the voice of the huge men came across me making echoes in the classroom.

” Hey you!?, Our boss asked us to come take you to him he needs your attention on something” the man says.


The already jittering me trying as much as I can to be bold and filled with confidence and not sound intimidated replied back;


” Who the hell is your boss? And what does he wants from me !? ” I asked clearly frustrated and just wishing miracles could happen for me to see Bryan coming through the doors…but like I said it was only a wish for there was no Bryan at sight.


” Hmmm, little lady, I’d love if you just agree to our summoning calmly or we would have to get you do it the other way around.


I looked up at the men, these ones I see are never backing out until they have me with them.


” Fine, you may lead the way ” I said,


” Right after you ” they replied with me silently praying I see someone or someway to escape.


As they lead me to God knows where, I fidgeted with my sweatshirt sleeves with every second readjusting my glasses. After some minutes walk we finally arrived at the front if dazzling white Wrangler jeep model 2020 in it is the driver, a man beside him at the front seat,then I think someone else sat behind who seems to be their so called boss. They walked me to the back and then sighting who I was asked to come see sent chilled down my spine… My eyes wide open refusing to blink.




~✍🏾. JERRY ✍🏾 ~


Woaw, finally got her…she looked surprised and clearly frustrated. Forgive little lady but have got to do this hope you understand in future I said in my mind.


” You-u ” came her trembling soothing voice. ” Wha-wha-what do you want from me mister? ” She asked frightened on what it is I wanted doing.


” Come in the car lady, ” I said giving out my hand to hold unto.


” No ” she declined, ” I don’t know you…I don’t know your plans for me, how do you expect me to follow you ? ”


” Calm down senorita, you would be save ” I said trying to persuade her into giving in.


” No mister, moreso my name isn’t senorita “. I retorted.


” Alright, here is what I need you for, since you refused to let us keep it private. I need you to act as my fake girlfriend ” I blurted out.


” What!? ” Came her resounding voice.


” Yes, you would be paid dearly for it. All I need you to do is act like my wife to be and then we wouldn’t have to meet or face each other ever again. ” I stated.


~ ✍🏾 DAWN ✍🏾 ~


I looked at me dumbfounded, what the hell is he talking about? Am never going to be agreeing for such never!!!, Momma never trained me to behave such way so as aunt and father. Wherever they are am sure they would be ashamed of me if I did agree to such.


” No way Mister, am never doing that…you have enough money go hire some whore on the road she would be more than willing to do what it is you want. Excuse me if you don’t mind”. I said walking away…only for me to hear and watch the worst nightmare of my life rushing back to me as he threatens saying;


” Move an inch, and the world would get to know what has transpired between us. Move an inch and said a lot of good bye to your future and career. Move an inch and dare me ” he says. I immediately ran back to him going on my knees.


” Sir, Mister… please I would do whatever you want but please don’t do such to me. Don’t let me lose my dignity, I beg of you ” I said hoping he changed his mind.


” Get in the car ” he ordered.


TBC ♥️.


Hmmm…and the game just began 😋🤞🏾🥂

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