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👠{One Night Changed Everything}👠




Episode 10.












“Dad please, I keep repeating this over and over again to you but I don’t think that you are even listening to me. I do not want to get married, alright? What good is it for the fact that I get married? I do not need a wife right now please so can we just forget about this conservation? ”


I groan loudly, flipping through the files.


Dad is at it once again, trying to force me to get married and I have already told him over and over again that I do not need a wife but it seems like he isn’t even listening to what I’m saying.


“You need to get married Jerry, you are already more than old enough, don’t you ever think of settling down other than just partying around? You need a wife and you need a family also, you have to get married. Your mother is sick and I don’t know when she would be taken away from me… ”


His voice is low as he had muttered those last part words.


“You know that your mother’s wish is to see you married, are you not going to fulfill that wish for her before she leaves us? ”


He mutters and I shake my head.


“Mother isn’t going to die okay? She isn’t going anywhere, she’s still here with us and she would be fine very soon. She’s just sick, that’s all so please can stop saying all those words about her been dead.. ”


“One thing is sure Jerry, you cam not predict what’s going to happen, you can’t predict whether your mother would die or she would not so please whatsoever it is that’s going to happen, try fulfilling her wish before its too late. Get a wife Jerry, I do mean that and you know how the benefits that getting a wife would do to the company. When next I see your call, I expect you to yell me that you would be coming over with your fiancee. ”


Without even allowing me to say any other thing, he hangs up the call and I scoff before staring at my phone and shaking my head.


What the hell is this?


What the hell is wrong with father and me getting married?


I don’t know why it’s such a bother to him that I’m not married and I do not want a wife also.


I sigh before angrily dropping the phone on the table and staring at the ceiling, moving the chair around.


I can’t stop thinking about that girl that I had met at the club.


I can’t believe that I had really touched her, F**k! I really can’t believe that I was so drunk and I wasn’t even thinking straight and I ended up touching a young girl that’s almost the same age as my sister.


I’m so fucking dumb! So so dumb!


I had left her in a state of panic cause I know that she would defintely freak out after she sees me and it isn’t like I want to see her either.


Now, this marriage thing is really bothering me and I don’t even know what to do about it but again, this girl.


A idea pops to my head but I’m quick to shake it off.


There’s no way that something like that would happen. No way that something like that is going to happen, no way in hell!




Oh my fucking god.


Oh my fucking god!


Oh my fucking goodness!


Oh my actually fucking goodness god!


I can’t believe what happening right now. I can’t believe that Bryan is kissing me right now!


Out of panic, I pull away from him immediately and his eyes are widened as he stares at me while my cheeks flushes.


He kissed me! He actually kissed me! We actually kissed!


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I just had been wanting to do that for a very long time. ”


He chuckles, nervously rubbing the back of his head and I nod before sighing.


“Yeah, I get it but that can’t happen again. We are friends and I want it to remain that way, I don’t want us to destroy that because of whatever that we are feeling towards each other so can we please just erase these last few minutes? ”


I raise my brows at him and he chuckles before nodding, telling me that he would.


I let out a deep breath before staring into space. I can’t believe that just happened.


“Well, we should probably just leave now or do you still want to stay here?”


He says and I chuckle nervously before shaking my head.


“I think I’m just going to stay here for a little while ,I still need to finish up this. ”


I save the novel between my hand and he nods.


“Well, you don’t mind me sitting here with you,right?”


I shake my head sideways and he nods before sitting back beside me while I gulp in, trying to forget about the awkward kiss again.




After the awkward kiss with Bryan, the bell had rung and we both went to class, school had finally closed and I went home still feeling real awkward about the kiss.


I sigh as I flip through the chapters of the novels when the door bell had rung and I sigh before standing up and walking over to the door only to see two huge guys in black suit staring at me.


TBC ♥️.


What’s happening 🤔

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